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Isabel Kersare
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22 July 2348

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122 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Malinche-A


Commanding Officer



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Isabel Kersare, a 24th Century Starfleet Officer, is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS Malinche-A, a Prometheus-class vessel, part of Horizon Fleet's Task Group 42-A.



Isabel has grey-green eyes and long russet hair. Her slim body is fairly toned due to some of the training she does in the holodeck.


General Overview

A good listener, Isabel is always willing to help out others. This is, however, one of Isabel's downfalls. She is quick to put others before herself and can get burned out or taken advantage of as a result. Isabel is also fiercely loyal. She will protect and defend her friends, standing up for them when needed. Her friends all know that they can count on her, no matter what.

Through her years in StarFleet, Isabel became more outgoing than she was as a child. She has a good sense of humor, partially evident from some of the stunts she and Gabi used to pull, also from Isabel's ability to find humor or irony in various situations. Isabel is very determined and hard-working, able to work towards her goals until they are achieved. At times she can have the utmost patience, able to wait as long as it takes to accomplish something, though certain situations or people can get on nerves very quickly.

Hobbies & Interests

Isabel enjoys writing, particularly short novels or even poems, when the mood hits her. Many of the stories she writes are based on people she's met in her travels. Something that helped her through her husband's death was music - she began playing the piano, teaching herself more and more complicated pieces as she went. Isabel finds people fascinating, and always enjoys meeting new people. She does, however, find it difficult to become very close with anyone, fearing she might lose them as she thought she had lost her husband. This is quite frustrating for Isabel, as she wants to be close to crewmembers, and others as well, but seems unable to prevent herself from holding back. She has been trying to open up more, but will have to continue working on it. Derek and Isabel used to work on combat training, self defense, and a few forms of martial arts together in the holodeck - a practice Isabel continues when time permits. She enjoys staying in shape, and likes knowing how to defend herself.


Caleb Kersare
Adrianne Kersare
Gabrielle Kersare, 2 years younger than Isabel
Derek Greyman


Isabel and Gabrielle were born on the USS Cheyenne, where their parents served as officers. Born on July 22, 2348, Isabel is the oldest of the two sisters. Adrianne served as the ship's Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and Caleb served as the ship's First Officer. As Executive Officer, Caleb was kept rather busy, but did his best to spend as much time with his girls as possible. He would tell them stories of the missions he went on. Adrianne was also rather devoted to her work, though she tried to limit the amount of away missions she went on once her girls were born. She too would tell her daughters of the Intel missions she'd gone on - these really interested the girls. Even at an early age, Gabrielle and Isabel knew they wanted to work in space.

Gabi and Isa, as they called each other, were very close. The girls did nearly everything together, and were often mistaken as twins. This led to interesting times, especially with the other children. Even the girls' best friends could barely tell the two apart, especially when they dressed similarly; Gabi and Isa would let them try to guess who was who. The sisters also prided themselves in being able to make themselves 'invisible' in a room - a skill their mother taught them. In this way, they gathered a lot of information and at times convinced their friends to join in on their spy games.

One major difference between the two girls was some of the activities they enjoyed. Gabi was more likely to be found playing with some of the ship's animals or in the holodeck, looking through the gardens. She loved studying living things, and did very well in her science classes. Isa, on the other hand, enjoyed more technical things. Her parents would get exasperated with her at times when they came back to their quarters only to find a tricorder, replicator, or other device in pieces. Isa liked to know why things worked, and how.

When Isabel was sixteen, she was asked out for a date, for the first time, by a young man named Stephen. He was a nice young man, with dark hair, warm brown eyes, and a wonderful smile. Upon hearing of her sister's young beau, Gabi was impatient to meet him. As chance would have it, Gabi ran into him in a corridor when he was on his way to meet Isabel. Stephen mistook her for Isa, and escorted her to their date in the Holodeck. Gabi had never been on a date, so let him believe she was her sister. The two hit it off, and Isabel walked into the Holodeck just in time to see them kiss. She ran off in tears, and refused to speak to her sister. Within a month of the incident, Isabel applied and was sent to StarFleet Academy.

Academy History

At seventeen, Isabel entered the Academy. She had learned a great deal from her mother about Intelligence, and had always liked the spy games she'd played with her friends, so Isa decided to try that. As her teachers saw her interest in technical things, they placed her in some Engineering courses as well. Isabel excelled in the classes, and decided to switch to Engineering, though she continued taking Intelligence courses, along with a few others to help expand her knowledge. She did well in all her studies, and made the most of her time in the Academy.

In StarFleet Academy, Isabel made several new friends, though no could take the place of the sister she missed. Over time, the pain of her sister's betrayal lessened, and she hoped to be able to reconcile with Gabi one day. One of the friends Isa made was a young man named Derek Greyman. He was an intelligent young man, with green eyes and dark brown wavy hair that came to his shoulders, who'd grown up on the colony world of Sirva III with his mother. Derek's sense of humor and compassion helped lift her spirits when she was frustrated, and the two became very close, though never going farther than friendship.

Career History

Isabel graduated in the top five percent of her class and was assigned to the very ship she was born on as an Engineering Officer. By this time, her parents had been transferred to another ship, which her father was commanding, the USS Greyhawk. Gabi was still on board the USS Cheyenne, a Science officer. Apparently she'd been taking classes while still on board, and had acquired a position. By this time, Gabrielle and Stephen had gotten married. After several long talks about the past, what had happened in the past few years, and the future, the sisters were able to make peace and be close once again.

Isabel worked hard at her new position, working quickly and showing promise at doing well under pressure. Part way through their first mission, Isabel was pleasantly surprised to find that her Academy friend, Derek, had been transferred to the USS Cheyenne as a Security Officer. The two grew even closer, and began a relationship. Eight months later, during a shoreleave trip to Sirva III, the two were married. Isabel and Derek were extremely happy, though Isabel tended to worry when her husband would go on away missions.

During her fourth mission with the USS Cheyenne, the ship was attacked. Damage to the ship overloaded several of its systems, resulting in a massive power surge. It was during this that the Chief Engineering Officer suffered major burns, and ultimately died. As the Engineering staff worked frantically to get the ship back up and running, with Isabel and the Assistant Chief leading their efforts, the ship was hit again, this time suffering damage that caused a massive coolant leak in the warp systems. Working quickly, the ship and its warp capabilities were saved. Following the incident, Isabel was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

During her seventh mission with the Cheyenne, Isabel was able to rally her fellow engineers when the Chief Engineer was severely injured after a section of EPS conduits exploded during a firefight. Their efforts to keep the ship going allowed the away team enough time to complete their mission and return safely to the ship. Due to her fine work, Isabel was promoted to Chief Engineering Officer.Derek too had been promoted, to Chief Security Officer, following the seventh mission. He'd been a key player in retrieving hostages during the mission.

While en route to another mission a few years later, the ship happened upon an apparently abandoned ship. Before going on, the Captain decided to send an away team over to ascertain what had happened. Derek was to lead the team, but before he left, Isabel warned him to be careful - something didn't feel right to her.

Unfortunately, she was right. The away team was ambushed by Borg, who had somehow gotten aboard. Derek's selfless nature compelled him to get everyone else to safety, guarding the way while the others beamed out as they found clear areas. It was during this confusion that a Borg was able to capture Derek. The last away team member saw this and shot Derek to save him from being added to the Collective.

Isabel was devastated at the death of her husband, and threw herself into her work to try to ease her mind. Though she did her best to go on, Isabel could never forget her husband. Her hard work paid off once again when she was offered a promotion and the position of Executive Officer by Captain Jasen Lareni. He'd known her since she was a child, and was impressed by her knowledge and determination. Isabel became Jasen's confidante, helping him come to a decision while in several tough situations. She got along well with the crew, and had their respect, though a part of her still held back - afraid to become too close lest she were to lose one of them.

Seeing Isabel's command qualities, Captain Lareni encouraged her to take some command courses, which she did whole-heartedly. Upon completion of the courses, and after a recommendation from Jasen, Isabel was offered the command of the USS Malinche two years after Derek's death by Admiral Chorlan. Bidding the ship she'd known since childhood goodbye, Isabel left it for her own ship.

The Malinche's first mission took them in search of missing Star Fleet officers. The mission was a success, finding them captured by a rogue faction that was hiding on the other side of a spacial distortion. Their second mission took them to Maran, homeworld to the Maran people. Some form of sickness had developed, which was eventually determined to be the result of nanoparticles. Ships from several species showed up in orbit of the planet, and some hostilities occurred, though everything was worked out in the end. The crew took shoreleave on Earth, as two of its members were subject to an inquiry due to their actions during the last mission.

The crewmembers cleared of the charges, Captain Kersare and the Malinche crew were sent to Celtron V, near the Romulan Neutral Zone, where a civil war was about to break out for their third mission. The Celtronian wormhole was being fought over; the So'Kra wanted it to remain closed, while the To'Ma wanted it to be opened to use for exploration and trade. After several setbacks, including the kidnapping of a High Council Member, Garshon Trelin, and being attacked by rogue Klingons, Isabel and her crew were able to help the Celtronians negotiate to peace.

The Malinche's fifth mission had them investigating the disappearance of the USS Sirion and her crew, which had been investigating the effects of dilithium mining on Direidi. The mischevious inhabitants of the planet kept the crew quite busy - putting on quite the act at the local hotel and ending with the oddest "trial" Isabel had ever seen; it included members of her crew getting pied. Back on the ship, evidence of a Borg Sphere in the area was found.

After a brief stopover, the USS Sentinel joined the Malinche in hopes of recovering the still lost USS Sirion. Though several Sirion crewmembers were recovered, the Sirion herself had been attacked by the Borg. The Sphere detected by the Malinche had already gone, leaving behind a few erratic Borg - including, to Isabel's surprise, her husband. She had Derek beamed the Malinche and the medical staff worked to bring him back to his former self. Meanwhile, some Borg had managed to get onto the Sentinel and slowly started assimilating the crew. In the end, the Sentinel was destroyed to prevent the Borg from taking it.

Derek seemed to make slow progress as Isabel got over the shock of seeing her husband alive. Nora Zeral, the Malinche's counselor, worked with them both and continues to assist with the adjustment.

On the way to their next assignment, the Malinche was diverted into the Taevon Expanse due to severe ion storms. This led to odd happenings on the ship, including some of the crew acting strangely. After escaping a subspace rupture, the ship headed back to an asteroid field it had passed upon entering the Expanse, unbeknowst to the crew. Eventually it was discovered that spirits of the USS Rome crew were inhabiting the bodies of some of the Malinche crew - trying to get them to return to where the wreckage and log buoy for the Rome were. The Malinche crew retrieved the log buoy so the information could be passed on to StarFleet and the Rome crew's loved ones before continuing on to Ivor Prime.

For the Malinche's eighth mission, she was ordered to escort the D'deridex class USS Revok to Starbase 386 for the Taevon Summit. Commander T'maekh's vessel was transporting Senator Vrenick, the Romulan Star Empire's delegate. Though the crew kept as close an eye on the Romulans as they could, especially as it was rumored that there would be an attempt on the Senator's life, no threat materialized during their mission.

2365-2369: StarFleet Academy
2369-2371: USS Cheyenne, Engineering Officer, Ensign
2371-2373: USS Cheyenne, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant JG
2373-2375: USS Cheyenne, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant
2375-2379: USS Cheyenne, Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Commander
2379-2381: USS Cheyenne, Executive Officer, Commander
2381-Present: USS Malinche, Commanding Officer, Captain