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Class Information
Expected Duration: 25 years
Resupply Interval: 0 years
Refit Interval: 4 years
Role: Transport
Length: 25 meters
Width: 7 meters
Height: 4.5 meters
Decks: 1
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 3
Maximum Speed: Warp 3.6
Emergency Speed: Warp 4 (for 12 hours)
Crew Compliment: 2
Passengers: 6
Evacuation Capacity: 15
Auxiliary Craft
Tactical Systems
Torpedo Compliment:
Other Systems:
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The Argo Transport (sometimes referred to simply as the Argo) is a Starfleet transport actively serving aboard Federation starships and installations during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century.

General Overview

The Argo is a specialized shuttle developed for ferrying cargo and vehicles when conditions preclude the use of transporters. The ship is equipped with retractable wings that allow the craft to easily land on a variety of planetary surfaces. After departing from the shuttlebay, the wings and dorsal fins deploy for atmospheric flight. The craft's warp nacelles are integrated into the body for increased protection.

The Argo can carry a small, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) armed with an aft phaser cannon. The shuttle can be remotely controlled by a device on the vehicle.

Both the shuttle and the ATV were field-tested in 2378 by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Lieutenant Commander Worf of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E while investigating unique positronic signatures on Kolarus III.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

The Argo Class Transport can carry the Argo Class All Terrain Vehicle and is capable of being piloted by remote. If the vehicle is carried, the maximum capacity of the Argo is 4 persons.

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