Starbase 484

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Starbase 484
Technical Details
Class: Astral-class
Registry: SB-484
Role: Military Waypoint and Resupply Facility
Status: Active
Task Force: Task Force 22
Task Force CO: Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli
Task Group: Task Group 22-A "Explorers"
Task Group CO: PENDING
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Aurora Trax
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Gavin Knight
Second Officer: Doctor Andrew Sheppard
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The Astral-class Starbase 484, currently under construction above Jouret IV, is a member of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Task Force 22 "Pathfinders". It serves as a Waypoint and Resupply Station for Federation vessels on their way to the outer Federation colonies and beyond.


Starbase History

Before the Beginning

In late 2387 the crew of the USS Orlando-A, under the command of Vice Admiral Quinn Androski, was assigned to assist with the recolonization of Jouret IV by a group of Eastern European settlers. As they began their initial surveys the then executive officer, Commander Tobias Naros, and a member of the colony board accidentally discovered a system of tunnels stretching deep underground. As the team began exploring the tunnels, members began to disappear. Once it was discovered that the tunnels were somehow blocking all communications, scans, and weapons, the majority of the crew was used in order to find the missing crew members. Unfortunately, it was too late for several as four crew members were found dead, apparently mauled by some kind of animal.

After several hours of searching, one of the search teams found what appeared to be a room with a number of control consoles of unknown origin. After interfacing a generator with the systems, it was determined that there was a security system in place that was responsible for the deaths. After successfully disarming the security system, which included the dampening field blocking communications, it was determined that the room was a part of a much larger research facility founded by an ancient civilization. Unfortunately, there was little to no evidence as to which civilization had built it.

Beginning of Construction

Admiral Androski, knowing how valuable the research facility would be to the Federation and knowing that hostile governments would likely stop at nothing to gain access to the knowledge contained within the facility, decided that a base needed to be established in order to facilitate study of the facility as well as provide protection should word of the facilities existence fall into the wrong hands. As it happened, Starfleet had already been planning to add a resupply station to the region in order to augment the supply line as vessel activity increased as the Federation continued to expand and explore. At the suggestion of Admiral Androski, the location of the planned Astral-class starbase was moved two lightyears into orbit of Jouret IV.

Crew Assigned

Approximately a year after construction began, Starfleet began assigning fulltime staff to the starbase. While construction was more than a year and a half away, a crew of roughly five percent of the stations ultimate capacity was assigned. For the station commander, Admiral Androski chose a member of Starfleet with over nine lifetimes of experience. Commander Aurora Trax, a joined trill, made her way to Jouret IV in August of 2388. With experience in multiple areas of science, as well as tactical, diplomatic, and engineering experience, Aurora seemed like a perfect choice to not only command a starbase, but to oversee the study of the ancient facility.

Soon after the arrival of the senior staff, one of the scientists exploring the ancient facility disappeared. With only a handful of officers cleared to even know about the facility, Commander Trax led the senior staff into the depths of the facility in what would likely be a vain attempt to find the wayward researcher. After over an hour of searching, the team discovered a large room with a ring-like device in the center and a control room overlooking it. As the teams searched the area for the missing doctor, it became apparent that he had inadvertently activated the device in the center of the room, which Commander Trax was able to redo. Once the device was activated, it was soon recognized as a possible precursor to the Iconian Gateways as an object capable of transporting someone thousands of lightyears across space. As the only possible explanation for the disappearance of the researcher was determined to be that he traveled through the gateway, Commander Trax decided to lead her team through in the hopes of returning with the missing scientist.

Upon arriving on the other side of the gateway, the senior staff split into two groups, each heading a different direction in the hope that they would find the researcher more quickly. After several hours of searching without any luck, both teams made discoveries that would effect the rest of the mission. One team, led by Doctor Andrew Sheppard, stumbled upon a crashed Borg scout ship and its sole survivor, a human borg drone. Meanwhile, the other team led by Commander Trax discovered an underground tunnel leading to a large underground city populated by the planets native people, the Hikarans, who had taken in the missing scientist. With a little assistance from the ancient gods of the Hikaran people, and after nearly twenty-four hours on the planet, the teams were able to return through the gateway with both the scientist, and former starfleet officer Lieutenant Antonio Reyes in tow.

Exploring the New Frontier

Soon after the senior staffs return from Hikara, Admiral Androski gave Commander Trax and the crew of Starbase 484 a new task. Not only were they to continue studying the Ancient Facility to discover any other secrets it might be hiding, but they were also to being exploring the galaxy through the gateway. A new subdivision within the starbase command structure was formed and, under the command of Commander Trax, the crew of the starbase would secretly run missions to the planets within the gateway dialing device and once again go where no one had gone before.

A month later, the crew has begun to settle into their new roles and things are beginning to progress nicely when Rear Admiral David Bridgeport arrives with intentions to disband the gateway exploration project, and remove Aurora from command all together. As he searches for members of the crew to support his plans, a group of Federation Prime members form a protest on the promenade. Meanwhile, a team that has gone through the gateway has found themselves surrounded by none other than the Gorn. With a growing number of Gorn surrounding them, and no way to escape, the away team has no choice but to surrender.

After failing to make contact with the away team for over twelve hours, Aurora returns to the station only to find herself under fire from Admiral Bridgeport who is using the lost away team as new ammo in his effort to remove her from command. As he begins to threaten Aurora, Admiral Olivia Tavez appears in operations and throws him out. Tavez apologizes for Bridgeports actions and informs Aurora that she had located and rescued the missing away team. In order to do so, however, she had to agree to let the Gorn Hegemony in on the secret of the gateway. With her team returned, Aurora begins preparations to let the Gorn in on their secret.


Current Mission

Season 1 Episode 3: "Intruder"
The computer malfunctions come to a head as all systems aboard the starbase fail. The crew discover evidence that the computer core has been tampered with, but who is responsible and what are they planning?

Next Mission

Season 2 Episode 1: "Alpha"
Admiral Androski returns to Starbase 484, but he's not alone. Having intercepted Admiral Bridgeports broadcast, enemies and allies alike converge on Starbase 484 to discuss the implications of the Gateway in the galactic community. Meanwhile, an archeology team has failed to return from their survey mission and when a second team is sent after them, they find the planet is not what they expected.

All Missions

Starbase 484 Missions by Season
Season 1 – 2388 to 2389 DiscoveriesLocation, LocationIntruder
Season 2 – 2389 to 2390 Alpha29 HoursOmega

Crew Manifest

Main Cast
Character Species Rank & Affiliation Position Status
Aurora Trax Trill (Joined) KIKr-o6.png Commanding Officer Active
Gavin Knight Maran KIKr-o4.png Executive Officer Active
Andrew Sheppard Betazoid KIKt-o4.png Chief Medical Officer Active
Perseus Agathon Maran/Human KIKy-o3.png Chief Engineering Officer Active
Susan Halton Human KIKc-o3.png Squadron Leader Active
Susan Terry Walsh Human KIKc-o3.png Flight Leader Active
Erik Lancaster Human KIKy-o2.png Chief Tactical Officer Active
Carl Thorn El-Aurian KIKy-o2.png Chief Security Officer Active
Enzo Elora Maran/Human KIKy-o1.png Chief Operations Officer Active
Samuel Steele Human KIKt-o1.png Chief Science Officer Active

Character Species Rank & Affiliation Position Status
Quinn Androski Human KIKr-a3.png Independent Fleet Operations
USS Orlando-A
David Bridgeport Human KIKblank.png Federation Prime PNPC
John Forest Human KIKr-o3.png Dockmaster PNPC
Margaret Winchester Human KIKt-o2.png Chief Surgeon PNPC
David Ellis Human KIKt-o1.png Nurse PNPC
Kate Foster Human KIKv-o1.png Media Relations Officer PNPC
Maxwell Kelly Human KIKr-o1.png Strategic Operations Officer PNPC
Thierry Bourque Human KIKt-o1.png Counselor PNPC
Claudia Hauser Human KIKt-o1.png Archaeologist/Anthropologist PNPC
Nikolay Kozlov Human KIKy-e5.png Engineer PNPC
Nathaniel Jacobson Human KIKt-e4.png Medical Technician PNPC
Paul Fox Human KIKt-e3.png Medical Technician PNPC
Samuel Wesley Human KIKw-blank.png Civilian Physician PNPC