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In starship classification, cruisers are a type of multi-purpose starship which often serves as the primary combat vessels in a fleet. The Eighth "Horizon" Fleet defines a cruiser as any vessel between three-hundred fifty (350) and five-hundred fifty (550) meters in length. Cruisers of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet are then further subdivided into Carriers, Explorers, and Tactical Vessels based on the vessel's role or mission profile.

Active Cruiser Classes

Official Starship Types
Starships by Size CorvetteFrigateCruiserShip-of-the-LineDreadnought
Starships by Role CarrierEscortExplorerGarrison VesselMedical VesselPatrol VesselScience VesselTactical Vessel
Embarked Craft by Role WorkbeeShuttlepodShuttlecraftRunaboutTransportCaptain's YachtSubmarineStarfighter