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Class Information
Expected Duration: 90 years
Resupply Interval: 2 years
Refit Interval: 6 years
Type: Corvette
Role: Science
Length: 105 meters
Width: 67 meters
Height: 19 meters
Decks: 5
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 5
Maximum Speed: Warp 5.5
Emergency Speed: Warp 6 (for 12 hours)
Officers: 1
Enlisted: 3
Marines: 0
Passengers: 6
Evacuation Capacity: 24
Auxiliary Craft


Tactical Systems
Torpedo Launchers:
Torpedo Compliment:
Other Systems:
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The Raven is a class of Federation starship that serves primarily civilian interests in the latter half of the twenty-fourth century.


General Overview

The Raven-class ships are small, long-range research vessels which the Federation ordered for non-Starfleet programs. Since they are not Starfleet vessels, they do not need to have many overt military capabilities and their diplomatic capability is also very limited. The ships can accommodate several dozen people in reasonable comfort for several months at a time. Flight and engine systems are highly automated which means even one or two people can operate these ships indefinitely.

The Raven-class can carry various modular sensor packages, allowing them to be refitted as needed for individual missions. As a result they have been a popular choice for scientists in various fields. One notable mission was that undertaken by the Hansen family, who used a Raven-class vessel in their ill-fated attempt to prove the existence of the Borg. Their ship disappeared in 2355 and their mission was considered a failure - indeed many took this failure as a sign that the rumored cybernetic civilization was indeed mythical, as had been previously thought. Not until 2374 did the crew of the USS Voyager discover that the Hansens had in fact succeeded in finding the Borg, only to be assimilated by them. The Raven apparently crash-landed in Bomar space during the Borg attack, undergoing catastrophic damage in the process. It remained here until it remained until discovered by Voyager.

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Deck Listing

Deck 1:
Deck 2:
Deck 3:
Deck 4:
Deck 5:

Starships Commissioned

Raven-class Starships

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