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The contents of this article have not been approved as official canon in Pegasus Fleet.
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2388 (USS Yorktown)

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Aggressive, Maelevelont

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The Legion are a race of non-corporeal aliens who are believed to reside extra-dimensionally beyond the bounds of linear space-time.



Evolution of Legion

Little is known about the origins and evolution of the non-corporeal aliens who refer to themselves as Legion. Although Legion may have existed in humanoid form at some point in their history, they have long since evolved into a natural state of being which can only be described as pure energy. Legion exists as a group consciousness arising out of their evolved state and are capable of manifesting themselves as any of a multitude of objects in order to interact with the corporeal universe.

Legion and the Q Continuum

Legion first encountered the entity known as Q several millenia ago while the latter was traveling as a companion of '0', a malevolent extra-dimensional entity from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. Fearing Legion might recognize his true nature, '0' attempted to seize control of the energy creatures and, when they resisted, sought to discorporate them. Q managed to stop him from doing so but had already earned an equal share of Legion's extreme hatred. Like the Calamarain, Legion would continue to carry its grudge against Q and 0 for eons, well into the modern era.

Realizing they could never attack Q directly so long as the entity remained a part of the Continuum and maintained possession of his near omnipotent abilities, Legion watched and waited for an opportunity to exact their revenge. The discovery that Q had fathered a son proved to be just the opportunity Legion had been waiting for. In 2388, after learning that Q Junior had distanced himself somewhat from the Q Continuum, Legion pursued the relatively young entity across time and space. Legion eventually followed Q Junior to the Federation starship USS Yorktown and immediately attacked the vessel in order to capture him. Their attempt to exact revenge upon Q through his son was thwarted by the combined efforts of the Yorktown's crew and Q Junior.

OOC Information for COs

  • Legion are a non-Canon race created for the Star Trek: Yorktown episode "MystiQue" and are considered to be Sim Canon. Any additions or alterations to data on Legion will be monitored by the Horizon Fleet Wiki staff who reserve the right to remove such sections if they contradict previously agreed-upon Trek or Fleet Canon.
  • The concept for Legion's relationship with the Q Continuum is based on that of the Calamarain as seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Deja Q". Some elements of their portrayal are taken from the Biblical text of Mark 5:1-20, namely being identified collectively as Legion as well as their ability to recognize the true nature of the extra-dimensional entity '0'.