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Welcome to the Horizon Fleet Wiki Database. Our current simm year is 2394.

The Eighth "Horizon" Fleet was founded in February 2007 as a simming fleet which seeks to provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which members can express their creativity, engage in social activity, and explore the reaches of the Star Trek dream. Through an ever increasing system of development, support, and respect, this fleet seeks quality, excellence, and the promise of striving towards the horizon of mankind's imagination.

We believe it is important to foster greater unity and expand the creativity of our members by providing them with a good source of reference information. The Horizon Fleet Wiki is meant to be a resource for any member of the fleet or the greater simming community and is maintained by the Cultural Archival Society. Any member of Horizon Fleet may add or edit articles and information so long as they abide by the Horizon Fleet Wiki Policies and Procedures. If you would like to start contributing but aren't sure where to begin, take a look at our stub pages, wanted pages, and any listing marked by our maintenance templates as incomplete, non-existent, or needing improvement.

Horizon Fleet welcomes you! Feel free to have a look around and contact a member of the Eighth Fleet Admiralty or the Cultural Archival Society if you have any questions.

560 articles since development began on 16th August 2008

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September - December 2012 – Tobias Naros


Tobias Naros is a celebrated Federation Starfleet officer, scholar, and diplomat serving throughout most of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career center around assignments as Executive Officer of the USS Orlando and the USS Orlando-A as well as Commanding Officer of the USS Yorktown. In these roles, Naros not only witnessed major events involving the Elyshan Cold War, the Hobus Disaster, unrest in the Romulan Empire, and growing awareness of the Yang Zutal, but played a key role in them also. He currently serves as Commanding Officer of the Legacy-class USS Yorktown, the sixth starship to bear the name.

Tobias' personal hobbies and interests reflect the diverse personality of a man who is devoted to the improvement and preservation of all life. He continues to take advantage of the opportunities available to him as a Starfleet officer to pursue interests in the study of history and cultural science. Wilderness recreation such as camping, hiking, and horseback riding offer him the opportunity to maintain his own personal wellness. While Tobias does enjoy spending time in social observation and partaking in the occasional holonovel for personal entertainment, he also recognizes the importance of taking time to be with his own thoughts.

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Fleet Canon Portal

Fleet Canon is an important part of community development within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. The members of the fleet work hard to ensure that entries are created which add an impresive and unique flavor to our universe, tailored for Horizon Fleet, and recorded here on the Horizon Fleet Wiki. See below for just a selection of the items which have been deemed Canon by the Horizon Fleet community:

Elaborated Trek Canon

Unique Fleet Canon

Cultural Archival Society

The Cultural Archival Society was originally founded as a joint venture between the Eighth Fleet Department of Research & Development and the Daystrom Institute as a means to study previously unknown or little-known races, both living and extinct. It is a blended group of Starfleet and civilian specialists tasked with the compilation of data from this research for the Federation Archives. Like academic societies throughout history, the Cultural Archival Society relies upon an atmosphere in which ideas may be openly exchanged without fear of condemnation or reprisal.

The Cultural Archival Society has the primary responsibility for the creation and maintenance of In-Character articles and information regarding species, governments, planets, locations, ships, and persons of note so as to enhance our understanding of the universe in which we engage in our simming endeavors. The Cultural Archival Society consists of the following members:

Non-Canon ArticlesCAS ArticlesFleet CanonTrek Canon

If you are interested in joining the Cultural Archival Society, contact the Chairman.

Cultural Archival Society Mission Statement

"The Cultural Archival Society is a group of volunteers whose mission is to provide the Eleventh "Horizon" Fleet with a valuable resource that is efficient, accurate, and easy to navigate. Their purpose is to create and maintain an information database which contributes to the Federation's understanding of the universe and its inhabitants."