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This page has been adopted by the FC as an official policy.

This page is the official log for ALL Leaves of Absences within the Fleet command structure. It is required that anyone holding a 'staff' or 'command' position (defined as anyone from Commanding Officer and above) submits an email to their direct superior in the Chain of Command, and then CC's that same email to the Director of Personnel & Awards. Students sitting either the Cadet or Command Academy must also CC that same email to their Academy Instructor. Academy Instructors must CC that same email to any current Academy students. Failure to submit an LOA request properly may result in you receiving disciplinary actions for things that you would otherwise be excused of.

Completed Overdue In Progress Planned

LOA ID# Name Rank Posting Position Reason for LOA Leave Dates
2012-05 Rear Admiral Jon Carver R-a2.png JAG Department Judge Advocate-General Holiday Season Semi-LOA
Nov 16 2012 - Jan 1 2013
2013-01 Rear Admiral Lorian Tharos

Captain Tobias Naros

R&D Department

USS Yorktown
R&D Director

Commanding Officer
Summer Employment
Limited Internet Connectivity
May 26 2013 - Aug 18 2013