Tri-Cobalt Device

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The Tri-Cobalt Device (also known as a Tri-Cobalt Charge or Tri-Cobalt Warhead) is a type of tri-cobalt explosive device utilized as a missile primarily in the destruction of large, stationary objects such as space stations. It is capable of producing disruptions in subspace when used at extremely high yields in excess of twenty-thousand Teracochranes.

Tri-cobalt devices were not standard issue weapons aboard Starfleet vessels as of the 2370s but were sometimes carried in addition to the standard compliment of Photon and Quantum Torpedoes. Following the Battle of Altorus in 2386, the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet Admiralty ordered a limited number of Tri-Cobalt Devices installed aboard several classes of starship operating along the Federation-Elyshan border as such devices were the only known method of penetrating the subspace shield technology used aboard Elyshan battleships.