Quantum Torpedo

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The Quantum Torpedo is a tactical quantum weapon deployed aboard starships and starbases which utilizes a plasma warhead. It is the first Starfleet projectile weapon to replace the standard Photon Torpedo which had been used since the twenty-second century.

Federation Quantum Torpedoes were successfully tested in 2355 with mass fabrication beginning shortly afterward. They rely upon rapid energy extraction from zero-point vacuum to create an even greater destructive power than the Photon Torpedoes with which they share similar appearance. Propulsion is provided by a warp sustainer engine and four microfusion thrusters. The engine coils of the warp sustainer grab and hold a hand-off warp field from the Torpedo Launcher's field induction coils. A miniature matter-antimatter fuel cell adds power to the hand-off field, allowing it to maintain warp flight when launched from a vessel travelling at warp speeds. Torpedoes fired at sublight speeds will not cross the warp threshold. Flight control is governed by a bio-neural gel processor while a thoron web is employed to block countermeasure radiation.