Officer in Charge

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Officer in Charge
Affiliation: Federation
Higher Rank: Commanding Officer
Lower Rank: Department Heads
Command: Garrison Vessels
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The officer in charge of a starship assigned as a starbase Garrison Vessel commands the vessel on routine patrols and other operations while reporting directly to the starbase Commanding Officer. When the Garrison Vessel is out of direct contact with its home starbase for extended periods of time, the Officer in Charge assumes all responsibilities of a starship Commanding Officer.

This position is often given to Command track officers who need to gain experience prior to being given an independent command of their own. Generally, the Officer in Charge of a Garrison Vessel will be a Department Head aboard the starbase. In cases where a qualified senior officer takes command of a Garrison Vessel, the Officer in Charge will fulfill the role of Executive Officer for the duration of the mission.