Shuttle/Runabout Pilot

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Shuttle/Runabout Pilot
Affiliation: Federation
Higher Rank: Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
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A Shuttle/Runabout Pilot (also known as Shuttle/Runabout Specialist or Embarked Craft Pilot) serves as an active participant in operations of the Flight Control department which combines the responsibilities of navigation, flight control, and embarked craft into a single operational division. As the position's title implies, Shuttle/Runabout Pilots are Flight Control Officers who specialize in the operation of smaller embarked craft such as shuttles, runabouts, yachts, hoppers, and transports.

Like general Flight Control Officers, Shuttle/Runabout Pilots rely upon visual references as well as a variety of computerized navigational displays to maintain a steady course while piloting their vessel. Clear and exact communication is essential to safe navigation and starship handling. A set of standardized steering commands and responses widely recognized throughout Starfleet is employed to facilitate this communication. The Shuttle/Runabout Pilot repeats any verbal commands in order to demonstrate the command has been heard and understood. The Interplanetary Convention on Standards of Training requires that Flight Control Officers be able to understand and respond to flight control orders in Federation Basic to account for any malfunctions or system failures in the Universal Translator.