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This page has been adopted by the FC as an official policy.

The Fleet Council (FC) is the overall governing body of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. It is established under the Horizon Fleet Constitution as the group of senior fleet officials to oversee and make decisions on fleet-wide policy. Each member of the Fleet Council is also the head of a fleet department, and is responsible for making decisions with the view of how it would affect all members of the fleet, in both the short-term and the long-term. Decisions within the Fleet Council are made by majority vote, with no individual position or rank holding any more sway in the voting process than any other.


The current membership of the Fleet Council is as follows:

Date of Appointment
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Chase Rutherford (PNPC) Director of Fleet Academy 25 August 2013
(FC since 5 February 2010)
R-a3.png Vice Admiral Kailani Livian (PNPC) Director of Personnel & Awards 19 February 2007
Original FC Member
C-a3.png Vice Admiral Lorian Tharos (PNPC) Director of Research & Development 6 July 2012
(FC since 24 February 2009)
R-a3.png Vice Admiral Jon Carver (PNPC) Judge Advocate-General 17 July 2011
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli Task Force 22 Commanding Officer 24 October 2012
R-a2.png Rear Admiral Jordan Rabb Task Force 42 Commanding Officer 5 November 2013
(FC since 10 July 2012)
Original FC Member