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This article is official Horizon Fleet canon.
Number of Stars:

One - Hades Prime (Class-A)

Number of Planets:


Number of Asteroid Belts:

One - Between Hades III and Hades IV


Alpha Quadrant


Zutal Imperium

Hades is located very close to the Taevon Expanse and the Black Cluster
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The Hades system is a star system located near the Taevon Expanse and the Black Cluster in the Alpha Quadrant. Originally comprised of five uninhabitable Class-Y planets, Hades II and Hades III have since been terraformed into Class-M planets by the Yang Zutal who are in the process of doing the same with Hades IV.



Originally discovered in 2196 by deep space observatories located on the surface of Pluto, the Hades system was believed to be very similar to other known star systems at the time. It wasn't until Starfleet began a more concerted effort to chart regions of the Alpha Quadrant north of Sol and the Federation core worlds, however, that this seemingly unremarkable system began drawing the attention of astrometric as well as stellar mechanic specialists. The Orbeth-class USS Galileo was in the midst of a three year survey mission when they came upon the Hades system. They were surprised to discover all five of the system's planetary bodies were Class-Y and therefore unsuitable for human habitation. Such a rare occurance had not been encountered up to that point and further surveying of the planet as well as several asteroids in the system over the next two weeks revealed that the particles which came together to form the Hades star and planetary bodies contained unusually high concentrations of toxic and volatile chemicals. Results from the Galileo survey were entered into the official record and the Hades system eventually faded from interest until it was rarely spoken of outside of academic circles.

In 2386, a moderately-sized fleet of unknown alien vessels entered the Hades system and began the arduous process of terraforming one of the Class-Y planets, a feat which Federation scientists believed required too great an amount of time and energy to accomplish feasibly. A Starfleet observation team was dispatched to the Hades system in 2387 to investigate the Federation's newest neighbors. Not only were they surprised to discover that Hades III had been completely terraformed, but the Yang Zutal were already well into the process of terraforming Hades II. It was clear from the contents of their report to Starfleet that very little was known about the Zutal Imperium other than they appeared to be establishing a presence for the long-term.

Since the first observation team reported the drastic changes made to Hades III and Hades II, Starfleet has often kept a cloaked starship in the vicinity to provide continuous surveillance of the Yang Zutal. More recent reports would seem to indicate the terraforming of Hades II has been completed and that the large vessel seemingly responsible for the process of terraforming has moved on to Hades IV.


  • Hades Prime: Class-A light blue star
    • Hades I: Class-Y planet
    • Hades II: Class-M planet (terraformed)
    • Hades III: Class-M planet (terraformed)
    • Asteroid Belt
    • Hades IV: Class-Y planet (terraforming)
    • Hades V: Class-Y planet

Planetary Information

Hades I: Class-Y Planet

Hades I is the closest planet to the Hades star and completes a single orbit roughly once every seventy-four days. Due to its proximity to the star, it is believed that the Yang Zutal do not plan to terraform the planet as it would be incapable of supporting life.

Hades II: Class-M Planet

Hades II was the second planet to be terraformed by the Yang Zutal colony ship. It is slightly larger than Earth and orbits the Hades star at a distance of approximately 0.89 AU.

The Yang Zutal Colony Ship in orbit of Hades III

Hades III: Class-M Planet

Hades III was the first planet terraformed by the Yang Zutal colony ship. It is roughly the size of Venus and orbits the Hades star at a distance of approximately 1.2 AU.

Hades IV: Class-Y Planet

Hades IV is currently in the process of being terraformed by the Yang Zutal colony ship. It is similar in size to Hades III but orbits the Hades star on a different plane than the other four planets. Starfleet astronomers believe the unusual orbital plane may be due to a collision of celestial bodies which took place when the system was first forming.

Hades V: Class-Y Planet

Hades V is the furthest planet from the Hades star and orbits at a distance of roughly 2.3 AU.