Quinn Androski

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Quinn Androski
Biographical Information

Luna Colony






24 June 2332

Physical Description



210 lbs





Political Information

United Federation of Planets / Starfleet


Independent Operations
USS Orlando-A


Commanding Officer



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Quinn Androski is currently serving on independent assignment. While he occasionally uses other ships as needed, he primarily uses the USS Orlando-A as his flagship.


Born shortly before the launch of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701 C, Quinn was born into a quadrant of relative peace. He was the son of two scientists living on Luna Colony. Growing up he found himself interested in the warp sciences, along with history.

Despite being older than what is regularly expected, Quinn entered Starfleet Academy at the age of twenty-five. During his time at the Academy Quinn excelled in areas of engineering and archeology. In his Junior year at the academy he joined a group of students that were allowed to examine ancient Vulcan shrines. As they went through the shrines, Quinn tripped and fell into the wall. As he fell into the wall, it gave way, opening into a small cavern. That cavern held a collection of some of Suraks most legendary possessions. The munks living at the shrine had been searching for the cavern for centuries but were never able to find it, due to the ban on scanning devices.

Quinn graduated the Academy 75th in a class of 130. While this was not an outstanding class ranking, he had managed to catch the eyes of some at the academy as well as some starship CO's. After graduating, Quinn found himself assigned to Starbase 13, as a warp-core specialist. Here he remained for ten years, having been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, until the Starbase was decommissioned in favor of a new, modern station. In that time he managed to make friends out of many chief engineers as he assisted in maintaining and repairing the warp engines of their ships.

After the decommission of Starbase 13, Quinn was transferred to the USS Da Vinci as the Assistant Chief Engineer and was again promoted. Quinn served this position for two years. The USS Da Vinci was one of the last Federation vessels known to have a boarder skirmish with the Klingons before the treaty signing. During this battle the Da Vinci's Main engineering room took severe damage and the Chief Engineer was killed. It was at this point that Quinn was given the position of Chief engineer.

Quinn served this position until the Da Vinci, like starbase 13, was decommissioned. It soon became a running joke to all who new him that he was cursed, anywhere he went, it was decommissioned. Quinn thought nothing of it and soon found himself being offered an Executive officers position on the USS Alamo.

Quinn served as the Alamos Executive officer for nine years, earning many awards and honors, including the purple heart from when he led an assault on a Dominion ground facility. The Alamo served in several engagements in the dominion war until it was destroyed when the Breen attacked Utopia Planitia, where it had put in for repairs.

Quinn served as an engineering instructor at the academy for several years before being given command of his first vessel, the USS Orlando. It was during his first mission aboard the Orlando that he came upon a young boy by the name of Jaden Androski who had been orphaned by an Elyshan attack. After several months of taken care of Jaden, Quinn applied to adopt the young boy. A month later, Jaden gained the last name of Androski, and began calling the Orlando his home.

After three missions aboard the USS Orlando, Quinn was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of Task Force Group 42-A, The Protectors. While in this position, Quinn also filled the position of Elyshan border patrol executive commander under Rear Admiral Iluvar. It was after several months on the border that Starfleet decided that they wanted more than a captain in the role of executive officer of the Elyshan border patrol and thus promoted Quinn to the rank of Commodore.

Just a year after being promoted to Commodore, a vacancy opened up in the form of Task Force Commanding Officer of the Eighth Fleet's Task Force 42. Quinn was approached for the position and accepted. With the new position, came yet another promotion to Rear Admiral. While he knew he could handle the position, he wasn't prepared for the onslaught that was about to hit him as he took command of Task Force 42, patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Three days after arriving at the neutral zone, the Romulan people were thrown into near chaos as the Praetor of the Romulan Senate was assassinated in her office. In an attempt to help ease diplomatic tensions with the Imperial Romulan State, the Empire requested a Federation ship lead the investigation into the assassination. Entry Classified: CinC Approval Required to View Entry

After the investigation of the Praetor's assassination, the crew of the Orlando was given shore leave on Deneb IV, home of Farpoint Station. As the Orlando was departing for the neutral zone, the base came under attack by an unknown alien ship. After pursuing the aliens, it was discovered that the ship was in reality a space faring being that was seeking revenge for the death of its mate. In the final direct confrontation with the alien, the Orlando was severely damaged, causing a warp core breach. Quinn ordered an evacuation and set the ship on a collision course with the alien, saving Farpoint.

While Quinn and the rest of the Orlando crew awaited their new assignment, they received word that the Hobus Star, in Romulan space, had gone supernova and devastated the Romulan homeworld. Due to the destabilization of the Romulan Empire brought about by the loss of their governing body, Starfleet felt the need to have a single commander for the Romulan sector. Quinn was chosen and, once again, found himself on the receiving end of a promotion, leaving him with the rank of Vice Admiral.

While coordinating Starfleet activities along the neutral zone and limited humanitarian missions into the Empire, Quinn ordered that construction on the Legacy-class USS Bismarck be quickened, as he had chosen it as his new flagship. Within days of his order, he received a notice from the Chief of Starfleet Operations. A month later, Quinn, along with the remaining crew from the Orlando, launched for the neutral zone aboard the USS Orlando (NCC-10722-A).

As things slowly settled in the aftermath of the Hobus incident, Quinn volunteered the crew of the Orlando to assist in reestablishing a colony on Jouret IV in hopes that it would give them a change of pace from the extremes they had been facing along the Romulan/Federation and Romulan/Klingon boarder. Unfo-tu-nat-y t-- c--w ----- =^= Data Corrupted, no further information pertaining to this entry is available =^=

After the redacted Quinn left his position as commander of the Romulan Boarder and began work on an a series of independent projects. It was also during this time that Quinn commissioned the construction of a starbase in orbit of Jouret IV in order to compensate for the decommissioning of Starbase Gatekeeper. Several of the senior officers of the Orlando were also transfered to various positions within the fleet. Most notably, then Commander Tobias Naros, Quinn's Executive most trusted friend, received a promotion to the rank of Captain and was given command of the USS Yorktown.

Service Record

Service Record
Y-o1.png Warp Core Speciallist Starbase 13
Y-o2.png Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS DaVinci
Y-o3.png Chief Engineering Officer USS DaVinci
R-o3.png Executive Officer USS Alamo
R-o4.png Professor of History and Engineering Starfleet Academy
R-o5.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
R-o6.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
Task Group 42-A
R-a1.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
Task Group 42-A
R-a2.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
Task Force 42
R-a3.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
Task Force 42
Romulan Boarder
R-a3.png Commanding Officer USS Orlando
Independent Operations