Enduring Legacy (USS Yorktown Mission)

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"Enduring Legacy"
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August 2388


Starbase 386


USS Yorktown launched

Ships Involved:

USS Yorktown

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Crewmembers from all walks of life begin to arrive at Starbase 386 where Starfleet's newest Legacy-class starship is taking on necessary supplies and personnel in anticipation of her assignment to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet.



Captain Tobias Naros is piloting the shuttlecraft Cape Henry at impulse speeds from his previous assignment aboard the USS Orlando-A to dock with the USS Yorktown, Naros' new command. The shuttle proceeds to dock in the Yorktown's main shuttlebay where the captain is met by Petty Officer 3rd Class Christian Bates, the captain's yeoman, who has spent a considerable amount of time the last several weeks familiarizing himself with the ship in anticipation of meeting the captain in person for the very first time. Brief introductions are exchanged and the yeoman offers Naros a tour of the ship's primary facilities.

The ongoing situation within the Romulan Star Empire continues to have an effect on the distribution of personnel and resources within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet including those potentially available to the newly commissioned Yorktown. Among the first members of the senior staff to arrive are Marine Commanding Officer First Lieutenant Michael Watters, Chief Security/Tactical Officer Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson, and Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant JG Miranda Blackfur. They are soon followed by Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander, MD and Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Torin Drell, among others.

It is not long before the majority of junior and enlisted crew have been welcomed aboard in addition to the several members of the ship's senior staff. Captain Naros is soon summoned to a meeting with members of the Eighth Fleet admiralty including Admiral Olivia Tavez where he receives orders to make the ship ready to leave within thirty-six to forty-eight hours. With a number of senior staff positions still vacant, the Yorktown makes ready to depart for the Cardassian border as ordered.

Memorable Quotes

"Amazing, isn't it...how the feel of dead biological material can bring back even the deepest of memories."
    —Dr. Eldred Skyler, PhD

"If I may be so bold, history is made aboard ships like this one..."
    —Lieutenant Torin Drell

"Punctual and honest...You really must be careful not to show your entire hand on the first visit. I might start expecting great things from you."
    —Captain Tobias Naros

"In the meantime, anyone who treats you as inferior will answer to me. I don’t take that sort of behavior lightly, and as Captain Naros has already said, you’ve become more than a computer program. Any individuals who cannot see that fact for what it is will simply have to adjust."
    —Lieutenant Ophelia Lysander, MD

"You tend to get a lot of closely-knit groups like that on a starship like this. I've been fortunate enough, however, to be on ships where even closely-knit groups are open and inviting to strangers, even if those strangers don't share the same common background."
    —Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson

Captain's Logs

Background Information

  • "Enduring Legacy" officially began on 12 April 2012. The USS Yorktown is the third incarnation of a simulation which began its life as the USS Tethys in December 2007 and later served as the USS Pandora from January 2010 through April 2012. Though there have been several personnel changes during the intervening years, both the ship's Commanding Officer and current Chief Security/Tactical Officer have been with the simulation since its inception.
  • The title of this mission is a play on the Legacy-class designation and is meant to acknowledge the enduring Yorktown lineage, one which is nearly as distinguished as that of her sister, the Enterprise.