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This article is official Horizon Fleet canon.
The crest of the Elyshan Empire
Elyshan Empire
Basic Information

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Elyshan Guard


The Elyshan Empire is a major galactic regional power during the late 24th Century, encompassing the Elyshan people and their subject worlds and species. The Empire is known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy and territorial protectionism.



Growing Conflict

In early 2386, a Federation shuttle carrying Federation diplomats was destroyed by a concealed explosive device. All but one of the Federation diplomats (Ambassador Mordred Ocal) were killed, and several nearby Elyshan diplomats also died as a result of the blast. Ambassador Ocal was immediately tried by the Elyshans as an Enemy of the Empire for planting the device and was scheduled to be tortured and executed. Before the sentence could be carried out, a rescue operation was attempted by a Horizon Fleet civilian officer named Raemet with the help of Jordana and an unidentified member of the Frontier crew.

The operation was successful, but resulted in the deaths of several Elyshan soldiers and extensive damage to numerous Elyshan buildings and ships. As the rescuers attempted to flee Elyshan space, the Elyshan Guard pursued, prompting a desperate plea for assistance which was received by several Starfleet vessels operating along the Federation border. Led by then Commodore Iluvar of the USS Tethys, a small force was assembled in the Altorus system in hopes of diffusing the situation and safely retrieving the ambassador. Sovereign Joreck proved unwilling to allow the ambassador to "escape". To prove that he was willing to back up his words with force, the Elyshan battleship and several frigates opened fire on the Starfleet vessels.

Thanks to the timely arrival of the USS Frontier and a Klingon Bird-of-Prey as well as the discovery that tri-cobalt warheads had an effect on the subspace shielding of the Elyshan vessels, Starfleet had finally managed to even the playing field. The conflict came to a standstill when a warp core breach caused significant damage to the shields of the Elyshan battleship, leaving it vulnerable to conventional weaponry. Both sides retreated to their respective territories, the ambassador safely in the care of the Federation. In addition, a prominent Elyshan woman, Denestra Shival, was taken as a hostage during the rescue operation and is currently in Starfleet custody.

The Battle of Altorus marked a significant step in a growing conflict between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire. Following a meeting of the commanding officers involved, Starfleet called delegations from the major powers of the Alpha Quadrant to attend the Tavez Summit, held at Starbase 386. Among the delegations to attend were those from the Romulan Star Empire, the Romulan Imperial State, and the Reman people. Unlike the Quadrant Powers Summit, the Elyshan government was not invited to attend. The first priority for these delegations was to determine what course of action would be taken to address the growing threat of the Elyshan Empire.



Emblem of the Elyshan Empire (c. 2387)

The seat of governmental power is consolidated on the Elyshan homeworld which lies at the very center of imperial space. Access is made even more difficult due to the fact this area is heavily fortified using various advanced technologies appropriated from races encountered by the empire. Some of these technologies have even been modified to further improve their usefulness and to achieve whatever ends may be required. Another possible explanation for the lack of information on the Elyshan government may be the superior counter-intelligence techniques employed by the Elyshan government to protect themselves from intrusion by outsiders. This has created the impression of a fairly stable governmental system when viewed externally.

Internally, the Elyshan Empire is rife with overt as well as innate displays of political turmoil. Each system within the empire is represented by a Denestra, an official who has either been elected by the planet's populace, appointed by the planet's ruling body, or seized power by force. Larger regions are controlled by factions that are engaged in constant struggles for dominance with one another. More powerful factions begin asserting their influence over more prominent star-systems, yet in doing so, they are brought to the attention of the Elyshan government which begins asserting further control in order to prevent any one faction from assuming too much power and authority. A few of the more powerful factions have been able to assert some measure of control over the government by providing support to an individual seeking to ascend to the position of emperor. It has been determined the rate of ascension within the Elyshan Empire is significantly greater than that of the Romulan or Klingon Empires as evidenced by the rising of a new emperor every few years depending on support gained throughout the empire.


An Elyshan Battleship
An Elyshan Striker-class Frigate
See Elyshan military for full information.

The Elyshan Guard is a relatively new, yet powerful force in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Despite being defeated by the Federation and her allies during the Elyshan Cold War of the 2380s, the Elyshan Empire continued to be a powerful presence. Elyshan Guard vessels are known to possess dangerous offensive and defensive technologies which rely upon the ability to manipulate subspace. Rare Monolith-class battleships are equipped with devastatingly powerful subspace weapons and subspace shielding technology which has proven nearly impervious to the conventional weaponry found aboard most Federation starships. Smaller classes of vessel such as the Striker-class frigate may seem less impressive than their larger counterparts, but are no less threatening as they may often be equipped with reduced variants of the same subspace technologies.

Military Rank System

  • Sovereign (O-6)

Foreign Relations

Starfleet Intelligence

Numerous attempts have been made by Starfleet Intelligence operatives to infiltrate the Elyshan Empire. Though several have, unfortunately, been captured and detained by Elyshan forces, the rest have provided us with a great deal of detailed information. According to operatives, the Elyshan Empire has recently confirmed reports that they were, until just this year, unaware of the hostile actions being taken by factions along their borders. They have stepped up patrols of their borders by the Elyshan Guard and have sent over a dozen diplomatic officials into Federation, Romulan, Cardassian, Klingon, Breen, and even Ferengi space with the intentions of establishing stronger ties with their neighbors. However, Starfleet Intelligence firmly believes that these "diplomats" may, in fact, be gathering intelligence on us for later use by the Empire. As such, all Elyshan officials in Federation and ally space are being closely monitored by security forces.

Federation Optimism

The Federation President announced his firm belief that the odds are good for peaceful, long-lasting relations with the Elyshans, provided they continue to work toward those ends as they have since publicly denouncing faction attacks along the border. It should be noted, however, that while attacks on Federation and ally ships along the Elyshan border have decreased significantly since the Elyshan Guard began to patrol more rigorously, the attacks have not come to a complete stop. Regional powers have begun to work together to bring an end to these unprovoked attacks, but as of yet, little progress has been made.

Recorded Encounters

  • On Stardate 61204.0, the Nova Class USS Amnesty encountered an apparently disabled vessel on the border of Federation space. During a routine search of the vessel by an away team, the Amnesty was disabled, its crew captured, and all of its technology stripped. Several days later, most of the crew was found alive but in rough shape in escape pods.
  • On Stardate 61290.9, another vessel, the Galaxy Class USS Juggernaught, was sent to investigate. It was ambushed by unknown raiders, boarded, and seized. One week later, most of the crew was recovered, unharmed, but many were suffering from severe injuries.
  • On Stardate 61320.0, a team of covert operatives were dispatched to the region. They returned on Stardate 61430.8 with a great deal of information on the local government, known by most as the Elyshan Empire.
  • On Stardate 61501.7, the USS Frontier was launched on a mission to explore the Taeveon Expanse - a region of space informally known as the Necro Expanse on account of there being no "living" planets or stars and dangerously high concentrations of dark matter and various hazardous gases. Shortly after arrival inside of the Expanse, the Frontier was attacked by three unidentified vessels purporting to be members of a rogue faction known as "The Regime." Led by a young woman calling herself Sovereign Jordana, the factional ships employed cloaking devices to ambush the Frontier and abducted several members of its crew. Only with the assistance of another factional leader, Willen from "The Shayde," was the Frontier able to drive them off.
  • On Stardate 61631.8, the USS Frontier disembarked from Starbase Gate Keeper after undergoing extensive repairs. They re-entered the Expanse and, with Willen's help, were directed toward a trading station in the very far reaches of the Elyshan Empire. It was there the Starfleet officers learned of the whereabouts of the Frontier's lost officers, allowing the Frontier and her crew to set a course. Not long after, the Frontier arrived in the Necro System, purportedly the first and largest dead star system in the Expanse. Using the intelligence gathered from the Trading Outpost, the Frontier located a cloaked space station, only to come under attack again, this time by a relatively large fleet comprised vessels from the Shayde, Regime, and several other unidentified factions. The Frontier's crew managed to rescue their lost crewmen, but in the process, they unwittingly assisted the factional forces in usurping control of the cloaked station.
  • On Stardate 61900.1, the crew of the USS Frontier, while passing through the Bajoran wormhole, learned of a possible future timeline three years in the future (2387 or 2388) in which the Federation and the Elyshan Empire were at war. According to sources from their vision of the future, the war was sparked by a bombing in Elyshan space which killed several key diplomats from both sides several months earlier, and by the time of the Frontier's arrival, the Federation had already lost one-third of its space to Elyshan control. While completely conjectural, and most likely the result of interaction with the Wormhole Aliens who call themselves the Prophets, Starfleet has very closely monitored the Elyshan situation since learning of their prophecy.
  • On Stardate 62195.3, the USS Frontier received a distress call from an Elyshan transport vessel in unclaimed space that was reportedly under attack by a Federation ship. Further investigation revealed that the Federation ship in question had been stolen by members of a faction calling themselves "The Anarchist Cause." Led by a man named Geos, the ship retreated once the Frontier arrived, allowing the Intrepid-class vessel to rescue the surviving passengers on the doomed transport vessel. Not long after, the Terodock, the Flagship of the Elyshan Guard commanded by Sovereign Joreck, arrived and immediately opened fire. Moments later, the attacking vessel from earlier appeared to decloak and immediately attacked the Terodock, eliciting a retaliatory attack from the Frontier. The vessel quickly recloaked and vanished from sensors, leaving behind major damage to subspace which rendered warp travel impossible. Using only the trail of damaged subspace as a guide, the Frontier proceeded at impulse until they reached an area of space that was not devastated by the use of the enemy's "unconventional" cloak. The ship followed the trail to an outpost in unclaimed space where the Anarchist Cause was amassing a small fleet and attempting to create working versions of the subspace cloaking device they had successfully installed on their stolen Federation ship. The Frontier crew was successful in retrieving the subspace cloaking device, but were forced to destroy it following threats of attack from the Terodock. There is very strong evidence which suggests that was the ONLY functional subspace cloaking device the Elyshans had, and as a result of many failed, very costly attempts on both sides to perfect another, neither appears to be pursuing further research on the matter at this time.
  • On Stardate 62318.4, the USS Lincoln, under the command of then-Commander Vorn Krace, investigated the attack of a non-military Elyshan freighter in unclaimed space. After rescuing the civilians crew and learning that their cargo was stolen, the Lincoln pursued a factional vessel into the Necro Expanse, emerging periodically to prevent its systems from failing. Hoping that the factional ship would have to do the same, the Lincoln was eventually able to ambush the attacking ship, forcing the pirates to defend themselves. Knowing that they could not survive an encounter with the Lincoln, the pirate crew attempted to activate the unidentified technology they had stolen from the Elyshan freighter. Moments later, their systems began to overload, causing the apparent destruction of the vessel in a flash of blinding light. No remnants of the ship were found, leading some within Starfleet Intelligence to believe that the ship had been pulled into a wormhole of some sort, or subspace.
  • On Stardate 62571.0, the USS Orlando was en route to an annual Peace Summit when it was suddenly attacked by three unidentified vessels with poorly retrofitted subspace weapons. Moments later, a rift was created which pulled the Orlando in and propelled them five years into the future (approximately 2389). Just as the Wormhole Aliens had predicted one year earlier, the Federation was on the losing side of a war with the Elyshan Empire, only by this point in the timeline, Earth had been decimated by an Elyshan bombardment of some sort. Again the Elyshan ships were reported to have advanced subspace weapons (banned by the Second Khitomer Accords). In this alternate timeline, now-Admiral Iluvar sacrificed himself along with Federation One to allow the Orlando to return to its own time, thereby restoring the original timeline.
  • On Stardate 62503.9, the USS Frontier was attacked by an unidentified vessel believed to be operating under Shayde control. Despite suffering extensive damage, the Frontier crew was able to confirm that the Shayde had become a "major power" in the unclaimed space between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire, and it was continuing to use the Necro Expanse as its base of operations.
  • On Stardate 62711.7, the USS Tethys departed Starbase 386 for the Elyshan border and stumbled across the remains of an unidentified Starfleet vessel. Shortly thereafter, an Elyshan vessel decloaked and was later identified as the Paldor, commanded by Sovereign Rokar. The two captains agreed to exchange information and eventually identified the ship as the USS Tethys, only from one day in the future. Not long after, the two ships were attacked by several small factional ships which caused extensive damage to the Paldor's subspace weapons array and caused them to malfunction, creating a rift in subspace. Moments later, the rift began to pull on the Tethys' warp core, forcing the crew to eject it. The resulting blast caused major damage to all vessels, but the total destruction of the Tethys was averted.
  • On Stardate 63267.8, a Federation shuttle carrying Federation diplomats was destroyed by a concealed explosive device. All but one of the Federation diplomats (Ambassador Mordred Ocal) were killed, and several nearby Elyshan diplomats also died as a result of the blast. Ambassador Ocal was immediately tried by the Elyshans as an Enemy of the Empire for planting the device and was scheduled to be tortured and executed. Before the sentence could be carried out, a rescue operation was attempted by a Horizon Fleet civilian officer named Raemet with the help of Jordana and an unidentified member of the Frontier crew. The operation was successful, but resulted in the deaths of several Elyshan soldiers and extensive damage to numerous Elyshan buildings and ships. This event led to what has become known as the Battle of Altorus, marking a significant step in the growing conflict between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire. A prominent Elyshan woman named Shival was taken as a hostage during the rescue operation and is currently in Starfleet custody.

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