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Class Information
Expected Duration: 45 years
Resupply Interval: 1 years
Refit Interval: 3 years
Type: Corvette
Role: Escort / Garrison
Length: 150 meters
Width: 120 meters
Height: 25 meters
Decks: 4
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 6
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.2
Emergency Speed: Warp 9.982 (for 12 hours)
Officers: 15
Enlisted: 35
Marines: 0
Passengers: 5
Evacuation Capacity: 80
Auxiliary Craft


Tactical Systems
Torpedo Launchers:
Torpedo Compliment:
Other Systems:
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The Defiant-class is a class of Federation starship that served in Starfleet during the late twenty-fourth century.


General Overview

The Defiant-class starship, officially an escort, began development in 2366 as a small, highly-powered, heavily-armed warship intended to defend the Federation against the Borg. Consequently, the Defiant-class served as a testbed for several cutting-edge technologies. The class features compact, protected warp nacelles, pulse phaser cannons, quantum torpedoes, and ablative armor. First commissioned in 2370, the proto-type USS Defiant NX-74205 also carried a Romulan cloaking device as part of its subsequent role defending Deep Space Nine from Dominion attack.

The Defiant-class has a compact warp core capable of powering a starship four times its size. Structural stresses prevented the core from being run at full output until the Defiant's Chief Engineering Officer, Miles O'Brien, was able to correct the issue. Field testing by the crew of Deep Space Nine helped to iron out other initial flaws, allowing the Defiant-class to be put into production well ahead of open hostilities with the Dominion.

The original USS Defiant was destroyed by the Breen in 2375. It was replaced by the USS Sao Paulo NCC-75633 which was renamed Defiant by authorization of Starfleet Command.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

The Defiant has a 5th sub-deck below the 4th deck in the nacelles for maintenance access.

Please note, due to design limitations, the Defiant class cannot land on a planetary body. It is also unsuited for atmospheric flight, and this should be avoided wherever possible. Landing struts are primarily used while docked internally with a large starbase.

Deck Listing

Deck 1: Main Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Transporter Room 1, Phaser Turrets (2), Upper Main Engineering, Plasma Exhaust Vents, Upper Sensor Array, Officer and Crew Quarters, Antimatter Storage/Injectors, Warp Core Ejection Hatch
Deck 2: Lower Main Engineering, Main Impulse Engines, Computer Core (Level 1), Targeting Sensors, Torpedo Magazines, Forward Torpedo Launchers (2), Mess Hall, Warp Coils, Med/Science Lab, Sickbay, Transporter Room 2, Officer and Crew Quarters, Deflector Control Room
Deck 3: Main Impulse Engines, Shuttle Maintenance and Shuttlebay Elevator System, Computer Core (Level 2), Deuterium Storage/Injectors, Cargos Bays 1-4, Torpedo Magazine, Warp Coils
Deck 4: Landing Struts, Navigational Deflector, Phaser Turrets (2), Aft Torpedo Launcher, Probe Launcher, Lower Sensor Array, Shuttlebay Exterior Doors and Elevator System, Tractor Emitters, Warp Coils
Sub-deck 5: Nacelle Maintenance Access

Starships Commissioned

Defiant-class Starships
USS GageUSS HamiltonUSS HoweUSS LafayetteUSS PaineUSS RevereUSS TiconderogaUSS Washington

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