Aurora Trax

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Aurora Trax
Biographical Information



Trill (Joined)




17 May 2353 (Host)
September 2041 (Symbiont)

Physical Description



130 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets / Starfleet


Starbase 484


Commanding Officer



Played By:


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Aurora Trax is currently serving as Commanding Officer of Starbase 484, an Astral-class starbase.



Aurora has several characteristics that are rather stereotypical of the trill species. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and brown spots running down the side of her body from head to toe. Other characteristics include a slightly athletic build and a height falling right in the center of the average humanoids. She often has her hair at the longer edge of regulation, but also tries to ensure it is in a ponytail when she is working so as to not get in her way.


Like many joined trill, Auroras personality changed after joining with the Trax symbiote. It has been noted that, at times, she almost appears to have split personalities. This is, according to Trill scientists, most likely due to the fact that she was joined prior to receiving any training on how to mentally adjust to the added memories and personalities of previous Trax hosts. She can be warm and welcoming, motherly, regimented, as well as cold, judgmental, and depressed. She continues to see a counselor in order to help with her emotional swings, which have reduced substantially since the joining.


Father: Hathyr Redol (Deceased)
Mother: Monona (Unknown Location)
Foster Fathers: Zepher & Mak Brike (Trill)

Host History

Aurora was born on the Trill homeworld in 2353 to Hathyr and Monona Redol. When she entered primary school, Aurora wasn't a shining star, but managed to attract the attention of several instructors through her active imagination and green thumb. However during the spring of her fourth year, Auroras life began to crumble around her as her father was killed during the Setlik III massacre and her mother fell into a deep, alcohol driven depression that left Aurora struggling to get by.

Just over a year after the death of her father, Aurora found herself taken from her mother and placed into a foster home. Her two foster parents were extremely kind and understanding towards Aurora, but the change in environment didn't come soon enough and Aurora lost interest in school, causing her performance to fall to the bottom of her class. Her grades remained low, just barely passing, for six years. In the begging of her eleventh year, a sympathetic instructor took her under his wing and helped her to blossom both intellectually and socially.

During her last two years of school, Aurora improved her grades significantly, receiving some of the highest marks in her class. She also found a love and natural tallent for science, specifically physics and botany. Unfortunately, Aurora's dramatic turnaround wasn't enough to make up for the years spent at the bottom of the class. In 2371 Aurora graduated ranked 156th in a class of 279.

It took significant string pulling but her instructor, who had nurtured her over the previous two years, was able to get Aurora into the Starfleet Entrance Exam and, in 2372, Aurora was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Upon arriving in San Francisco, Aurora was heavily scrutinized by many of the instructors who doubted her ability due to her poor performance in the past. It didn't take long, however, for Aurora to prove herself to them by excelling. In 2375, a year early, she graduated from Starfleet Academy and was given the rank of Lieutenant (JG)

After graduation, Aurora was assigned to the USS Yorkshire, which was tasked with rebuilding colonies and stations destroyed during the Dominion War. Having little to do within her field of study, Aurora often found herself bored by the assignment. She did, however, receive limited notoriety when she discovered a previously unknown species of roses growing on Ivor VI.

One of the last colonies the Yorkshire was scheduled to assist with was the colony on Quatal III, which had changed hands at least seven times during the war due to its strategic importance. While conducting initial surface level survey, another officer was critically injured when he stepped on an unexploded landmine. The officer, a joined trill, died a short time after being beamed to sickbay.

The mine, along with killing the host, had severely injured the symbiote. The doctor, after having spoken hastily with doctors on Trill, decided that the Trax symbiote would not survive the twenty-six hour trip to Trill without a host. Aurora, being the only other Trill onboard, was given little option but to accept the symbiote. After the blending process, which took abnormally long due to the injuries of the symbiote, Aurora Trax awoke on the surface of Trill in the symbiosis medical sanctuary.

The process of adjusting to joined life proved difficult for Aurora, who had never truly given thought to becoming a host and had thus never gone through the initiate program and training. After several months of medical leave, however, Aurora returned to Starfleet and was promoted to Lieutenant in order to fulfill her duties as Chief Science Officer onboard the USS Huntington. She served there for eight years, eventually becoming second officer.

In 2385 Aurora was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transfered to the Luna-class USS Pandora as the executive officer. After several months of supervising the final construction, the Pandora crew set out on their shakedown cruise to test their systems. While testing the warp drive, the Pandora experienced a severe power loss, causing damage to the computer core and several other systems. After being towed back to dry dock, the crew was reassigned while the Pandora was examined to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Over the next year, Aurora hopped from assignment to assignment. For a short time, she served as executive officer of the Sovereign-Class USS Tigris before being transfered to Starbase 218-A to supervise the final stages of construction. After the completion, Aurora was once again transfered, this time to Trill, in order to serve as liaison officer between the Symbiosis Commission and Starfleet.

After nearly two years of working on Trill, Aurora was contacted personally by Vice Admiral Quinn Androski who offered her the commanding officer position of Starbase 484. Having been informed of the ancient research facility that the starbase was being built to guard, Aurora jumped at the chance and left Trill for the Jouret system.

Symbiote History

History in reverse chronology

2373-2378: Kilik Trax Security Officer Starfleet
2337-2373: Joia Trax Cultural Anthropologist United Federation of Planets
2321-2337: Myka Trax Engineer Trill System Defense Force
2287-2321: Jarvis Trax Tactical Response Unit Leader Trillius Prime Security Force
2223-2287: Yedrin Trax Ambassador Vulcan/United Federation of Planets
2191-2223: Kela Trax Pilot Trill Merchant Marine Service
2145-2191: Arjin Trax Physicist Trill Science Ministry
2099-2145: Raifi Trax Designer Trill Interstellar Agency
2043-2099: Ahjess Trax Legislator Trill Symbiosis Commission

  • 6 Male, 3 Female hosts serving an average of 37.2 years.
  • Shortest joining was to Kilik Trax (5 years)
  • Longest joining was to Ahjess Trax (56 years)

Service Record

Host Service Record
(2375-2378) T-o2.png Botanist USS Yorkshire
(2378) W-blank.png Medical Leave Trill
(2378-2382) T-o3.png Chief Science Officer USS Huntington
(2382-2385) T-o3.png Chief Science Officer
Second Officer
USS Huntington
(2385) R-o4.png Executive Officer USS Pandora
(2385) R-o4.png Executive Officer USS Tigris
(2385-2386) R-o5.png Commanding Officer Starbase 218
(2386-2388) R-o5.png Starfleet Liaison Officer Trill Symbiosis Commission
(2388-2389) KIKr-o5.png Commanding Officer Starbase 484
(2389-Present) KIKr-o6.png Commanding Officer Starbase 484