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31 July 2349

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Dark Brown



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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Operation Sunrise


Operation Sunrise Supervisor

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Iluvar is a noted Federation Starfleet officer and diplomat serving in the latter half of the twenty-fourth century. He is perhaps most known for his extensive knowledge of the Briar Patch as well as his influential role in relations with the Elyshan Empire. The highlights of his recent career include his assignments as Commanding Officer of the USS Tethys and USS Pandora as well as his appointment as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 22 “Pathfinders” and Deputy Chief-of-Staff by the Eighth Fleet Admiralty. He currently serves as the direct supervisor of Operation Sunrise.


Appearance & Personality

Physical Appearance

Iluvar is what many would consider average in appearance and does not often concern himself with attempting to appear otherwise. He has been known to make occasional use of the variant uniforms available to commanding officers, but tends to dress rather simply during his off-duty hours. His shorter, brown hair is often mistaken for black while his eyes have been described as conveying a warmth and friendliness more often associated with individuals of considerably longer lifespans.

General Personality

Iluvar is always ready to assist others in whatever way possible and can be counted upon to get the job done. An innate leader, he prides himself on understanding his team and getting them to work together, even if that means he has to get his hands dirty. Some have mistaken him for an El-Aurian because of his ability to actively listen to those around him.

While he tends to remain calm and clear headed in almost any situation, those who have witnessed his rare moments of anger do not recommend pushing him that far. There are some who have thought him weaker or less adept for his cool, almost Vulcan-like emotional discipline, only to find themselves sorely mistaken.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A unique style of leadership has helped Iluvar to make quite an impression on those who have served with him and has earned praise from superior officers on more than one occasion. His ability to coordinate work efforts while not lording above his team is perhaps not as impressive as his desire to provide every individual with the opportunity to succeed. This has earned Iluvar quite the reputation as an officer with vested interest in those serving under him.

For all his strengths of leadership, Iluvar has been noticeably more withdrawn since his extended leave of absence following the destruction of the USS Valar. The official inquiry and evaluation attributed such behavior to “survivor’s guilt” with little consideration of extenuating circumstances. Those closest to him believe there is something more to his withdrawn behavior which he has chosen not to reveal to anyone. This has since been reinforced by a similar withdrawal following a Board of Inquiry in 2386 which temporarily reduced Iluvar in rank to captain before the ruling was overturned by judicial review.


Iluvar’s childhood ambition has always been to remain a true explorer in the sense that he felt there was always something more to learn beyond one’s own little corner of the universe. This eventually led him to join Starfleet as a commissioned officer and achieve command of his own vessel. He would very much prefer to remain in the field rather than being transferred to a desk job.

Having personally witnessed the destruction of the Sovereign-class USS Valar, Iluvar remained steadfastly convinced the board of inquiry’s investigation ignored several key factors when they ruled the vessel’s destruction was simply a result of overtaxing. His desire to prove the destruction of the Valar was not an accident and to discover what had really happened brought him into direct conflict with Starfleet Command. It wasn’t until several years later, while in command of the USS Tethys, that Iluvar was able to bring some measure of closure to the events of what has become known as the Valar Incident.

Iluvar continues to put the needs of others before himself and is constantly driven to support those who serve under his command. It is a trait which was portrayed as being one of his greatest weaknesses during the board of inquiry which temporarily reduced his rank, despite significant testimony to the contrary. His personal ambition to help others also prompted him to assume custody of young Aris Ibanya, the son of his Mirror Universe counterpart, with whom he has formed a strong personal relationship.

Hobbies & Interests

Iluvar considers himself to be quite the avid outdoorsman and takes great pleasure in any opportunity to go camping. He would often take camping trips to the northern parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin growing up as a chance to get out and explore the world beyond his hometown of Harmony. Though he enjoys the holodeck as much as the next person, he prefers to visit locations which exist beyond the holographic world whenever possible, believing that it gives him a better appreciation of the natural world.

Iluvar is fluent in Federation Standard as well as German, which he studied while a student in middle and high school. He took on the added challenge of learning Klingon during his Academy years. Languages always seemed to come rather easily for Iluvar, adding both Tzenkethi and Romulan to his repertoire within a few years of graduation. One benefit of his prolonged interactions with the Ba’ku has been his becoming the first offworlder to learn the Ba’ku language.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brother: Jason Walker (Adoptive)
Children: Aris Ibanya (Adoptive)
Other: Ibanya Family

Personal Biography

Early History

Iluvar at age 12

Iluvar was born in Harmony, Missouri on Earth on 31 July 2349. He and his adoptive brother, Jason, spent their childhood amid the traditional values of their community, which tended to avoid any superfluous technological advances of the twenty-fourth century. This was perhaps most evident in the way the town's citizens always seemed more interested in Jason Walker's plans to become an agricultural mechanic like his father than Iluvar's desires to pursue exploration with Starfleet.

Despite feeling like an outsider within the community and his own family, Iluvar was considered to be one of the brightest students in his class and would spend much of his free time reading anything he could get his hands on. It was as if he could absorb entire volumes of information and never satisfy his thirst for more. He was especially fond of the stories about famous explorers such as Jonathan Archer, James Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, John Harriman, and Rachel Garrett. These were men and women who dared to venture out into the unknown where no one had ever gone, seen things that no one had ever seen, and encountered peoples that were unlike anything the people of Harmony had ever imagined. One of his few prized possessions was a standard-issue Starfleet PADD which he never went anywhere without. It was his own personal vehicle to places beyond the rural town he lived in, allowing him to dream big even when those around him seemed to be thinking so small.

The decision to leave rural Harmony and apply to Starfleet Academy was met with surprisingly apathetic responses from members of the community who had previously attempted to deter Iluvar's pursuit of a career in Starfleet. He was accepted into the Academy in 2366 at age seventeen based on his high test scores and academic achievements. Rather than waiting to finish out the school year in Harmony, Iluvar decided to transfer to San Francisco immediately upon his acceptance so as to join his class for orientation.

Starfleet Academy

Iluvar at age 17

Iluvar's career at the academy was anything but what one might consider ordinary. His childhood interest in the history of Starfleet exploration gave him a decided advantage in many of his introductory courses. This eventually led him toward academic pursuits in flight control and starship operations which he hoped would help keep his opportunities for assignment as open as possible. It was his academic success that enabled him to lead small group study sessions, making him well known among his fellow cadets as someone who could be relied upon. He quickly assumed a natural leadership role among his peers that did not go unnoticed by his instructors and he soon earned a position in the elite Command Dorm, known for its unique drilling and rigorous coursework.

The few years Iluvar spent at Starfleet Academy were an experience that could have been credited as much to his own personality as to broader events which were also occurring at that time. He watched, along with his fellow classmates, as a single Borg cube utterly decimated the fleet assembled at Wolf 359 before being stopped by the efforts of the USS Enterprise-D. It was also during his time at the Academy that a board of inquiry investigated an accident involving Nova Squadron that cost the life of Cadet Joshua Albert. Having bore witness to such tragic events, Iluvar found his conviction toward Starfleet's mission of exploration renewed and invigorated.

By the time Iluvar graduated in 2370, he had managed to work his way to the top of his class with the highest academic honors as well as the respect of both peers and instructors.

Iluvar & the Briar Patch

It was around this time that Starfleet's concerns regarding rising tensions with the Dominion started becoming more apparent in their deployment of vessels and personnel across the fleet. Iluvar was quickly assigned to serve as the Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the Sabre-class USS Kohler. While there initially were some who might have felt an Academy graduate to be too inexperienced to handle the responsibilities of a department head, they soon found themselves pleasantly surprised by Iluvar's performance as a member of the Kohler's senior staff. He continued to make himself available as both friend and coworker to his fellow shipmates, seeking to help out in whatever way he could.

By early 2371, the Kohler had begun operating along the fringes of a turbulent region of space known as the Briar Patch. They were tasked with making surveys of the region which included occasional forays into the neighboring McAllister Nebula. Federation scientists were particularly interested in the relationship between the McAllister Nebula and the Briar Patch, believing the former to have been created during the formation of the Briar Patch itself when a large amount of gases and stellar debris became separated from the main patch.

The Kohler saw relatively little action during the Dominion War as a result of its assignment to Sector 441, though So'na cooperation with the Dominion served to keep Starfleet vessels in the region on constant alert for Dominion activity. Exploration of the Briar Patch continued with little interruption throughout the course of the war and eventually led to Starfleet's discovery of the planet inhabited by the peaceful Ba'ku. While Iluvar was not a member of the cultural survey team assigned to the planet under Admiral Dougherty, the Kohler was one of several Starfleet vessels to respond to the Enterprise's call for assistance following the incident. They continued to remain in the area afterward so as to help secure a Federation presence in the region.

It was also during his service aboard the Kohler that Iluvar first met Commander Tolian Naros, an El-Aurian with extensive knowledge of the Briar Patch and its inner workings. There seemed to be an immediate connection between the two officers as one might find between a mentor and his student. Centuries of experience had given Naros a unique perspective on life and the unique nature of the Patch which simply fascinated Iluvar to the point that he made it his goal to learn everything he could from the more experienced officer.

When the Kohler received orders to report to Starbase 375 in mid-2375, Iluvar requested an immediate transfer to Deep Space Twelve, which was beginning construction at that time. It was his hope that serving aboard the newly constructed station would allow him to continue his own studies of the Briar Patch and develop his career as an explorer. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG and assigned to the station as a Strategic Operations Officer whose specialty was in his knowledge of the Briar Patch and surrounding areas. His assignment to Deep Space Twelve was spent leading many forays deeper into the Patch than any vessel had previously gone. In addition, he became well known for his ability to work with the races of the Briar Patch and surrounding areas, serving as mediator and arbiter for more than a few diplomatic contacts.

On one occasion, while piloting a shuttle to make a closer analysis of the Ba'ku rings, Iluvar encountered the after effects of a passing ion storm that had reacted with the patch gases. The shockwave caused an overload which completely disabled the shuttle's systems. Unable to return to or contact Deep Space Twelve, Iluvar was forced to make an emergency landing on the planet. He managed to activate the emergency transporter just before his shuttle impacted the surface and was beamed to a safe distance from the crash site. A short while later, he was discovered by a group of Ba'ku youth which included Artim Ibanya, who had previously interacted with the Enterprise crew.

Iluvar was taken back to the Ba'ku village where he was nursed to health by the residents while the station waited for the residual effects of the storm to pass before being able to send a runabout to retrieve him. During this time, he earned the appreciation of the village through the respect he gave to their customs and culture as he recovered. It was also during this time that he began to develop a friendship with Artim Ibanya that would continue to strengthen well into the present day.

Out of respect for the wishes of the Ba'ku elders, Iluvar personally helped to oversee the retrieval of his downed shuttlecraft and the sensor logs it contained. His efforts to reconstruct those portions of the data which had been damaged upon impact significantly improved Federation scientists' understanding of the Ba'ku rings as well as the ion storm's effects upon the Briar Patch gases. All of this was presented during the full debrief he received from the station's command staff shortly after the incident.

Iluvar soon received another opportunity to broaden his experience in 2379 when offered a posting as Second Officer and Chief Operations Officer aboard the Sovereign-class USS Valar under the late Captain Imtar. He found that he was still able to continue his exploration of the Briar Patch while also learning quite a bit about the practicalities of commanding a starship in the field. It was during his time aboard the Valar that he participated in the first encounter with two previously unknown species within the Briar Patch.

Sadly, his assignment aboard the USS Valar would prove to be short-lived. The Valar arrived at a small research outpost on the edge of the Briar Patch in response to an urgent distress call to discover that a rogue asteroid was on a direct course for the outpost. Iluvar was ordered to beam down down to the outpost so that he might coordinate evacuation efforts while the crew of the Valar continued searching for a way to divert the asteroid. It seemed like an impossible task, but the Valar's chief engineer devised a way for them to use brief bursts of the ship's tractor beam in quick succession to push the asteroid onto a new heading. They eventually successful in avoiding a collision between the asteroid and the outpost, but just as the crew began to celebrate their victory, the Valar suffered a massive kinetic plasma surge and was destroyed with all hands. The USS Independence arrived only a few days later, having been dispatched with all haste from Deep Space Twelve, but they found Iluvar to be the only survivor along with the outpost personnel.

Iluvar considered leaving Starfleet

These events took their toll on the young officer to the point that he decided to take an extended leave of absence from Starfleet rather than face the political fallout from what would become known as the Valar Incident. Admiral Alynna Nechayev granted his request for extended leave without hesitation and he soon sought permission from the Ba'ku elders to take up residence in their village, which was also granted with little hesitation on the part of the Ba'ku. Iluvar was welcomed into the home of Artim and his family where he forsook all evidences of his former life to assume the more humble existence of the Ba'ku.

Iluvar spent a great deal of time with Artim and even considered leaving Starfleet to remain on Ba'ku where he might escape the devastating loss he had felt at the destruction of the Valar. That all changed when it was discovered that the Tholians were becoming more aggressive in their raiding and territorial boundaries near the Patch. Artim managed to convince Iluvar that his place was with Starfleet and that Ba'ku would always be there when he got back. Taking his friend's advice to heart, he returned to active duty in early 2383 and was assigned to the Sovereign-class USS Pharos as Executive Officer under Captain Julia Hernandez.

Later that year, the USS Pharos came under sudden attack by two Tholian Webspinners and a Tholian Command Cruiser that caught them by complete surprise. Iluvar was forced to assume command of the ship when Captain Hernandez suffered severe, life-threatening injuries during the initial assault. He managed to maintain his focus to successfully lead the Pharos crew in fending off the Tholians and drive them into retreat. Unfortunately, the captain's condition was deteriorating rapidly and it was expected that she would not survive for much longer without the medical facilities available at Deep Space Twelve. Iluvar refused to lose another capable officer to disaster, pushing both ship and crew to their limits in the race back to the station.

Fortune proved to be in their favor when they managed to make it back to Deep Space Twelve in time for Captain Hernandez to receive the necessary treatment. Rather than assign another commanding officer during the couple weeks it would take for Captain Hernandez to fully recover, Admiral Nechayev allowed Iluvar to assume the role of acting captain until Captain Hernandez could return. He also received special commendation for his efforts against the Tholians and in rescuing his commanding officer.

Aboard the Tethys

In late 2383, Captain Hernandez placed a special recommendation with Starfleet Command that Iluvar be considered for a command of his own based upon his performance both prior to and following his extended leave from Starfleet. Starfleet Command reviewed numerous character references and personnel reports before finally selecting Iluvar to command the Prometheus-class USS Tethys, which was nearing completion at Utopia Planetia Shipyards. He assumed command of the Tethys knowing that the assignment would take him away from the Briar Patch and the village he had come to think of as home. Just before he was scheduled to depart Deep Space Twelve aboard the Independence, he managed to stop by the village one last time to say good bye to Artim and his friends among the Ba'ku.

Iluvar made several assignments to his staff shortly after assuming command of the Tethys that seemed somewhat unusual to those who were not familiar with his unique style and the lessons he had learned while serving in the Patch. It was because of the success demonstrated by Iluvar's unique style that the command staff of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet felt his service warranted a promotion to the rank of Captain. He was appointed to command the Eighth Fleet's Task Group 22-A “Explorers” before being transferred to command the Eighth Fleet's Task Group 22-B “Pioneers”.

Evidence which surfaced in early 2385 prompted Iluvar to pass command of the Tethys to his Executive Officer, Commander T'Lara Elburn, in order to resume a brief investigation regarding what he considered to be a personal matter. The investigation picked up where he had left off years earlier in the search for the true cause of the USS Valar's destruction. He made a brief stop on Ba'ku to visit Artim and the village before disappearing into the Briar Patch in pursuit of a lead provided to him by Admiral Alynna Necheyev of Deep Space Twelve.

The Lycian royal flagship eventually located and rescued Iluvar from the clutches of an unknown alien warship which turned out to be the same vessel responsible for the loss of the USS Valar. It was also learned that the warship planned to target the Federation-Tzenkethi negotiations being mediated by the USS Tethys. Just as the attack was about to begin, Iluvar and his Lycian allies arrived with the support of three other Federation starships. He convinced the Tzenkethi to join them in driving off the territorial aliens and managed to reconcile the deteriorating negotiations.

The Elyshan Conflict

Shortly after his successful completion of the Tzenkethi negotiations, Iluvar received a promotion to Commodore and was named commanding officer of the Eighth Fleet's Task Force 22. His elevated status as the ranking flag officer in charge of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's patrol zone closest to the Elyshan border meant that it was only a matter of time before Iluvar found himself dealing with the growing situation between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire.

Rising tensions between the two powers nearly came to a head in early 2386 when Iluvar led a small force to the Altorus System in response to a distress call from renowned Ambassador Mordred Ocal. The Elyshans proved unwilling to search for a diplomatic solution and an open battle between the two sides. Starfleet forces suffered heavy losses before they were able to discover a weakness in the Elyshan's subspace shield technology. Using the weakness to their advantage, they managed to even the score and bring a momentary pause to the fighting by disabling the lead battleship's shields. Both sides withdrew to their own territory with the threat of greater conflict on the horizon.

As part of a new effort to better understand the Elyshans and the unclaimed space between the two peoples, Iluvar ordered Captain Bathar Celezar and Task Group 22-B “Pioneers” to explore the region in and around the Taevon Expanse. For his part in the Battle of Altorus, Iluvar was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and placed in charge of Starfleet field operations in the region.

Not long afterward, Iluvar assumed command of the USS Pandora, which had just completed an overhaul of her command and control systems when the Tethys was ordered to undergo a complete refit. The Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Command Staff felt it best to allow some of the Tethys' crew to transfer to the Pandora. It was clear that the members of the Tethys' senior staff worked well together, as they had made significant accomplishments in the field, and Admiral Antonie Meyer in particular felt the Luna-class vessel would be more fitting of a Task Force Commanding Officer. For his own part, Iluvar saw the transfer to the Pandora as an opportunity to return to the core of exploration and diplomacy that made the Federation great. The Tethys would always hold a special place in his heart, being his first command, but it wouldn't be long before he would warm up to the Luna-class USS Pandora.

Following the completion of a tour of Romulan defenses along the Elyshan border, the Pandora was ordered to divert to Deep Space Four where then-Rear Admiral Iluvar appeared before a Board of Inquiry. The investigation focused on some of the more questionable decisions that had been made by the admiral, both as a commanding officer and as a Starfleet officer. Despite evidence to the contrary, Iluvar was stripped of his position as Task Force Commanding Officer of the Eighth Fleet's Task Force 22 and reduced in rank to that of Captain. Though some would consider it a small favor, Captain Iluvar was allowed to retain his command of the USS Pandora.

Restoration & Recent Career

Iluvar restored to his former position

Early 2387 saw the withdrawal of the Elyshan Empire from the galactic stage and the devastating effects of the Hobus Supernova wrought upon the severely fractured Romulan Empire. Seeing the need for strong, capable officers operating in the field, Admiral Olivia Tavez petitioned Vice Admiral Hawkins to re-visit the findings of the inquiry which had resulted in the demotion of former-Rear Admiral Iluvar, a task Hawkins was quite willing to pursue. His review found several errors in procedure and testimony indicative of a serious miscarriage of justice. These findings prompted Hawkins to overturn the inquiry's ruling and restore Iluvar to his former position of Task Force Commanding Officer.

Iluvar continued to serve as Commanding Officer of the USS Pandora as well as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 22 "Pathfinders" for the remainder of 2387 and well into the following year when he was approached by Admiral Olivia Tavez. Recent changes in personnel had resulted in the reassignment of several key members of the Eighth Fleet admiralty including Admiral Antoine Meyer and Vice Admiral Chris Manley, both of whom had been quite supportive of Iluvar throughout the tumultuous events of the last twelve to eighteen months. Admiral Tavez had certainly witnessed Iluvar's work within the Eighth Fleet administration and felt his familiarity with operations along the Federation frontier made him a suitable candidate to succeed Admiral Antoine Meyer as well as to assume responsibility for Operation Sunrise, Starfleet's latest effort to establish diplomatic security on both the Federation and Romulan frontiers. Within a few short weeks following the sudden upheaval within the fleet administration, Iluvar was officially appointed to serve as the new Eighth Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff.

Open conflict between the Federation Alliance and the Zutal Imperium at the Battle of Nashira followed by the bombing of the USS Wright soon resulted in another series of high profile staffing changes within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet as Starfleet sought to address what had become an increasingly unstable situation. Iluvar was relieved of his position as the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Deputy Chief-of-Staff in order that he might assume full responsibility for overseeing Operation Sunrise. Transferring his flag and permanent residence to the Hastings-class USS Coral Sea, Iluvar continued to focus on developing the diplomatic relationships that had proven so influential in stemming conflict with the Elyshan Empire as well as the Zutal Imperium.

Alternate Timelines

Elyshan War (2389)

In an alternate future experienced by the crew of the USS Orlando, Iluvar had been promoted to Admiral and placed in command of Federation One and her escort. Having taken refuge within the orbit of Mercury following the attack on Earth, Iluvar was initially suspicious of Lieutenant Lara Stone's claims that they were the USS Orlando. Iluvar eventually spoke with then-Commander Quinn Androski and his crew in person, proposing a daring plan to restore the timeline. Admiral Iluvar sacraficed himself along with Federation One to allow the Orlando to return to its own time, thereby restoring the original timeline.

In this timeline, Starfleet ruled the Orlando lost with all hands. Two days later, the USS Tethys was attacked along the Elyshan border. Within weeks, negotiations had failed and war was growing on the horizon. The Elyshans blamed the Federation for the loss of their diplomats and felt Starfleet was being too aggressive with their border patrols. Starfleet thought the Elyshans were responsible for the destruction of the convoy. The situation slowly began to deteriorate, until war was inevitable.

When war did break out, the Federation was instantly on the defensive. Even with the combined forces of the Klingon and Romulan Empires, there was no way to defend against the Elyshan subspace weapons. Elyshan vessels equipped with subspace cloaking devices were nigh undetectable, wreaking havoc on allied forces and assets in the early days of the war. By the time the Orlando resurfaced, Romulus had been taken, Quo'nos had been overrun, and Earth had been scourged. All this because of the disappearance of one starship...

Valiant-class USS Tethys (2385)

Coming Soon…

Personal Relationships

Artim Ibanya

Though Iluvar never knew much of his biological parents when living on Earth, managed to find a home for himself on the planet of Ba'ku. During his first visit, the result of a shuttle accident, he met Artim Ibanya, son of the village leader, Sojef. Artim, having already met the crew of the starship Enterprise, was not intimidated by Iluvar's status as an "Offworlder". Though the time was short, Iluvar and Artim managed to become friends before the young officer was retrieved by Starfleet.

When Iluvar returned in 2379, he had suffered the tragedy of the loss of the USS Valar. The Ba'ku helped him learn how to cope with the painful memories and Iluvar became a part of their village. Artim and Iluvar became like brothers. They did everything together from playing in the foothills to working on their studies. The two were nigh inseparable until Starfleet recalled Iluvar to active service. It was Artim who convinced Iluvar that he needed to go. Iluvar tries to stay in contact via letters and hopes to return to Ba'ku someday to be with his new adopted "family".

Aris Ibanya

Iluvar arrived on the mirror Ba'ku homeworld bearing the news of his counterpart's death. Almost from the get-go, Aris found it hard to accept Iluvar, especially as a father figure. It wasn't that he blamed the man for his father's death, but that Iluvar reminded Aris so much of his own father, who had never been around.

After a period of shock and cold reactions, Iluvar finally managed to get through to the boy. Never intending to replace Aris' father, Iluvar promised to be a guardian in his own right. As time went on, Aris began to open up and the two became as close as any real father and son could be. Despite not being any direct relation to the boy, Iluvar loved him like a son and continues to raise him aboard the Pandora.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2367 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2368 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2369 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2370 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2371 - 2375 USS Kohler
Flight Control Officer
2375 - 2379 Deep Space Twelve
Lieutenant JG
Strategic Operations Officer
2379 USS Valar
Lieutenant JG
Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer
2379 - 2383 Ba'ku Village
Extended Leave
Extended Personal Leave of Absence
2383 USS Pharos
Lieutenant Commander
Executive Officer
2383 - 2384 USS Tethys
Commanding Officer
2384 USS Tethys
Task Group 22-A "Explorers"
Commanding Officer
Task Group Commanding Officer
2384 - 2385 USS Tethys
Task Group 22-B "Pioneers"
Commanding Officer
Task Group Commanding Officer
2385 USS Tethys
Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Commanding Officer
Task Force Commanding Officer
2385 - 2386 USS Tethys
Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Rear Admiral
Commanding Officer
Task Force Commanding Officer
2386 USS Pandora
Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Rear Admiral
Commanding Officer
Task Force Commanding Officer
2386 - 2387 USS Pandora
Commanding Officer
2387 - 2388 USS Pandora
Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
Vice Admiral
Commanding Officer
Task Force Commanding Officer
2388 - 2390 Eighth Fleet Administration
Operation Sunrise
Vice Admiral
Deputy Chief-of-Staff
Operation Sunrise Supervisor
2390 - Present Operation Sunrise
Vice Admiral
Operation Sunrise Supervisor

Preceded by:
Operation Sunrise Supervisor
2388 – Present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Admiral Antoine Meyer
Eighth Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff
2388 – 2390
Succeeded by:
Vice Admiral Jason Rabb
Preceded by:
Rear Admiral Dorin Kilus
Commanding Officer of Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
2387 – 2388
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Zavareh Sepandiyar
Preceded by:
Commander Ka'el Fermat
Commanding Officer of USS Pandora
2386 – 2388
Succeeded by:
Not Listed
Preceded by:
Rear Admiral Jason Locke
Commanding Officer of Task Force 22 "Pathfinders"
2385 – 2386
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Madison Andrews
Preceded by:
Ambassador Mordred Ocal
Commanding Officer of Task Group 22-B "Pioneers"
2384 – 2385
Succeeded by:
Captain Deni Tira
Preceded by:
Captain James Newkirk
Commanding Officer of Task Group 22-A "Explorers"
Succeeded by:
Commodre Robert J. Millwood
Preceded by:
Commanding Officer of USS Tethys
2383 – 2386
Succeeded by:
Commander Ka'el Fermat