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The Denobulans are a humanoid species, who hail from Denobula Triaxa.

Denobulans are typically polygamous when it comes to relationships; where a man typically has three wives, who then each have three husbands. This creates extremely large extended families. In addition, Denobulan marriages are not exclusive, and married Denobulans can be intimate with anyone they choose. The females emit powerful pheromones during their mating season and male Denobulans often become combative during this time, and mating can sometimes require medical supervision. Denobulans typically prefer to be amongst large groups as they find solitude uncomfortable. However, Denobulans - or at least males - are uncomfortable being touched by persons they are not intimate with.

Despite their rather liberal views on sex, Denobulans are exceedingly modest when it comes to disrobing in front of others.

Amongst Denobulans, it is considered healthy for a person to hallucinate, as it is seen as a harmless way to release nervous energy.

On their homeworld Denobula, the Denobulan inhabitants all share one continent, with the result that living-space is at a premium and Denobulan culture has come to embrace close, communal lifestyles, though this habitation arrangement is more due to choice rather than necessity.

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