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Class Information
Expected Duration: 35 years
Resupply Interval: 0 years
Refit Interval: 5 years
Role: Scout
Length: 24.5 meters
Width: 14 meters
Height: 5 meters
Decks: 1
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 4
Maximum Speed: Warp 6
Emergency Speed: Warp 6.5 (for 24 hours)
Crew Compliment: 2
Passengers: 8
Evacuation Capacity: 20
Auxiliary Craft
Tactical Systems
Torpedo Compliment:
Other Systems:
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The Talon-class is a Starfleet runabout actively serving aboard Federation starships and installations during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century.

General Overview

Conceived as a short-range, warp-capable auxiliary science vessel, the Talon-class mission scout is designed primarily for reconnaissance and exploration. Like the similar-sized Danube-class runabout, the mission scout can be carried in the shuttlebays of larger starships. The vessel is typically made available for long-term research, it's small size making it ideal for planetary survey missions, first contact programs, and cultural survey duties.

The spaceframe is constructed around the primary sensor system which allows research and analysis at a level typically reserved for much larger vessels. The mission scout is well-armed for a small vessel and was used during the Dominion War to located Jem'Hadar activity and to recon star systems in advance of allied attack. The prototype was used in the cultural study of the Ba'ku planet in the Briar Patch in 2375.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

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