Structural Integrity Field

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Technical information from Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. See also Inertial Dampening Field

The mechanical integrity of the physical space-frame is augmented by the structural integrity field (SIF) system. This system provides a network of forcefield segments that compensate for propulsive and other structural load factors that otherwise exceed the design limits of the space-frame. The SIF applies forcefield energy directly to field conductive elements within the space-frame and increases the load-bearing capacity of the structure.

Field generation of the SIF is provided for by specialized graviton polarity sources feeding a pair of subspace field distortion amplifiers. These flux generators feed a network of molybdenum-jacketed triphase waveguides which distributes the field throughout the space-frame. When in operation, typical load-bearing capacity in Federation ships increases 125,000%. Secondary feeds also provide for reinforcement of the vehicle's external shell.

Flight Control conditions determine how many generators are active. During Red Alert situations, all generators not already in service go to hot standby for immediate activation.