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Jordan Rabb
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200 lbs.





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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


USS Perseus


Commanding Officer


Rear Admiral

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Jordan Rabb, a 24th Century Starfleet Officer, is currently serving as the Commanding Officer of the USS Perseus, a Galaxy-class vessel, part of Horizon Fleet Task Group 42-I. He also serves as Task Force Commander for Task Force 42.



Jordan stands 5'10" and is around 200 pounds. He usually has a short beard and mustache or a goatee.


Jordan is laid back and takes things pretty well. He does have a serious side and can get in your face if he is crossed. Jordan doesn't like Klingons, but he will tolerate them when need be.

General Overview

With everything he has been through up to this point in his career, Jordan views life and the galaxy as one big sand box where everyone gets to play. He does not care for Ferengi but tolerates them when he has to. He also does not care for Orions, especially after the last mission, "Breaking the Bubble Wrap".

Hobbies & Interests

Jordan enjoys Chess, old Earth card games, old Earth Renaissance period.


Reginald Rabb
Regina Rabb
Jason Rabb Robert Hogan Stacy Rabb


Jordan Rabb was born on Earth, near the Mighty Mississippi River on the central plains of North America. Jordan was born to a career family. His dad, Reginald Rabb, was a Commander in Starfleet, being assigned to one post or another. His mother, Regina Rabb, was a stay at home mom-which suited her just fine. Jordan grew up a fairly happy child and young man. One of the defining moments in his life was when he went on a short cruise with his dad at the age of 15. Reginald was serving as the Executive Officer on a light cruiser and they were assigned to escort a Federation Ambassador to his home planet.

While enroute, the starship Trevanor was attacked. The Commanding Officer was killed with the first blast; the bridge shattered. Reginald and Jordan had just made it to the bridge in the turbolift when the carnage started. Jordan had been serving an internship in the Operations department. Reginald told his son to stay out of the way and pushed him into an auxiliary conduit for safety. Jordan didn't want any part of that. ; He’d been studying all the schematics and operational manuals he could get a hold of during the cruise. During the battle, he slipped out of the conduit and took a seat on an aft station, a tactical station. Jordan knew if his dad found him sitting there it was all over, so he quickly slipped into a uniform tunic and assumed a position. During the battle, Jordan actually fared well. He wasn't all that keen on Starship Operations as he had imagined, but he muddled through enough to help keep the bridge running.

His father, proud of their son, submitted him for the entrance exams at the Academy.

Academy History

Jordan made the academy exams and entered Starfleet Academy at the tender young age of 15. What he soon found out was Academy life was far from exciting and spectacular. There were so many rules and regulations to recall and so many superiors too. He was able to navigate the Academy and found he liked diplomacy. Jordan graduated the Academy as an Lieutenant, jg, majoring in Diplomacy and minoring in Fighter Operations.

Career History

Through a snafu, he was assigned to a Starfleet Fighter Wing, the very wing assigned to assist in the defense of Earth during the Cardassian Conflict.

Jordan spent a few years there and got himself reassigned as a Diplomatic Officer in the Ninth Fleet. He served for six years as a diplomatic officer in the ninth fleet, rising in grade to full Lieutenant. He decided to apply for the Executive Officer billet on the USS Tranquility and was surprised when he was accepted. The skipper, a Vulcan named Kuplia, must have seen something in Jordan that was promising. Jordan served for a number of years on the Tranquility and then the Santa Maria as the Executive Officer, rising up to the grade of Commander. When Kuplia started considering retirement, Jordan, who by now was married to a fellow Starfleet Officer, decided to head back to Earth.

He was assigned to the JAG Corps and received more training to become a Starfleet Lawyer. Jordan served two years at JAG but was itching to get out into space again. His cousin, RADM Jason Rabb, though retired, pulled some strings behind the scenes and got Jordan a promotion and a command of his own; the USS Isoroku. Taking up the reigns of the Isoroku, Jordan Rabb set out in search of glory for his ship and crew.

On Stardate 61696.0, Jordan Rabb was appointed to Task Group Commander for Task Group 42-A. On Stardate 62011.0, Jordan Rabb was promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed to Task Force Commander of Task Force 42. On Stardate 62077.0, Jordan Rabb was relieved of command of the USS Isoroku and Task Force 42, pending a court martial regarding his alleged involvement in a plot to send a Task Group into Romulan Territory with the purpose of sabotage. Though cleared of any wrongdoing officially, Jordan was reduced in grade to Commander. He chose to take an extended leave of absence to determine his next course of action.

In January 2388, Jordan was recalled for a meeting at Starfleet HQ, where he was offered a return to active duty and starship command, once again in the 8th fleet. After the meeting was over, Jordan made his decision to just follow orders in the future, to keep his mouth shut for the time being. He still winced at the thought of losing his stars, and determined he would someday regain his former duties and rank. For now, Jordan must contend with getting the USS Perseus up to speed, though he is short of time and crew.

Jordan was promoted in July 2388 to Rear Admiral, and returned to command of Task Force 42. This was a bit of retribution for him, after the court martial and unsubstantiated allegations.

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
(2362-2366) TNGy-c4.png Diplomatic Corps Cadet, Minor in Fighter Ops Starfleet Academy
(2366-2370) Oltjg.png Pilot, Fighter Group Alpha Starfleet Headquarters Fighter Command
(2370-2373) V-o2.png Diplomatic Officer USS Krandok
(2373-2376) V-o3.png Diplomatic Officer USS Krandok
(2376-2377) R-o3.png Executive Officer USS Tranquility
(2377-2378) R-o4.png Executive Officer USS Santa Maria
(2378-2379) R-o5.png Executive Officer USS Santa Maria
(2379-2382) R-o5.png Starfleet JAG Officer training Starfleet Academy
(2382-2384) R-o5.png JAG Officer Starfleet Headquarters
(2384-2385) R-o6.png Commanding Officer USS Isoroku
Task Group 42-A
(2385-2386) R-a2.png Commanding Officer USS Isoroku
Task Force 42
(2386-2388) R-o5.png Extended Leave of Absence due to Terra-Stark Incident Earth
(2388) R-o5.png Commanding Officer USS Perseus
(2388- ) R-a2.png Commanding Officer USS Perseus
Task Force 42