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The crest of the Romulan Imperial State
Romulan Imperial State
Basic Information

Beta Quadrant


Achernar Prime


2380 AD (Sovereignty from the Romulan Star Empire)

Warp Capable:

320 AD

Major Species:
Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Aristocratic Authoritarian Oligarchy

Head of State:

Empress of the Romulan Imperial State

Head of Government:

Empress of the Romulan Imperial State


Senate of the Romulan Imperial State

Military Branches:

Romulan Star Navy


The Romulan Imperial State (or simply, Imperial State) is a major regional power which existed throughout much of the 2380s as a separate entity in opposition to the Romulan Star Empire. It encompassed a considerable number of frontier Romulan worlds as well as the people who inhabited them. The Imperial State is known for its less xenophobic character and policies which developed increasingly friendly relations with the Federation.



Shinzon of Remus

By 2379, Hiren had replaced Neral as Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire. The Romulan-Federation alliance was over by this point, and the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation were contending for control over much of the still-rebuilding Alpha Quadrant.

Domestically, Hiren faced a crisis with the rise of Shinzon of Remus to political prominence. Shinzon had won the loyalty of the Star Empire's Reman servant class, and many in the Imperial Fleet supported the extreme patriotism he demonstrated in the form of the aggressive foreign policies he supported towards the Federation. In October of that year, Hiren and the entire Imperial Senate save Tal'Aura were killed by a thalaron weapon that Tal'Aura placed in the Senate chamber on behalf of Shinzon. Tal'Aura and two Commanders in the Imperial Fleet - Donatra and Suran - backed Shinzon when he claimed the title of Praetor for himself - the first ever non-Romulan Praetor in history. The two commanders however later assisted the USS Enterprise-E in thwarting Shinzon's attempt to destroy all life on Earth with his thalaron weapon, and Shinzon was killed during the destruction of his flagship, the Scimitar.

Foundation of the Imperial State

The fall of the Senate created a power vacuum which brought chaos to the Romulan Star Empire as supply lines throughout the region were brought to a near stand-still and colonies more distant from the Romulan hoome system found themselves completely cut off from all support. Several groups vied for power including those led by two of the conspirators who helped bring Shinzon to power. Senator Tal'Aura was eventually named Praetor with the backing of Proconsul Tomalak while Commander Donatra retained control and support over much of the Imperial Fleet.

Further evidence of the divisions within Romulan society were made visible when Braeg, a former Admiral and one of Tal'Aura's political advesaries, orchestrated civil unrest in Victory Square on Romulus to try and force Tal'Aura out of office. The rebellion was crushed when Tal'Aura ordered heavy weaponry brought in to quell the crowd, prompting Braeg to surrender to the Praetor's guard rather than allow his fellow Romulan citizens to be massacred. It is believed Braeg died of poison suicide on the order of Praetor Tal'Aura.

The power struggle between Donatra and Tal'Aura continued for about a year until December 2380 when Donatra and her supporters finally withdrew from the Romulan core systems. Donatra consolidated her powerbase on Achernar Prime and declared the existence of the Romulan Imperial State with herself as its Empress. The inclusion of Xanitla, Ralatak, and Virinat as official members of the Imperial State shortly thereafter provided a means by which Donatra was able to win the hearts of Romulans living beyond the Star Empire's core worlds.

After the assassination of Praetor Tal'Aura on Stardate 61602.0, and the subsequent election the following year of Senator Chulan to replace her as Praetor, the rival factions within the Empire continued to wrestle amongst themselves for some element of control or sovereignty. Suspicion that the Remans, the Romulan Imperial State, or even the Tal Shiar might be behind Tal'Aura's assassination only served to drive the wedge deeper, pushing any hope for possible reconciliation aside. Commander Donatra and the Romulan Imperial State retreated to their self-declared capital in hopes of focusing their attention on the ailing Romulan colony worlds long since abandoned by the Imperial Senate while the Remans continued their struggle for independence and recognition in their own right though many still remained second-class citizens in the Empire.

It was during this time that each of the major Romulan factions elected to participate in ongoing diplomatic talks facilitated by the Federation to address growing concern over the Elyshan Empire and rogue derivations thereof. Even the threat of a common enemy could not completely unify the Romulan factions as evidenced by an incident in which the USS Pandora was deceived into thinking they were being escorted on a tour of the Romulan frontier by representatives of the Romulan Star Empire when they were in fact being led to one of the Empire's most forsaken border colonies by members of the Romulan Imperial State.

In 2387, the Hobus star close to Romulus went supernova. Although Ambassador Spock attempted to prevent the supernova from striking the planet using a substance known as red matter, he was ultimately unsuccessful and as the hyper-accelerated shockwave hit, the surface of Romulus was heavily damaged by the impact, and the planet was racked by seismic tremors as the damage permeated through the crust to cause a disruption in the planet's core. The remaining members of the Romulan Senate, still newly-reformed after the Shinzon coup and various reorganisations under Tal'Aura, Chulan and their Proconsuls, almost immediately accepted offers of help from the Federation in dealing with the largest natural disaster in Romulan history, and Starfleet diverted enormous resources to assisting the Romulans in their recovery.

Foreign Relations

Romulan Star Empire

In 2383, the Star Empire's forces under the command of Fleet Commander Tomalak launched an assault against Imperial State forces at Xanitla. The Imperial State emerged victorious in the battle and, as an additional blow to the Star Empire, Admiral Taris and the twelve ships under her command defected to the Imperial State. This crushing defeat pushed Tal'Aura to reluctantly open peace talks with the Imperial State by the following year to establish borders as well as a neutral zone. Donatra appointed Taris as her representative to the Romulan Star Empire and dispatched her to Romulus on behalf of the Imperial State. The assassination of Praetor Tal'Aura in 2384 led many within the Empire to suspect foul play on the part of Imperial State agents. Donatra strongly refuted any claims of her involvement in the assassination and immediately recalled Taris in anticipation of retaliation.

Following the Hobus Supernova disaster in 2387, Empress Donatra immediately reached out to the remaining members of the Romulan Senate as well as those most affected by the disaster in an attempt to maintain order within the Empire. The Imperial State worked closely with representatives of the Federation to coordinate the delivery of relief aid and to secure the borders of Romulan space against other foreign powers who might have saw the Hobus disaster as an opportunity to seize Romulan-held territory.


Klingon Empire

The Imperial State was almost immediately recognized by the Klingon Empire, many of whom were delighted at the prospect of a fractured Romulan state.

United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets initially refused to intervene in what it considered to be an internal Romulan affair despite the fact it continued to offer humanitarian aid to Romulan worlds affected by the growing discord within the Empire. Pressure from the Klingon Empire as well as a need to acknowledge the distinction between Donatra's movement and the Romulan Star Empire forced the Federation to recognize the sovereignty of the Romulan Imperial State by early 2381. Not long afterward, the Federation and Romulan Imperial State established formal diplomatic ties with Empress Donatra appointing former warbird commander Jovis as her ambassador to the Federation. Ambassador Jovis proved instrumental in demonstrating the Imperial State's strong desire to open a new era of peace with the Federation through his interactions with Federation President Nanietta Bacco.


Romulan Senate (2379)

Because of the origin of the Romulan Imperial State, it's government has been established somewhat parallel to that of the Romulan Star Empire. The head of state of the Romulan Imperial state is the Empress, who presides over the Senate of the Romulan Imperial State (not to be confused with the Senate of the Romulan Star Empire) and is supreme commander of the Imperial State's military forces. The Senate serves as the legislature of the Imperial State where Senators represent their respective territories. Unlike the Senate of the Romulan Star Empire, Senators of the Imperial State ascend into power through direct election by those whom they are chosen to represent or, on occasion, elevation by the Senate itself.

The only other two authorities that manage the Imperial State are the Romulan Civil Administration - whose governors administrate Imperial State worlds - and the Imperial State military which consists of those elements of the Romulan Guard and Imperial Romulan Fleet loyal to Donatra.

The seat of the Romulan Imperial State government is located in the Hall of State on Achernar Prime.


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The military of the Imperial State is considered to be at least equal in power to that of the Romulan Star Empire as demonstrated by their victory over Star Empire forces during the Battle of Xanitla in 2383. Vessels of the Imperial State have proven themselves vital in efforts to provide relief aid to Romulan colony worlds, to defend against Elyshan attack, and to secure the borders of Romulan space following the Hobus disaster.

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