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Jacob Warrington
Biographical Information







24 April 2358

Physical Description



157 lbs


Dark Brown



Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Tethys


Chief Engineering Officer

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Jacob Warrington is a Federation Starfleet officer, engineer, and design specialist serving during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career center around assignments as Chief Engineering Officer aboard the USS Frontier, USS Pandora, Starbase 621, and USS Tethys as well as Shipyard Foreman at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. In these roles, Warrington not only witnessed major events involving the Elyshan Cold War, the Hobus Disaster, unrest in the Romulan Empire, and growing awareness of the Yang Zutal, but played a key role in them also. He currently serves as Chief Engineering Officer aboard the Prometheus-class USS Tethys.


Physical Appearance

Prior to his encounter with the temporal anomaly, Jacob always considered himself to be rather average when it came to his own appearance, never feeling as if he stood out from the crowd. Since that event, however, he continues to appear as an average human between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two years old because of residual temporal radiation which continually rejuvinates his cellular structures. Despite this, Jacob is a well-built individual who always manages to appear well kept without seeming flashy or shallow. It has been said his warm smile and attentive gaze make him easily approachable as an individual.


Father: Captain Michael warrington
Mother: Autumn Warrington (Deceased)
Close Friends: Thomas Rolands
John Forest
Mordred Ocal

Personality & Traits

General Description

Perhaps best known for his receptive attitude, enthusiasm for life, and dedication to others, Jacob has always worked very hard to keep an open mind to the world around him and demonstrated himself to be someone others can readily rely upon. He can be described as someone who faces each new day head on with the hope of learning something new while leaving something behind for others in the process. The experiences Jacob has gained have helped him to develop a healthy sense of wisdom which he often applies when dealing with others in almost any situation. This has often given many people the impression of an approachable individual willing to listen without prejudice.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Those who have worked with Jacob often speak quite highly of his dedication to others. His attention to detail as well as his ability to blend efficiency while maintaining a personal interest in those whom he serves has earned him the admiration of many. These abilities have helped him to instill confidence in his fellow shipmates even in difficult or life-threatening situations.

Despite what would seem like an open and sincere appreciation of others, Jacob remains a conflicted individual. He has been known to be quite reserved in revealing his own innermost thoughts and feelings with others. Although he readily acknowledges the benefits of having opened up to certain individuals in his life, a lack of siblings combined with the loss of his mother as well as his physical condition have caused him to keep his most personal self quite close to his chest. On the other end of the spectrum, Jacob's ability to find the road less traveled and take off racing down it can leave some people thinking him rash and there have been several occasions in which Jacob has been known to sacrafice his own needs on behalf of others, even to the point of physical or emotional exhaustion. Experience has certainly brought Jacob some level of restraint when pushing himself in the service of others, though it is a struggle he continues to face in his life.


It is easy to think of young men joining Starfleet to explore the galaxy and dream of commanding a starship of their own one day, but such two-dimensional thinking could hardly capture the essence of Jacob Warrington. He has always considered himself to be a life-long learner seeking to expand his knowledge through study, adventure, and experience. Since his encounter with the temporal anomaly and the subsequent effects it has had on his physical condition, Jacob has started placing a greater emphasis making a difference with the gifts he has been given rather than focusing on what could have been.

Hobbies & Interests

Jacob's personal hobbies and interests reflect the diverse personality of a man who is devoted to the improvement and preservation of all life. He continues to take advantage of the opportunities available to him as a Starfleet officer to pursue interests in the study of history and culture. Wilderness recreation such as camping, hiking, and canoeing offer him the opportunity to maintain his own personal wellness. While Jacob does enjoy spending time involved in social interaction with others and partaking in the occasional holonovel for personal entertainment, he also recognizes the importance of taking time to be with his own thoughts. It isn't at all unusual to find him spending that time flying or tinkering with antique aircraft on the holodeck.


  • Federation Standard
  • German
  • Romulan

Biographical History

Early Childhood

Jacob "Jake" Warrington was born on 24 April 2358 to Michael and Autumn Warrington aboard the Excelsior-Refit-class USS Valley Forge. Michael had a long, distinguished career as a Starfleet officer who had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was serving as the Valley Forge's Executive Officer. Autumn was a civilian scientist who specialized in the study of stellar phenomena, often working quite closely with the Valley Forge's science department.

The Warringtons enjoyed a relatively comfortable life aboard the Valley Forge with enough space to accomodate their young family. Their location allowed them to take advantage of shipboard facilities as well as shoreleave opportunities whenever the ship put into port. While they were under way, the family would often make use of the ship's holodeck facilities for both educational and recreational activities. They rarely missed an opportunity to leave the ship during shoreleave, especially if it meant being able to visit actual planetside locations rather than just holographic recreations.

By the time Warrington began attending the shipboard school when he was five years old, both his parents as well as his instructor realized he could be quite the advanced learner when he actually applied himself to the task. He would often be scolded for not paying attention in class when, in fact, Thomas was simply trying to find ways in which he could grow at his own pace. The young boy's mind was like a sponge that absorbed and retained everything it encountered. His thirst for knowledge seemed to be insatiable and it came as no surprise when he quickly surpassed the other students in reading ability.

Outside of academics, Warrington knew few others around his age living aboard ship and so spent most of his time engaging in other extra-curricular activities on the holodeck. He experienced flight in an antique aircraft for the very first time when he was twelve years old and was immediately hooked. His mother and father were a little hesitant in allowing him to pursue flying, but after much consideration, felt that participation in such an activity would be good for Warrington. The routine and regimen Warrington received from the added flight training helped him learn how to manage his time in order to get things done. It also seemed to play into the young boy's particular interest in learning how different things worked and he could often be found taking things apart to see what made them tick before reassembling them all on his own.

Tragedy struck in 2372 when the Valley Forge came under attack from three Klingon Birds-of-Prey. An entire section of the ship in which Autumn was working in was exposed to space during the assault. Neither Warrington nor his father were the same after his mother's death. Michael, fearing for his son's safety, sent him to live on Earth with a family friend named Joshua Detter. Detter strongly supported Starfleet in any way he could which meant using his cafe to provide a comfortable atmosphere for personnel to relax in during their off-hours. Although Warrington missed his father and the structured life of living aboard ship, he recognized the opportunity to continue his interest in aviation. It was around this time that he officially earned his small craft piloting license and began work on constructing his own antique aircraft as a way of keeping himself occuppied.

The fact Warrington's father continued to serve in Starfleet as Commanding Officer of the New Orleans-class USS Rutledge had made a significant impact on the young man such that he had already begun to consider a career as an officer even at an early age. The thought of exploring amongst the stars and experiencing things few others had ever seen certainly held appeal for this adventurous young man. There were others in his high school class including some of his friends who were also planning to head off to Starfleet after graduation. In his junior year, Warrington took the Academy Entrance Exams. Thanks to his time management and study skills, he was able to pass the exams and was immediately accepted into Starfleet Academy. So it was that in the summer of 2375, Warrington packed up and headed off to begin his studies as a Starfleet cadet.

Starfleet Academy

Warrington arrived at Starfleet Academy in the fall of 2375 as a Starfleet cadet pursuing studies in starship operations and engineering. It did not take Warrington long to discover how much his time living aboard ship and his work with antique aircraft would once again help him in his studies at the Academy. Self-discipline and time management skills allowed him to handle the academic course load as well as the physical training requirements with little difficulty. Warrington made several early attempts to start up a co-curricular aviation enthusiasts club but was met with little success and later abandoned the effort after the start of his second year. He focused a majority of his extra-curricular time toward participating in study groups with an interest in one day earning a command of his own.

One area in which Warrington had not necessarily excelled since arriving on Earth three years prior was in making friends. His mother's death had caused the young man to become more withdrawn, taking greater solace in the engines of antique aircraft rather than the group of same-age peers around him. It wasn't until he arrived at the Academy that he began making a much more concerted effort to develop his social network. He befriended his roommate, George Hutcherson, relatively quickly and the two spent much of their free time together. They would often use their allotted holodeck time for Warrington to take Hutcherson flying or to pretend they were the great Starfleet captains of history with their own starships and crews.

Concerns regarding the ongoing Dominion War were beginning to dwindle, yet the atmosphere on campus continued to be highly charged with anticipation. Many of his fellow cadets were eager to get out into the field despite lingering concerns many of them had about what sort of impact these things were going to have on their dreams. By 2377, Warrington was in the top fifteen percent of his flight and his instructors found that he also seemed to have a great knack for understanding such abstract concepts as temporal mechanics.

Early Starfleet Career

Warrington graduated with honors in starship operations and engineering from Starfleet Academy in the spring of 2379 and was immediately assigned as an Engineering Officer aboard the Sovereign-class USS Wellington. He found the larger crew compliment and diversified mission profile of the Wellington meant less opportunity to be working with his shipmates in other departments or to interact with them while off-duty, but considerably greater opportunity to take advantage of the Sovereign-class design as a learning opportunity. It was during this time that Warrington began distinguishing himself by applying mechanical and engineering principles from his work with antique aircraft to contemporary issues such as those he encountered aboard the Wellington.

During one encounter with two Klingon Birds-of-Prey, Warrington identified several discrepancies in the energy signatures coming from the Klingon vessels that led him to believe they were not actually under Klingon control. Different systems aboard the Birds-of-Prey seemed to be giving off signatures typically associated with several different races from the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It was eventually discovered that the ships were actually "owned" by a band of Ferengi marauders who were attempting to take advantage of the two powers' allied status to obtain information and equipment not otherwise available on the common market. Warrington's quick thinking in passing this information along to his superiors helped the crew to avert a potentially embarrassing or even dangerous transaction.

Encounter With the Temporal Anomaly

The actions undertaken by Warrington during that engagement as well as his performance since arriving aboard the Wellington earned him a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant JG and assignment to the position of Assistant Chief Engineering Officer upon retirement of the Wellington's Chief Engineering Officer in 2382. A few days later, the Wellington was dispatched to investigate an anomalous reading not too far from the Romulan Neutral Zone thought to possibly be coming from a cloaked vessel which may have wandered into Federation space.

The Wellington arrived on the scene to discover a temporal anomaly in which an unknown vessel appeared to be trapped. Warrington was chosen to lead an away team to investigate the mysterious ship. When they beamed aboard the striken vessel, they found it to be completely abandoned. Even more disturbing was the oddly Starfleet appearance of the ship's physical layout as well as its operating systems. Before they could even begin figuring out the vessel's true origin, however, the ship started slipping deeper and deeper into the anomaly. The Wellington was forced to perfom an emergency beam-out or risk getting pulled into the anomaly as well. During transport, the signal containing Warrington's pattern was nearly lost due to extreme interference from the temporal wake.

It was later learned that Warrington had been exposed to excessive levels of temporal radiation which gave him a slightly rejuvinated appearance and had resulted in a childhood injury having mysteriously healed itself. The Wellington's medical staff worked for several days in an attempt to determine the exact nature of his condition but their efforts offered up more questions than answers. When no other adverse side effects were observed, the Chief Medical Officer allowed Warrington to return to duty. His condition was referred to experts at Starfleet Medical who continued to analyze the situation in hopes of finding answers to the many questions which had come out of the initial assessment.

Aboard USS Frontier

In 2384, Warrington received orders from Starfleet Command to report to the Intrepid-class USS Frontier as Chief Engineering Officer. He was immediately impressed by the capabilities of the Intrepid-class starship design and took special interest in those systems which had been upgraded based on lessons learned from analysis of the USS Voyager. Warrington's ability to foster cooperation quickly earned him the respect of his fellow staff including then-Lieutenant JG John Forest and then-Lieutenant JG David Skii. At the same time, however, the young engineer quickly found himself in conflict with his predecessor and current Executive Officer Commander Sara Vickers.

Warrington's first encounter with Elyshan technology took place shortly after his arrival aboard the Frontier when they were dispatched to investigate rumors of a rogue Federation starship making raids in the border regions. The crew eventually discovered the rogue vessel had actually been configured by an Elyshan faction as part of an attempt to discredit ongoing Federation negotiations. Thanks in part to the efforts of Warrington and his engineering teams, the crew of the Frontier were able to successfully uncover the plot and thwart the attempt. Not long after that incident, Warrington was returning from a conference on advances in Starfleet engineering when he was suddenly conscripted by Starfleet Command to assist in locating the Frontier. It took several days for Warrington to convince the supervising authorities he could be of more value to the operation before they allowed to participate in the actual search instead of reviewing old data. He proved instrumental in helping to discover the rift through which the Frontier had been pulled into the Mirror Universe as well as a shuttlecraft bearing Commander Sara Vickers. Together, the two were able to help the Frontier make the crossing and return to their own universe.

On another occasion, Warrington experienced his first encounter with the entity known as Q during which the entire crew underwent a "test". The "test" consisted of an encounter with the Krenim Imperium in an alternate timeline experienced by the Voyager crew as well as the events leading up to the Second Battle of Chin'toka during the Dominion War as experienced by the crew of the USS Defiant. Working together, the Frontier crew were able to pass the test and were eventually allowed to return to their own time and place. It is because of this experience as well as several others that Warrington often jokes that he has had to completely rebuild the Frontier on more than one ocassion for Ambassador Ocal.

Warrington developed several close friendships with members of the Frontier's senior staff including Lieutenant John Forest, Lieutenant Commander David Skii, and Ambassador Mordred Ocal. A particularly frequent off-duty pastime included taking part in a holographic representation of the Harry Potter novels in which Warrington would play the role of a Hogwarts student. When Warrington learned from Starfleet Medical that the chroniton radiation was constantly rejuvenating his cells and that he would continue to appear between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two for the remainder of his life, it was Lieutenant Forest who tracked Warrington down and tried to convince him to face the situation in a healthier manner by bringing the matter to Ambassador Ocal with the hope she would be able to help Warrington out of his depression. The situation came to a climax when Warrington sustained nearly life-threatening injuries in an aircraft accident on the holodeck which resulted in several days recuperation time.

In early 2385, Warrington was selected along with his assistant then-Ensign Thomas Rolands to oversee the refit of the USS Frontier at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. The refit proceeded relatively smoothly throughout the remainder of the year with the Frontier outperforming all expectations during space trials in early 2386. Upon hearing of the capture and subsequent escape of Ambassador Ocal from Elyshan custody, Warrington commandeered the Frontier by stealing the vessel right from the middle of Utopia Planetia. He later rendezvoused with a Klingon bird-of-prey carrying Lieutenant Mor'tah and Commander Sara Vickers before proceeding to the Altorus system at high warp. They arrived in time to help secure the Ambassador's shuttle and withdraw to Starbase 386. Although Warrington expected to receive severe disciplinary action for his role in stealing the Frontier, he as surprised at the decision to limit that action to a mere note in his personnel file.

The Two Man Team

Warrington continued to serve as the Frontier's Chief Engineering Officer through mid-2386 during which he helped to oversee a second refit shortly after the Battle of Altorus. There were difficulties that he continued to face in his position including his ongoing conflict over issues of mutual respect and authority with Commander Sara Vickers. He eventually realized the only way to move on was to make the difficult decision to actually leave the Frontier. Although his assistant reacted with uncertainty at first, the young Betazoid eventually decided he would follow his friend to whatever assignment Starfleet chose to give them.

The two engineers disembarked from the Frontier at Starbase 214 and proceeded directly to Deep Space Four where they were ordered to rendezvous with the USS Pandora. It was here that they assumed responsibility for the supervision of the Pandora's engineering department with the explicit understanding their assignment would be temporary until more permanent replacements could be found.

Shortly after the Pandora was recalled from an investigation into mysterious attacks on merchant shipping near the Black Cluster, the two had the fortune of running into Lieutenant John Forest, a friend and former colleague from their time aboard the USS Frontier. They agreed to meet for lunch and talked at some length of their respective adventures since having parted ways earlier that year. Thomas was surprised to learn Lieutenant Forest had left the Frontier to become dockmaster at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards. The lieutenant offered to put them in touch with someone regarding a few openings amongst the yard staff if the two engineers were interested. Although Warrington had reservations about the possibility of finding himself trapped behind a desk, both he and Thomas decided to accept the offer.

San Fransisco Yards & the Legacy Project

Warrington's experience serving in the field as well as having overseen at least one major refit made quite an impression with his new superiors at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, so much so that he was chosen to oversee construction of the USS Yorktown (NCC-88288) which began taking place virtually in parallel with the USS Bismarck (NCC-96834) in early 2386. Both ships were expected to take about eighteen months to build following much the same construction process as one another. Construction of the Yorktown was noticably delayed, however, when the destruction of the USS Orlando resulted in Vice Admiral Quinn Androski selecting the Bismarck (redesignated USS Orlando (NCC-10722-A)) as his new flagship and causing vessel's launch date to be moved forward. This decision resulted in a majority of yard personnel being reassigned to accomodate the shorter construction schedule and left Warrington with little more than a skeleton team to simply maintain the Yorktown's current status until the Orlando was completed.

Construction on the Yorktown resumed in mid-2387, proceeded without incident throughout the remainder of that year and into the following January. Warrington led his yard teams to incorporate new methods and advances learned from his own experiences aboard the Frontier as well as by engineers aboard similar vessels already in the field. Although understandably frustrated by the delays which had been caused by the Orlando's modified construction schedule, Warrington and his teams successfully completed their work in time for Starfleet to officially commissioned the USS Yorktown (NCC-88288) on 26 June 2388.

The reassignment of Lieutenant Commander Zargas Entolius to Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards in late June put yard administrators in somewhat of a lurch as the commander had been overseeing construction of the Nova-class USS Tesla (NCC-84827) since January of that year. Having just finished on the USS Yorktown, Warrington was chosen to pick up where Entolius had left off. He and Rolands chose to continue with the timeline established by the predecessor while incorporating newer methods and advances learned from their own experience as well as that of field engineers. Adjustments were made as necessary and the later phases of construction proceeded without incident, allowing Starfleet to officially commission the USS Tesla (NCC-84827) on 24 December 2388, four weeks ahead of the most conservative estimates.

On 18 January 2389, one year to the day after the Tesla's hull had first been laid, Warrington was ordered to assume temporary command of the vessel and transfer it to Starbase 621 where he would be taking on the role of Chief Engineering Officer. The journey to Starbase 621 was expected to take nearly two months with a brief layover at Betazed to take on supplies and personnel for the station.

Back to the Federation Frontier

Warrington spent the first two months of his service aboard Starbase 621 dealing with growing frustration between himself and the station's Commanding Officer, Captain Charles Lysander. Although far from being the only member of the station's crew who felt as if the captain were constantly watching over their shoulder, Warrington could not help feeling as if he was being singled out apart from the others for even greater scrutiny, something he had experienced in the past, most notably with Commander Sara Vickers of the USS Frontier. Like Vickers, Captain Lysander was extremely critical of Warrington's work and would often micro-manage down to the smallest detail. It became such that Warrington soon found himself consumed with even the most insignificant tasks and, despite having only just gotten back into the field, the engineer began seriously considering seeking another assignment elsewhere. In fact, the only thing that kept him from doing so was the ability of Lieutenant JG Thomas Rolands to keep him grounded in the reality beyond whatever Captain Lysander might have brought to bear.

Command of the station soon passed to then-Commander Brin Nalys. As it turned out, Starfleet Command had become increasingly disappointed in the ability of Captain Lysander to stabilize relations between the Federation and the [[Tirrans]. It was hoped that Commander Nalys' presence might help recoup what had been lost over the conflict between Captain Lysander and Tirran negotiators. The situation began to improve and Warrington set aside thoughts of seeking another transfer in order to allow himself the opportunity to get a better feel for the new station commander's way of running things.

Warrington was among several Starbase 621 personnel who became involved in events surrounding the Battle of Nashira which saw a combined strike force of the Federation and her allies pitted against an expeditionary force of the Zutal Imperium. Like the Battle of Altorus four years prior, the Battle of Nashira as well as the subsequent terrorist attack on the USS Wright sent shockwaves throughout the region, drawing the attention and concern of countless governments including the Federation Council. Starfleet Command acted swiftly to formulate a response. They consulted with key personnel within the Eighth “Horizon” Fleet administration, Operation Sunrise, and the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

Mid-2390 saw Warrington appointed to the Prometheus-class USS Tethys as Chief Engineering Officer under Captain Mark Anderson. Warrington was admittedly somewhat taken aback to be receiving new orders, especially since it had been some time since he last made inquiries regarding a new posting. The revelation that both he and Lieutenant JG Thomas Rolands had been selected at the recommendation of Vice Admiral Iluvar was even more surprising. Regardless, Warrington rendezvoused with the USS Tethys on 02 April 2390 whereupon he officially assumed the duties of Chief Engineering Officer.

Personal Relationships

Thomas Rolands

Thomas Rolands and Jacob Warrington first met at Starfleet Academy where both were studying in the fields of starship operations and engineering. At the time, Warrington was in his third year and Thomas was in his second. The two would ocassionally study together but never really developed a close friendship before Thomas was assigned to his first field experience aboard the Excelsior-Refit-class USS Repulse.

They were reunited several years later when Warrington selected then-Ensign Thomas Rolands to serve as his Assistant Chief Engineering Officer aboard the Intrepid-class USS Frontier. The two continued to oversee the Frontier's engineering department through mid-2386. During that time, they oversaw at least two scheduled refits as well as actively participated in several encounters with the Elyshans which culminated in the Battle of Altorus. They also developed close friendships with several members of the Frontier crew including Lieutenant Commander David Skii and Lieutenant John Forest. Although it came as somewhat of a surprise when Warrington made the difficult decision to leave the Frontier and Thomas reacted with uncertainty at first, the young Betazoid eventually decided he would follow his friend to whatever assignment Starfleet chose to give them. The two continued to serve together as interim engineering department heads aboard the Luna-class USS Pandora and, more recently, as shipyard foremen at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards.

John Forest

Jacob Warrington met then-Lieutenant JG John Forest during his first visit to Main Engineering aboard the Intrepid-class USS Frontier in 2384. The Frontier's Chief Flight Control Officer had been trying to deal with an issue troubling the navigational sensors with little success. Warrington offered his assistance in tracking down the problem in exchange for Forest giving him a tour and introducing him to other members of the Frontier crew.

The two would often spend a considerable amount of time working together as well as enjoying off-duty recreation. A particularly frequent off-duty pastime included taking part in a holographic representation of the Harry Potter novels in which both Warrington and Forest would play the role of Hogwarts students. Forest was also inadvertently introduced to Warrington's enthusiasm for aviation when the former walked in on the latter enjoying some personal holodeck time with one of several holographic aircraft. It wasn't long before the two began sharing workspace in their holographic hangar for those times when they really wanted to get away from whatever was going on aboard ship.

When Warrington learned from Starfleet Medical that the chroniton radiation was constantly rejuvenating his cells and that he would continue to appear as if he were somewhere between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two for the remainder of his life, it was Forest who tracked him Warrington down and tried to convince him to face the situation in a healthier manner. Several of his attempts involved various pranks meant to illicit reactions from Warrington but, when those seemed to be getting nowhere, Forest turned to Ambassador Ocal for assistance in the hope she would be able to help Warrington out of his depression. The situation came to a climax when Warrington sustained nearly life-threatening injuries in an aircraft accident on the holodeck which resulted in several days recuperation time.

Warrington's decision to leave the Frontier in 2386 seemed to affect Forest more deeply than most of the remaining crew. The two did their best to stay in touch, but it was not until they happened to cross paths aboard Starbase 386 a few months later that they really had a chance to catch up. They agreed to meet for lunch and talked at some length of their respective adventures since having parted ways earlier that year. Warrington was surprised to learn Lieutenant Forest had left the Frontier to become dockmaster at the San Fransisco Fleet Yards. Forest offered to put them in touch with someone regarding a few openings amongst the yard staff if the two engineers were interested. Although Warrington had reservations about the possibility of finding himself trapped behind a desk, both he and Thomas decided to accept the offer.

Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2375 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2376 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Second Year)
2377 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Third Year)
2378 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (Fourth Year)
2379 - 2382 USS Wellington
Engineering Officer
2382 - 2384 USS Wellington
Lieutenant JG
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2384 - 2385 USS Frontier
Lieutenant JG
Chief Engineering Officer
2385 - 2386 USS Frontier
Chief Engineering Officer
2386 USS Pandora
Interim Chief Engineering Officer
2386 - 2389 San Francisco Fleet Yards
Shipyard Foreman
2389 - 2390 Starbase 621
Chief Engineering Officer
2390 - Present USS Tethys
Chief Engineering Officer

Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Engineering Officer of USS Tethys
2390 – Present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Engineering Officer of Starbase 621
2389 – 2390
Succeeded by:
Not Listed
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Shipyard Forman of San Fransisco Fleet Yards
2386 – 2389
Succeeded by:
Not Listed
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Interim Chief Engineering Officer of USS Pandora
Succeeded by:
Not Listed
Preceded by:
Not Listed
Chief Engineering Officer of USS Frontier
2384 – 2386
Succeeded by:
Not Listed