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This article is written from a Real World Perspective (OOC).
HF.png The Fleet Story-Arc Portal

Horizon Fleet Story-Arc

Fleet Story-Arcs are story lines in the Horizon Fleet community that are told over the course of multiple episodes aboard multiple simulations. They are not simply two-parters or recurring characters and themes, but rather plots that are interwoven with other arcs and plot threads across the community. An example of this in canon Star Trek is Deep Space Nine's introduction of the Dominion and the eventual Dominion War. Story arcs often take precedence over other plot elements and consume a simulation for several consecutive episodes, but in many cases (such as the Dominion War) they may take a back seat and re-enter the picture later on.

From the very beginning, there have been efforts to develop a unique identity for the Horizon Fleet community which would allow members to exercise their creativity without always being limited to the known races established by canon Star Trek. This has resulted in the creation of three Fleet Story-Arcs since the foundation of Horizon Fleet. The first was the Elyshan Story-Arc introduced by Ambassador Mordred Ocal which centered around relations between the Federation Alliance and the Elyshan Empire. It was formally adopted in 2008 and continued until 2010 when Ambassador Ocal requested it be withdrawn from fleet-wide use. The second was the Romulan Story-Arc introduced by the canon events of Star Trek:Nemesis and Star Trek XI which centered around instability within the Romulan Star Empire. It was further developed by Vice Admiral Iluvar and formally adopted in early 2010. The third was the Yang Zutal Story-Arc introduced by Vice Admiral Quinn Androski which centered around relations between the Federation Alliance and the Zutal Imperium. It was formally adopted as a replacement for the Elyshan Story-Arc in late 2010.

The Horizon Fleet Story-Arc Committee has the primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of all information regarding species, governments, planets, locations, ships, and persons of note relating to the Horizon Fleet Story-Arc. Members of the committee work closely with the Horizon Fleet Council, the Department of Research & Development, the Horizon Fleet Wiki Team, and Commanding Officers of the fleet to ensure the Fleet Story-Arc maintains continuity across the community. The current Horizon Fleet Story-Arc Committee Chairperson is Commander Aurora Trax.

Fleet Story-Arc Progression

Elyshan Story-Arc (2383-2387) Romulan Story-Arc (2379-2389) Yang Zutal Story-Arc (2386-Present)
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