Typhoon class

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Class Information
Expected Duration: 20 years
Resupply Interval: 0 years
Refit Interval: 2 years
Role: Multi-Role Assault Fighter
Length: 11 meters
Width: 15 meters
Height: 4 meters
Decks: 1
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 1
Maximum Speed: Warp 2.5
Emergency Speed: Warp 4 (for 3 hours)
Crew Compliment: 2
Auxiliary Craft
Tactical Systems
Torpedo Compliment:
Other Systems:
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The Typhoon-class is a Starfleet Multi-Role Assault Fighter actively serving during the latter half of the twenty-fourth century.


General Overview

Class History

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

Ordinance Hard-Point Configuration

The Typhoon class has 6 ordinance hard-points on the underside of its wings for mounting munitions or weapons/sensor pods.

Mode 1 (Heavy Interceptor): No pod. This is standard configuration and gives the best performance as far as power consumption and maneuverability.
Mode 2 (Assault Fighter): 2 extra Type U+ Micro-Pulse Phasers mounted on the wings. This impacts the fighter's atmospheric maneuverability.
Mode 3 (Bomber): 6 photon torpedoes mounted below the wings. This all but eliminates the fighter's maneuverability and should only be used for dedicated bombing runs. It is also recommended that an escort of faster fighters be provided when this configuration is used.
Mode 4 (Heavy Reconnaissance): Sensor pods mounted under the wings. These pods cause extra drag in atmospheric flight.

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