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Starbase 386
Technical Details
Class: Nor-class
Role: Deep Space Starship Support Facility
Multi-Mission Outpost
Status: Non-Playing Station
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Michael Stanford
Executive Officer: Position Pending
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Starbase 386, originally known as Menok Nor, is a Nor-class orbital space station constructed by the Cardassians in orbit of Aldani IV during their occupation of the planet. It was commissioned in 2384 under the command of Rear Admiral Jason Locke as the third starbase to bear the name and second of its class to be commissioned as a Federation Starfleet installation. Under Federation administration, Starbase 386 has become a vital commercial port and defensive outpost due to its location along the Federation frontier. The station also serves as the official headquarters of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet as well as a key strategic location during the Elyshan Cold War and the conflict with the Zutal Imperium. It is currently under the command of interim Commanding Officer Captain Michael Stanford.


Station History

Early History

Throughout much of the twenty-third century, Federation space between the Typhon Expanse and the Black Cluster was considered by many to be largely peaceful aside from the occasional raid on merchant shipping. Public outcry over the increasing frequency of raids prompted Starfleet to re-evaluate its presence in the region. Strategic analysts eventually recommended a series of deployments that would offer greater protection for Federation citizens and assets against these raids. One of several facilities to be commissioned as part of this new initiative was Starbase 386.

Due to its distance from the Romulan Neutral Zone and other political spheres of influence, Starbase 386 was initially intended to be little more than a navigational way station and sector administrative post. A recycled Regula-class station was selected to serve as the primary focus for the installation and was officilly activated in 2294, the same year a small colony was established on the surface of Aldani IV. It would not be long, however, before the new starbase began to outgrow its facilities and expand its role in the region.

The signing of the Khitomer Accords one year prior allowed Starfleet to readjust starship deployments throughout the Federation and to commit more starships to deep exploration missions than it had in nearly thirty years. Starbase 386, with its positioning on the edge of Federation territory and midway along the only open border facing the galactic core, immediately became a gateway to exploring the rest of the galaxy. Within five years, Starfleet was forced to concede that the tiny space station allocated to Starbase 386 would never be adequate enough for the facility's new role. Plans were soon made to build a new, state-of-the-art Stardock-class facility in the system. Vast improvements were also made to the network of sensor outposts and defense platforms in the Aldani system, making Starbase 386 one of the most fortified Starfleet installations along the Federation border.

Changing Attitudes

The Tomed Incident between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire in 2311 put a significant damper on celebrations of a new era of exploration and shattered the dreams of thousands of Starfleet officers. Federation strategists were once again forced to look at known political boundaries as limitations on and a detriment to exploratory endeavors. While still a major waypoint and defensive outpost, Starbase 386 never attained the level of exploration traffic that had seemed so imminent just a few short years before.

Over the next several decades, emergency after crisis after disaster kept Starbase 386 from being able to achieve its fullest potential as headquarters for a massive exploratory effort. Attacks on the outposts at Khitomer and Narendra were followed by conflicts with the Tzenkethi and the Cardassians. Starbase 386 remained a lonely, remote outpost on the edge of Federation space, poised between an enigmatic empire and largely uncharted space.

Dominion War

Starbase 386 rose in prominence with the advent of the Dominion War. Its location along the Federation core-ward frontier meant the station served as an important defensive position against Dominion and Breen forces looking to circumvent Federation territory. Starships based out of Starbase 386 were assigned to intercept Jem'Hadar raiding parties and to aid in the failed defense of Betazed. The station later served as headquarters for both offensive and defensive actions against the Breen Confederacy following their entry into the war on the side of the Dominion.

During the Dominion offensive at Betazed, a Cardassian task force launched an assault against Starbase 386 and the surrounding Aldani system. A hard-fought battle between Federation and Cardassian forces eventually resulted in the destruction of the starbase as well as a forced evacuation of the Aldani IV colony. Unable to commit enough forces to take back the Aldani system, Starfleet was forced to allow Cardassian forces to occupy the region. The Cardassians immediately set about constructing their own facilities in the system to secure a foothold and help fortify supply lines to and from the Breen Confederacy. Several smaller raids on the part of Federation and allied forces were conducted in an effort to slow construction of the Cardassian base and to gather intelligence about forces committed to the system's defense.

The Treaty of Bajor brought an end to hostilities between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion in 2375. Among the provisions of the treaty were several lines regarding the restoration of allied territories lost during the war. Cardassian forces occupying the Aldani system under the command of Gul Heket, however, refused to cede control and moved to fortify themselves even more deeply. Commodore Antoine Meyer assembled the remaining forces from the Fifth and Eleventh Fleets totaling one hundred twenty-seven starships in an effort to retake the Aldani system. Members of the task force prepared themselves for the difficult task of engaging in a drawn-out siege or blockade of the system and were entirely surprised to receive aid from a member of Legate Damar's resistance movement who had been a part of Gul Heket's staff. With an operative already inside, the task force was able to bring down the defensive perimeter without firing a single shot and take the partially constructed Menok Nor virtually intact. The rest of Heket's forces either fled or were destroyed and Heket himself as well as his command ship were unaccounted for after the battle. In the end, Starfleet had regained possession of the Aldani system.

Eighth "Horizon" Fleet

There were some in Starfleet including Antoine Meyer who saw another chance for the Aldani system and a rebuilt Starbase 386 to fulfill plans made three-quarters of a century before. Antoine Meyer was promoted to Rear Admiral following the battle and appointed Deputy Chief-of-Staff for the newly reformed Eighth "Horizon" Fleet, which was comprised of ships from the Fifth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Fleets. Due to the limitations on available resources in the wake of the Dominion War, it was decided the partially completed Menok Nor would become the new Starbase 386. Engineers were brought in to complete work on the station with materials left behind by Cardassian occupation forces and to overhaul its systems to Starfleet specifications.

To bolster the defenses and starship support capabilities of newly re-commissioned Starbase 386, the Cardassian Kimeki-class Orbital Defense Platforms captured with the system were refurbished and put into service alongside a series of Federation Guardian-class Orbital Defense Platforms in orbit of Aldani IV near the station. The network of defensive weapons platforms can be controlled from the station's Operations Center or from a fortified position on the surface of Aldani IV. Despite having not yet worked out the compatibility issues surrounding power cores installed aboard the Cardassian platforms, the defense network played an instrumental role in helping to deter an attempted take-over of the station and the Aldani system by the Elyshan Empire in 2386 following the Battle of Altorus. They later proved instrumental in helping to defend both the station and the planet from Elyshan attack during the Battle of Starbase 386 later that year.

The Aldani Shipyards were constructed in orbit above the primary settlement of the fourth planet in the Aldani system as the primary starship support and repair facilities along the Federation's core-ward frontier. A majority of yard operations take place in one of nearly a dozen drydock facilities orbiting Aldani IV. These facilities are orbiting frameworks capable of providing for the maintenance and refitting of docked starships. Each drydock contains industrial replicators and other equipment necessary to effect repairs on damaged vessels and to upgrade existing starship designs. The Aldani Shipyards have processed starships of all classes currently in service with Starfleet and are constantly abuzz with activity as work bees make their way from one area of the yards to another. It was decided the shipyard's administrative offices would be located aboard the Nor-class Starbase 386 along with those of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Department of Research & Development as well as other Eighth Fleet administrative departments.

Construction on Starbase 386 proceeded far more slowly than anticipated due to resource allocation problams and a brief work stoppage during the Shinzon Crisis with the Romulan Empire in 2379. After nearly a decade of construction, however, Starbase 386 was once again commissioned as the central nexus of a reborn effort to explore the galaxy. It also serves as the new headquarters for the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet, the Eighth Fleet Department of Research & Development, and the primary hub for freighter traffic throughout the Aldani system.

Support Vessels Attached to Starbase 386

Defiant-class USS Howe
attached to Starbase 386
(2388 - 2391)

Starbase 386 has a number of support vessels on hand. In addition to shuttlecraft, runabouts, and transports, the station has been home to two Starfighter Wings and four Garrison Vessels since its commissioning in 2384. These vessels have been instrumental in the defense of the station and exploration of the surrounding space.

Active Support Vessels

Former Support Vessels

Station Commanders


Starbase 386 Crew Manifest


Commanding Officer TNaros.jpg KIKr-o6.png
Captain Tobias Naros
Executive Officer Image Pending.png KIKblank.png
Position Pending
Command Chief TFelle.jpg KIKr-e9.png
Master Chief Petty Officer Timothy Felle
Docking Operations
Dockmaster Image Pending.png KIKblank.png
Position Pending
173rd Starfighter Wing
Wing Commander DLexon.jpg KIKg-o5.png
Lieutenant Colonel Drake Lexon
Security and Tactical
Chief Security Officer JThompson.jpg KIKy-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Joseph Thompson
Chief Tactical Officer Image Pending.png KIKblank.png
Position Pending
Chief Engineering Officer RHogan.jpg KIKy-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Robert Hogan
Shipyard Foreman Breland.jpg KIKy-o3.png
Lieutenant Mikaela Breland
Chief Science Officer Darvetti.jpg KIKt-o3.png
Lieutenant Aniela Darvetti

Medical and Counseling
Chief Medical Officer Image Pending.png KIKblank.png
Position Pending

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