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Jason Rabb
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Physical Description



220 lbs.


brown/gray-mostly gray



Political Information

United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Eleventh "Horizon" Fleet


Deputy Chief of Staff


Vice Admiral

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Jason Rabb, a 24th Century Starfleet Officer, is a former Task Force Commander and Starship Commander, last serving in that capacity in the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. Jason now serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Eight Fleet.



Jordan stands 5'10" and is around 220 pounds. Jason always kept a clean shaven face, though since he is officially retired, he has started growing a goatee.


Jason is laid back and takes things pretty well. He does have a serious side and can get in your face if he is crossed. Jason doesn't like Ferengi, but he will tolerate them when need be. He once had an unfortunate incident with a Ferengi commander on shore leave, and since then tries to avoid them because he would rather kill a Ferengi than look at him.

General Overview

Jason Rabb has a generally lax view towards life and enjoys relaxation in his later days more so than he did in his earlier years. Jason abhores Ferengi and bears no love of Klingons either. The race he has a really bad view of are the Gorn and will go out of his way to avoid a member of that race. Other than that Jason appears to be a happy go lucky kind of guy. Underneath, Jason is a very complex person with his hands in a lot of stuff.

Hobbies & Interests

Now that Jason is older, he does still go to the gym to keep somewhat in shape, however he now prefers quieter hobbies such as chess and card games. He has an interest in old earth history as well as ancient earth history and mythology.


Thomas Rabb
Theresa Rabb
Stacy Rabb, Robert Hogan, Jordan Rabb


Jason Rabb was born on August 31, 2337. He was born in the midwestern section of North America, on a farm. His father, Thomas Rabb, was a retired Starfleet Lieutenant Commander who had served on starships as an Engineer. His mother Theresa was a retired Starfleet botonist. Together, Thomas and Theresa sought to instill in Jason a love of the land as well as technology. Thomas and Theresa started a small farming community near Old Olathe and became very successful. Jason spent his childhood learning about the land but also learning as much as he could about Starfleet.

Academy History

Jason Rabb entered Starfleet Academy in 2354 and served through the next four years somewhat unremarkably. He soon found military life a bit of a bore and tried to find ways to spice things up. Ever the jokester, Jason graduated being known as the cadet most likely to get thrown out of a bar, or of Starfleet.

Career History

Jason Rabb didn't care much for the Academy but one thing he excelled at was Starship Operations. He could figure out ways to surge and steal power and systems from whatever department he could and make it look legitimate. His first assignment was on the USS Hathaway as an Operations Officer. He excelled and outshined his fellow department officers, earning the most citations in the department but at the same time earning the most time in the brig. Despite all of the bad marks he was promoted and reassigned to the USS Berlin. On this mission, he served on quite a few away teams and became the go to guy for Operations in most sections of the ship. He was relied on heavily by the Department Chief. In 2365 his big break came as an Executive Officer and his star continued to rise from there. Ever the jokester still, he never let go a good time to get in a joke or a kick in the pants on a fellow officer when it couldn't be traced back to him. From 2371 to 2377 he served as the CO of the USS Gorkon and became a deeply rooted member of Starfleet Command's special CO's.

In 2377, he was promoted to Flag Rank, Rear Admiral and has served in various official and unofficial capacities ever since. In 2390, Jason was assigned as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the 8th Fleet. At that time he was promoted to Vice-Admiral.

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
(2354-2358) TNGy-c4.png Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
(2358-2360) Y-o1.png Operations Officer USS Hathaway
(2360-2363) Y-o2.png Operations Officer USS Berlin
(2363-2365) Y-o3.png Operations Officer, Second Officer USS Charleston
(2365-2367) R-o4.png Executive Officer USS Villanova
(2367-2371) R-o5.png Executive Officer USS Hera
(2371-2377) R-o6.png Commanding Officer USS Gorkon
(2377-2380) R-a2.png Commanding Officer Task Force 47
(2380-2383) R-a2.png Command Staff Officer Starfleet Command Headquarters, Earth
(2383-2384) R-a2.png Command Staff Officer Eighth Fleet
(2384-2388) R-a2.png Retired Starfleet - Earth
(2388-2390) R-a2.png Mission Advisor USS Perseus
(2390-Present) R-a3.png Deputy Chief of Staff Eighth Fleet