Carrier Group Eleven

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Carrier Group Eleven, abbreviated as CG-11 or CARGRU 11, is a Federation Starfleet carrier group. It is currently assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. USS Coral Sea is the group's current flagship and, as of 2390, other units assigned include Carrier Wing Fourteen (CVW-14), the Defiant-class USS Franklin, and the Wright-class USS Wright.



Force Composition

Carrier Group 11 Vessels Carrier Wing 14 Squadrons embarked aboard flagship USS Coral Sea
USS Coral Sea Fighter Squadron 14-1 "Hammerheads" (VFA-14-1): 12 Mustang-class
USS Franklin Fighter Squadron 14-2 "Manta Rays" (VFA-14-2): 18 Phantom-class
USS Wright