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This is a list of all featured articles showcased on Horizon Fleet Wiki's Main Page. To nominate a page to appear as a Featured Article, please review the criteria and process at Project:Featured Article. For a list of articles scheduled to appear on the Main Page in the coming months, see Queue.

September - December 2012 – Tobias Naros


Tobias Naros is a celebrated Federation Starfleet officer, scholar, and diplomat serving throughout most of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career center around assignments as Executive Officer of the USS Orlando and the USS Orlando-A as well as Commanding Officer of the USS Yorktown. In these roles, Naros not only witnessed major events involving the Elyshan Cold War, the Hobus Disaster, unrest in the Romulan Empire, and growing awareness of the Yang Zutal, but played a key role in them also. He currently serves as Commanding Officer of the Legacy-class USS Yorktown, the sixth starship to bear the name.

Tobias' personal hobbies and interests reflect the diverse personality of a man who is devoted to the improvement and preservation of all life. He continues to take advantage of the opportunities available to him as a Starfleet officer to pursue interests in the study of history and cultural science. Wilderness recreation such as camping, hiking, and horseback riding offer him the opportunity to maintain his own personal wellness. While Tobias does enjoy spending time in social observation and partaking in the occasional holonovel for personal entertainment, he also recognizes the importance of taking time to be with his own thoughts.

January - April 2013 – Yang Zutal


The Yang Zutal are an advanced humanoid race originally from the M51 "Whirlpool" Galaxy approximately twenty million lightyears distant from the Milky Way Galaxy. There the thrived and built a vast empire with highly sophisticated technology which had transitioned from working with malleable materials to working with organic materials over the last several thousand years. At some point in time, currently unknown to Federation intelligence, the Yang Zutal came into contact with an equally advanced civilization. The two became embroiled in a terrible war which lasted for centuries until the Zutal unleashed a small fleet of "Planet Killer" devices in a last ditch effort to destroy their enemy. What the Yang Zutal did not count on, however, was that they would be unable to stop their doomsday machines once their enemy had been annihilated. Unable to destroy their own creations, the Yang Zutal gathered what few ships they had remaining and poured all their energy into building a massive colony ship. The colony ship finished its growing cycle just hours before the planet killers converged on the last remaining system in the once mighty Yang Zutal Empire. With little time to spare, the fleet of remaining ships and the colony ship set a course out of the galaxy.

First contact was made between the Yang Zutal and the Klingon Empire in 2386 during which the overzealous Klingon commander opened fire on the small scouting fleet which had been sent ahead of the colony ship. The Klingon vessel was quickly destroyed and its crew captured. After several weeks of interrogation and examination, the Yang Zutal sent one of their smaller vessels to the Klingon homeworld to return the dishonored warriors.

By early 2387, Starfleet Intelligence had dispatched a small force to the Hades System, the last known location of the Zutal fleet. The system was named for the Greek god of the underworld because it consisted entirely of Class-Y "Demon" planets, but further investigation revealed that one of the five planets had already been completely terraformed into a livable, Class-M planet by the Yang Zutal and that a second planet was already over twenty-five percent terraformed.

September - December 2013 – Romulan Imperial State


The Romulan Imperial State (or simply, Imperial State) is a major regional power which existed throughout much of the 2380s as a separate entity in opposition to the Romulan Star Empire. It encompassed a considerable number of frontier Romulan worlds as well as the people who inhabited them. The Imperial State is known for its less xenophobic character and policies which developed increasingly friendly relations with the Federation.

The fall of the Senate created a power vacuum which brought chaos to the Romulan Star Empire as supply lines throughout the region were brought to a near stand-still and colonies more distant from the Romulan hoome system found themselves completely cut off from all support. Several groups vied for power including those led by two of the conspirators who helped bring Shinzon to power. Senator Tal'Aura was eventually named Praetor with the backing of Proconsul Tomalak while Commander Donatra retained control and support over much of the Imperial Fleet.

The power struggle between Donatra and Tal'Aura continued for about a year until December 2380 when Donatra and her supporters finally withdrew from the Romulan core systems. Donatra consolidated her powerbase on Achernar Prime and declared the existence of the Romulan Imperial State with herself as its Empress. The inclusion of Xanitla, Ralatak, and Virinat as official members of the Imperial State shortly thereafter provided a means by which Donatra was able to win the hearts of Romulans living beyond the Star Empire's core worlds.