Starfleet Ranks (23rd Century)

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This article is official Star Trek canon.

Into the 23rd Century, as early as the 2230s, Starfleet had radically changed not only the design of its starships, but also its uniforms and the way that it displayed its ranks upon it. The new starfleet ranking system consisted of a series of golden braids displayed upon both sleeves of the uniform. Enlisted ranks were often changed throughout this period, with some enlisted personnel having no visible insignia, whilst some in later years displayed some, usually on only their left sleeve - often the display of enlisted insignia was left to the determination of the individual's commanding officer.

This period in Starfleet's rank system went through a number of phases. Each phase worked around the braid principle, but utilised the braids in different ways. The later uniforms used a lot more detail in the braiding.

Division Colors

The division of Starfleet that an individual officer or crewman served within during this period was denoted by the colour of the entire top half of their uniform, as well as by the insignia found within the Starfleet delta patch on their left breast.

Division Name Division Colour Division Name Division Colour Division Name Division Colour
Command/Helm/Navigation 2260Y-blank.png Engineering/Communications/Security 2260R-blank.png Science/Medical 2260B-blank.png
Command/Helm/Navigation 2250Y-blank.png Engineering/Communications/Security/Administration 2250R-blank.png Science/Medical 2250B-blank.png

Rank Braid Chart

The rank system of Starfleet into the 23rd Century recognised the need for a more complex officer rank structure after the merging of the various individual militaries of the Federation's membership, and as such is the first to introduce some ranks found amongst Earth's ancient navies, after they were excluded from the 22nd Century rank system; Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and Lieutenant Commander.

The 2260s also saw the expansion of the enlisted ranks, and the re-introduction of warrant officers.

Officer Warrant Enlisted
Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia Rank Name Rank Insignia
2250s 2260s 2260s 2250s 2260s
Fleet Admiral 2250Y-a5.png 2260Y-a5.png Chief Warrant Officer 2260Y-w2.png Master Chief Petty Officer 2250Y-e6.png 2260Y-e9.png
Admiral 2250Y-a4.png 2260Y-a4.png Warrant Officer 2260Y-w1.png Senior Chief Petty Officer 2250Y-e5.png 2260Y-e8.png
Vice Admiral 2250Y-a3.png 2260Y-a3.png Chief Petty Officer 2250Y-e4.png 2260Y-e7.png
Rear Admiral 2250Y-a2.png 2260Y-a2.png Petty Officer First Class 2250Y-e3.png 2260Y-e6.png
Commodore 2250Y-a1.png 2260Y-a1.png Petty Officer Second Class 2250Y-e2.png 2260Y-e5.png
Captain 2250Y-o6.png 2260Y-o6.png Able Crewman / Petty Officer Third Class 2250Y-blank.png 2260Y-e4.png
Commander 2250Y-o5.png 2260Y-o5.png Crewman First Class 2260Y-e3.png
Lieutenant Commander 2250Y-o4.png 2260Y-o4.png Crewman Second Class 2260Y-e2.png
Lieutenant 2250Y-o3.png 2260Y-o3.png Crewman Third Class 2260Y-e1.png
Lieutenant JG 2250Y-o2.png 2260Y-o2.png
Ensign 2250Y-o1.png 2260Y-blank.png