Judicial Standard Operating Procedures

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This page has been adopted by the FC as an official policy.

The following is a list of standard operating procedures for the Office of the Judge Advocate-General. These procedures carry the weight and authority of the Horizon Fleet Judge Advocate-General. In compliance with the Horizon Fleet Constitution and the Horizon Fleet Code of Justice, the Judge Advocate-General reserves the right, in cooperation with the Fleet Council, to issue or rescind Judicial Procedures.

Judicial Procedure 1

  1. In recognition of their status and qualifications as leaders of the Fleet and responsible parties over Fleet policies, any sitting Fleet Council member may serve, at his or her discretion, as a Judicial Advocate of the Fleet.
  2. The same may be granted, at the discretion of the Judge Advocate-General, to any previous Fleet Council member who fulfilled great service to the Fleet and departed the Council in good status.

Adopted 12 June 2008

Judicial Procedure 2

  1. If an individual wishes to provide witness testimony for a case, they are to contact the Office of the Judge Advocate-General. The JAG Director will put the individual in contact with the presiding officer of the case to which they wish to provide testimony. The individual will provide an official written statement via email to the presiding officer, who will then distribute the statement to all parties concerned in the case.
  2. If a party to a case wishes to petition witness testimony, they must inform the presiding JAG Officer. It is the duty of the presiding officer to contact the witness and inform them of the petition. The presiding officer will seek an official written statement from the witness that shall be provided via email. Upon receipt of the written statement, the presiding officer will then distribute the testimony to all parties.

Adopted 7 May 2010