Confusion in the Cluster (USS Pandora Mission)

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"Confusion in the Cluster"
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Black Cluster



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Arc: Black Cluster Investigation (2 of 3)
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The USS Pandora has been dispatched to investigate and assess reports of resurgence in the raiding of merchant shipping in the region near the Black Cluster, known for its volatile anomalies and the proximity of the Breen.



Mission Complete, Summary Coming Soon

Five months after the conclusion of a Board of Inquiry convened to assess Iluvar's command ability, the effects of that ruling have continued to have an impact on both ship and crew. They have shuffled from one seemingly mundane assignment to another and cannot help but feel as if Starfleet Command has pushed them to the edge of the picture. A crew once known for their role in leading the defense against Elyshan aggression had become infamous and nearly forgotten. Where people once spoke of the heroes of Altorus, whispered rumors now dwelt. The crew of the Pandora needed a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of Starfleet...

Now the Pandora finds herself on the outermost edges of the Black Cluster, a region of space located near the Breen Confederacy and known for its volatile anomalies. Captain Iluvar had been in this region of space before, while in command of the USS Tethys two years prior. Reports of mysterious attacks on merchant shipping have once again begun to increase and Starfleet Command needed answers. They dispatched the USS Pandora to investigate the matter, determine the source of these raids, and put a stop to them if possible.

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