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There are some people who will do anything it takes to further their own careers, even if it is at the expense of someone else. When Rear Admiral Iluvar receives orders to appear before a Board of Inquiry, the USS Pandora must divert to Deep Space 4, where the proceedings are to be held. Word of the investigation has already begun to spread amongst the Pandora’s crew by the time the Board of Inquiry is officially convened. When a simple investigation becomes a personal vendetta, will one man be able to weather the storm?

An official Board of Inquiry was convened aboard Deep Space Four on the 28 May 2386 at the petition of prosecutor Captain Arnold Mercer and under the authority of presiding officer Admiral Bullock. Captain Mercer announced to all present he fully intended to prove there was more to Rear Admiral Iluvar than met the eye and that perhaps the admiral was not as innocent as people had come to believe. In response, Captain Joseph Wells argued the defense only wished to reinforce what people already knew to be fact...that Rear Admiral Iluvar was a dedicated Starfleet officer.

Proceedings for the Board of Inquiry began with the questioning of Commander Christopher McNeil by Captain Mercer. The prosecution sought to establish instances in which McNeil ever found himself questioning the admiral's command decisions. This eventually led to a brief discussion of the incident in which the USS Tethys crossed over into the Mirror Universe as well as the more recent incident in which the USS Pandora had diverted from her rendezvous with a representative of the Romulan Star Empire. When the floor was turned over to Captain Wells for questioning on behalf of the defense, McNeil's responses established that Iluvar was "far more concerned with the well-being of his crew and doing what he [believed] to be right than advancing his career." The commander further explained that he believed Rear Admiral Iluvar had acted in accordance with Starfleet regulations during the incident with the Mirror Universe. Satisfied, Captain Wells allowed the witness to step down.


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