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The Starfleet Marine Corps' Ranking System is a direct evolution of the titles and hierarchy of earlier Earth marine and army forces, and has been relatively consistent throughout both the United Earth's MACO units and United Federation of Planets Starfleet Marine Corps.


Current Rank Charts

Officer Warrant Enlisted
Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia
Field Marshal G-a5.png Master Warrant Officer G-w5.png Sergeant Major G-e9.png
General G-a4.png Chief Warrant Officer 1st Class G-w4.png Master Sergeant G-e8.png
Lieutenant General G-a3.png Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Class G-w3.png Gunnery Sergeant G-e7.png
Major General G-a2.png Chief Warrant Officer 3rd Class G-w2.png Staff Sergeant G-e6.png
Brigadier General G-a1.png Warrant Officer G-w1.png Sergeant G-e5.png
Colonel G-o6.png Corporal G-e4.png
Lieutenant Colonel G-o5.png Lance Corporal G-e3.png
Major G-o4.png Private First Class G-e2.png
Captain G-o3.png Private G-e1.png
First Lieutenant G-o2.png
Second Lieutenant G-o1.png

History and Evolution

Military Assault Command Operations

The initial creation of United Earth MACOs saw the need for a comprehensive, universal rank structure to be utilised, regardless of which country the individual holding the rank initially hailed from. As such, the foundations for the Marine Corps rank system were laid down.

The initial ranking system used sewn-on patches on the uniforms and berets worn at the time. The rank symbols on the MACO uniforms, much like the current rank pips, were in direct relation to the rank insignia used by the old United States Armed Forces.

Some examples of insignia of the time:

MACO Sergeant patch
Sergeant patch
MACO Colonel patch
Colonel patch
MACO Lieutenant General patch
Lieutenant General patch

24th Century Onwards

The MACOs and the Marines in general did not have a strong presence in Starfleet's organisation for many years, due to the largely utopia-like environment that the Federation core worlds enjoyed, and the peaceful exploratory mission of Starfleet. However, the Marines did return in the 24th Century as a force that grew into its place again with the various conflicts that began in the 24th Century - the Cardassian Wars, the threat of the Borg, and the Dominion War especially were all amongst the reasons that the marines as a force were returned to prominence.

With their return, the Marine Corps wore uniforms much more similar for their day-to-day duties to the standard uniforms of Starfleet than their old MACO companions wore, but their rank pips dated back to a time even before the MACO, and before United Earth, back to the collar pips of the United States military.

Marine Lance Corporal pip
Lance Corporal insignia
Marine Staff Sergeant pip
Staff Sergeant insignia
Marine Master Sergeant pip
Master Sergeant insignia
Marine Second Lieutenant pip
Second Lieutenant pip
Marine Major pip
Major pip
Marine Colonel pip
Colonel pip
Brigadier General pips
Brigadier General pips
Lieutenant General pips
Lieutenant General pips
Field Marshal pips
Field Marshal pips