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The Cultural Archival Society was originally founded as a joint venture between the Eighth Fleet Department of Research & Development and the Daystrom Institute as a means to study previously unknown or little-known races, both living and extinct. It is a blended group of Starfleet and civilian specialists tasked with the compilation of data from this research for the Federation Archives. Like academic societies throughout history, the Cultural Archival Society relies upon an atmosphere in which ideas may be openly exchanged without fear of condemnation or reprisal.

Organization History

The concept of collaborative endeavors such as the Cultural Archival Society had been in development for the better part of the twenty-fourth century in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of the strange new worlds, new life, and new civilizations being explored by Federation starships. It was not until nearly a decade after the Dominion War, however, that members of the Eighth Fleet Admiralty were able to begin dedicating the time and resources necessary to transform this concept into a reality.

Sometime in early 2383, Eighth Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff Admiral Antoine Meyer was introduced to then-Commander Lorian Tharos at a cultural seminar hosted by Starfleet Academy on Earth. Admiral Meyer was intrigued by the dedication and enthusiasm Tharos put into his work and offered the El-Aurian a position as Information Services Coordinator within the Department of Research & Development. Tharos soon found himself working with members of the Daystrom Institute to develop a practical framework for implementing previously discussed plans for a collaborative academic society operating within the Eighth Fleet patrol zone.

The rise of the Elyshan Empire in 2384, the destruction of the Hobus Star in early 2387, and the later discovery of the Yang Zutal created an even greater need for cultural understanding along one of the Federation's most tenacious frontiers. It was during this tumultuous time that Commander Aurora Trax, a former science officer specializing in biology and the history of Foreign Affairs, volunteered to work with Captain Tharos on further developing this project and it was by their efforts that the Cultural Archival Society was eventually founded in mid-2387. Amongst those who have served as members of the society is Eighth Fleet Director of Personnel & Awards Vice Admiral Kailani Livian in the role of Fleet History Consultant.


Cultural Archival Society Staff
Society Chair
Director of Research & Development
LTharos.jpg C-a3.png
Vice Admiral Lorian Tharos

Society Vice-Chair
History of Foreign Affairs
ATrax.png R-o6.png
Captain Aurora Trax
Fleet History Consultant KLivian.jpg R-a3.png
Vice Admiral Kailani Livian
Cultural Archival Society Consultants
Archival Consultant Image Pending.png W-blank.png
Dr. James Byrne

Preceded by:
Eighth Fleet Information Services Team
Cultural & Information Services
2387 – Present
Succeeded by:

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