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USS Atlas
Technical Details
Class: Prometheus-class
Registry: NCC-85841
Role: Heavy Cruiser
Status: Waiting for CO
Crew Information
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The USS Atlas is a Prometheus-class vessel assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet most recently under under the command of Captain Gage Storm.

Vessel History

The Atlas was first commissioned in the year 2382 and command turned over to Captain Andrew Hudson. The Atlas's first assignment was patrolling the neutral zone. The Atlas and her crew spent two years in that region of space and had numerous encouters with the Romulans, Breen, pirates, and the occasional Klingon. In 2384, Captain Hudson was promoted to Commodore and relocated to Deep Space K-7.

The XO of the Atlas, an Andorian by the name of Takerra took over. The Atlas then moved to Starbase 386 for a breif layover before starting a patrol of the sectors in that area. In 2385, the Atlas was attacked by a Borg scout ship. Using MVAM, the Atlas was successful in fending off the attacking Borg but took heavy damage. The main bridge was hit and Captain Takerra killed; the Atlas lost a good portion of her crew during the battle and was forced to limp home with numerous hull breaches and systems offline. When the Atlas arrived at Starbase 386, she was put into drydock for extensive repair.

Repairing the Atlas took time; eventually though the ship was cleared to return to active serve with a new commanding officer, Commander Gage Storm.

In "Hell Hath No Fury" the Atlas went searching for the culprit behind attacks on Tellarite freighters. The Atlas was attacked as well and although they were able to force the attacking vessel off, which appeared to be an Andorian warship, the Atlas was heavily damaged in the process. While searching for information Lt.(JG) Valeria Thul and Lt.(JG) AJ Holder came across information that suggested not all was as it seemed. They managed to identify the ship as a Federation Defiant class, armed with a prototype holographic cloak and numerous other advanced weapons.

It was also around this time that they discovered information that lead them to believe that their chief engineer, Lt. William O'Donnell, had been involved in designing and possibly working on the ship. When confronted by Commander Storm, William denied these allegations, it would later come to light that this was lie. William eventually used his knowledge to expose the ship for what it was and allowed the Atlas to win the day.

When they returned to Starbase 322 Gage was prompted to Captain and Lt. Oakley Kincaid was promoted to Lt. Commander. Due to his actions, William O'Donnell was demoted to Lt.(JG). William has since resigned his position as the chief engineer on the USS Atlas.

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