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Oliver Patterson
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28 February 2363

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United Federation of Planets Starfleet


Office of Vice Admiral Iluvar



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Oliver Patterson is a Federation Starfleet enlisted officer serving in the latter half of the twenty-fourth century. The highlights of his recent career include his assignments as Captain's Yeoman aboard the USS Intrepid, USS Tethys, and USS Pandora as well as his appointment as Aide-de-Camp for Eighth Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff Vice Admiral Iluvar. He currently serves as Aide-de-Camp in the offices of Vice Admiral Iluvar.


Appearance & Personality

Physical Appearance

Pale-skinned and slightly gaunt-looking, Patterson's appearance has given many the impression of one who continuously suffers from health issues. This was true during the earliest years of his Starfleet career when a sense of nervousness and self-doubt stemming from a difficult relationship with his father dominated much of his life. Since that time, he has been able to overcome this to achieve a state of personal health and physical well-being.

Patterson's slimness often makes him appear taller than he really is while his straight brown hair tends to come across as messy and unkempt.

General Personality

Patterson was never really known as the best or brightest growing up. Despite this, he has worked very hard to make it to where he is today. He eventually dropped out of Starfleet following his first year at the Academy in order to pursue a career in Starfleet administration.

Much of Patterson's early life was characterized by a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem resulting from difficult relationships with his parents. He eventually found solace in reading, particularly the work of science fiction writers like H.G. Wells and A.C. Clarke. Books offered him the opportunity to escape reality into a world where he could be anything he wanted to be. Self-study became almost an obsession.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Patterson's earliest supervisors observed a deep-seated lack of self-confidence that resulted from the ultimate falling out between himself and his father following his withdrawal from Starfleet Academy. His tendency to back down from any sort of confrontation combined with his passiveness when interacting with others seemed to be cause for concern, especially when combined with a withdrawn nature that tended to push him toward the edge of social interaction.

One of his greatest strengths has been his keen intelligence. It has made him a relative wellspring of information and helped him to develop administrative skills second to none. Although he initially found it difficult to take pride in these accomplishments, the patient guidance of his supervisors has given him the opportunity to come out of his shell.


Patterson's greatest ambition is to help people regardless of whatever position he ends up serving in. His uneasy psychological state and lack of self-confidence as a young officer resulted in little ambition toward progression beyond the role of yeoman. It has only been through the effort of both mentors and peers that Patterson has come to see his own desires as valid.

Hobbies & Interests

Patterson's greatest love is for the reading of literature and he can often be found with his head in a book whenever there are not more pressing matters to attend to. He particularly enjoys the work of science fiction writers like H.G. Wells and A.C. Clarke because they offer him the opportunity to escape reality into a world where he can be anything he wants to be.

Aside from reading, Patterson often enjoys building models and spending time on the holodeck, two pastimes that trace their roots to the more withdrawn nature of his youth.


Father: Vice Admiral Theoderich Patterson
Mother: Marie Patterson

Personal Biography

Oliver Patterson was born on 28 February 2363 to Theoderich and Marie Patterson in London, England. He was raised mostly by his mother and grandmother in a more prestigious part of the city while his father spent a great deal of time away from home at Utopia Planetia Shipyards or aboard a Federation vessel somewhere in the vast expanse of space.

Having both an overprotective mother and grandmother, Patterson spent most of his child showered with countless material objects when all he truly yearned for was to be in the company of other children. This was not to be as even his education was controlled by the matriarchs of his family who, unknown to his father, had become almost tyrannical in their discipline of the young boy.

Patterson's early teenage years were marked with the onset of severe depression. The once healthy young man became incredibly withdrawn and soon began suffering from weight-loss which gave him the appearance of a very nervous, sickly individual. Theoderich decided that the discipline of Starfleet was needed to turn his son's life around and, at the age of seventeen, the young man was enrolled at Starfleet Academy with the full weight of his father's reputation.

The pressures of rigorous daily routine and persistent social contact proved to be overwhelming for Patterson who felt more and more like an outsider. He turned to his love of reading to help get him through the difficult first year of the Academy. In a last ditch effort to at least attempt to fit in with his fellow cadets, Patterson rejected the official sponsorship of his father before dropping out completely to pursue a career in Starfleet administration. Theoderich, having invested a great deal of his reputation in his son becoming a Starfleet officer, never truly accepted Patterson's withdrawal. This resulted in a falling out from which neither has ever recovered.

As an enlistedman, Patterson was assigned to the USS Intrepid where he would serve as the Captain's Yeoman for three years under Captain Benjamin Edwards. Edwards saw the potential of his administrative assistant as evidenced by the fact Patterson seemed to excel at the responsibilities of his position. The experienced officer patiently worked to reconstruct some of Patterson's lost confidence through encouragement and trust in his abilities. By the time Patterson received orders transferring him to Starbase 412 in 2384, he had been promoted to the rank of Petty Officer Third Class.

Patterson's assignment aboard the starbase was short-lived and he soon found himself being shuffled to the Prometheus-class USS Tethys. It was here that he first met then-Captain Iluvar who would eventually become one of the most influential people in his life. He continued to serve as Iluvar's administrative assistant aboard the Tethys through 2386 when he followed the newly promoted Rear Admiral Iluvar to a new assignment aboard the Luna-class USS Pandora. It seemed only natural, therefore, when when he assumed the position of Aide-de-Camp concurrent to Vice Admiral Iluvar's appointment as Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Deputy Chief-of-Staff in 2388.

By 2390, Patterson had been promoted to the rank of Petty Officer First Class, serving as personal assistant to the admiral and overseeing administration of the admiral's offices. It was around this time that open conflict between the Federation Alliance and the Zutal Imperium at the Battle of Nashira followed by the bombing of the USS Wright resulted in another series of high profile staffing changes within the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. Starfleet desperately sought to address what had become an increasingly unstable situation, in part by relieving Vice Admiral Iluvar of his position as the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Deputy Chief-of-Staff in order that he might assume full responsibility for overseeing Operation Sunrise. Patterson followed when Iluvar transferred his flag and permanent residence to the Hastings-class USS Coral Sea where he continued to assist the admiral in developing the diplomatic relationships that had proven so influential in stemming conflict with the Elyshan Empire as well as the Zutal Imperium.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2380 Starfleet Academy
Cadet (First Year)
2381 - 2383 USS Intrepid
Captain's Yeoman
2383 - 2384 USS Intrepid
Petty Officer Third Class
Captain's Yeoman
2384 Starbase 412
Petty Officer Third Class
Captain's Yeoman
2384 - 2386 USS Tethys
Petty Officer Third Class
Captain's Yeoman
2386 - 2388 USS Pandora
Petty Officer Second Class
Captain's Yeoman
2388 - 2390 Office of Vice Admiral Iluvar
Petty Officer Second Class
2390 - Present Office of Vice Admiral Iluvar
Petty Officer First Class