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Starbase 621
Technical Details
Class: Shiro-class
Registry: SB-621
Role: Deep Space Starship Support Facility
Status: Awaiting Crew
Task Force: Task Force 42
Task Force CO: Rear Admiral Jordan Rabb
Task Group: Task Group 42-A "Protectors"
Task Group CO: PENDING
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Commander Brin Nalys
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Isela Rae-Ven
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Starbase 621 is a Shiro-class Deep Space Starship Support Facility located in orbit of Tir Gavan between the Cardassian Union and the Ferengi Alliance. It currently serves as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet under the command of Commander Brin Nalys.

Station History

In recent years, Starfleet became increasingly aware of a number of Class-M planets beyond Ferengi space that have reached or will soon reach warp capability. Preliminary deep space exploration revealed that most of these worlds were peaceful planets that feasibly may one day seek to join the Federation. In hopes of establishing ties with these new planets and species, Starfleet moved to establish a starbase in the region between Cardassian and Ferengi space. It was believed that a Starfleet presence there will facilitate diplomatic relations, provide significant opportunities for new scientific discoveries, and promote all other exploration-related endeavors. To that end, construction on a Shiro-class starbase began in 2386 and lasted for twenty-two months. Once completed, this state of the art facility began operations as Starbase 621 in 2388 under the command of Captain Charles Lysander.

The starbase orbits Tir Gavan, a Class-M planet not yet formally a part of the Federation. Although Captain Lysander held a distinguished service record and was known for getting results in difficult situations, his heavy-handed and somewhat old-fashioned methods had not been particularly popular among the residents of Tir Gavan.

Discontent grew between the Tirans and the starbase and Starfleet decided to send a diplomatic team led by Lieutenant Commander Brin Nalys to help diffuse the situation.

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