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Chase Rutherford
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Rear Admiral Chase Rutherford is a Starfleet Officer serving in Horizon Fleet during the late 24th Century. He has served as the Director of the Eighth Fleet Academy since August of 2389.



Chase Rutherford stands out due to two of his features. Standing at six foot four inches in height, Chase is slightly taller than the average human, though can still be dwarfed by members of other species and even other humans. He also maintains a full head of nearly pure white hair, which he keeps cut just above the collar, and a full beard. Coming into his middle ages, he has begun to show his age in facial wrinkles, primarily around his eyes.


Chase is a very calm man. His demeanor often misleads those who don't know him into thinking he is too laid back to perform his duties. He is, nonetheless, a very dedicated officer who cares deeply for those under his command and tutelage.


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Chase Rutherford was born on Earth in the year 2311. He spent most of his formative years living in Niagara Falls region of North America and as such spent many months indoors due to the harsh winters of the area. He quickly developed a love for reading, as well as learning about other cultures. Though there were relatively few non-human species in the area, he read as much as he could about them and how the various species interacted with each other. In 2329, after graduating secondary school, Chase chose to further his education by attending the New York State University. While there he majored in the social sciences and minors in both Philosophy and Education.

After graduating, Chase was offered a teaching position at the Archer Preparation Academy, where young adults were taught and prepared for entrance into Starfleet Academy. While teaching, he saw many fine young men and women pass through his classroom and go on to become Starfleet Officers. Though he himself never particularly had an interest in joining Starfleet, he was proud that he could say he had an influence on many of the officers that would some day be its leaders.

One day in 2346, after thirteen years of teaching, Chase was teaching in his classroom like any other day when an announcement was made saying that the Cardassian Union had declared war on the Federation. For the next two weeks Chase did little but teach his lessons and think about the hundred of students he had taught that were now on their way to war before finally deciding to resign from his teaching position and sign up with Starfleet. Over the course of the next two years, Chase became intimately familiar with Starfleet rules and regulations, as well as devoting time to becoming even more familiar with the Carsassian people.

Upon completion of his specialized course load, Chase was assigned to the USS Montezuma as a tactical officer in the hopes that his expertise in interspecies relations would give him insight that would prove valuable to the vessel when fighting the Cardassians. For the next seven years Chase served the Montezuma on the front lines of the war, being decorated several times for bravery and initiative. Once the final treaty was signed with the Cardassians and an uneasy peace settled, Chase had become so accustomed to life in Starfleet he didn't want to leave, but also wanted to return to teaching. He was lucky enough to be granted a posting at Starfleet Academy as a professor, teaching Sociology.

For the next twenty-four years he served Starfleet Academy as a member of the Social Sciences Department, eventually becoming department head and later Dean of Student Affairs. In 2379 Chase was offered the position of Assistant Director of Starfleet Academy on Earth. Although he missed actually teaching classes, Chase gladly accepted the offer and served the position for a decade before another promotion came his way. In 2389, after over forty years of serving Starfleet and an extensive teaching career, Chase took up the posting of Academy Director for the Eighth Fleet Academy, where he is currently serving.

Service Record

Service Record
(2329-2333) W-blank.png Student New York State University
(2333-2346) W-blank.png Sociology/Philosophy Teacher Archer Preparation Academy
(2346-2348) Y-c4.png Starfleet Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2348-2355) Y-o2.png Tactical Officer USS Montezuma
(2355-2358) R-o3.png Assistant Professor, Sociology Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2358-2363) R-o4.png Associate Professor, Sociology Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2363-2367) R-o5.png Social Studies Department Head Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2367-2379) R-o6.png Dean of Student Affairs Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2379-2389) R-a1.png Assistant Director Starfleet Academy, Earth
(2389-Present) R-a2.png Academy Director Eighth Fleet Academy