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USS Babylon
Technical Details
Class: Nebula-class
Registry: NCC-75490
Role: Exploratory Cruiser
Status: Awaiting CO
Crew Information
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The USS Babylon is a Nebula-class vessel assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. She is currently undergoing a moderate refit while awaiting the appointment of a new commanding officer.

Vessel History

The USS Babylon was originally constructed at the San Francisco Fleetyards in 2358. She was launched in 2359 with a full compliment of crew under the command of Commander Louis Armstrong. Being one of the first Nebula-class vessels to be build, the Babylon was originally intended to be a support vessel for the Galaxy-class line of starships being built in tandem. Starfleet Command quickly recognized the value of the class as a stand-alone platform and the Babylon was deployed on a five year mission of exploration in 2360, charting courses in the Beta Quadrant.

In 2367, the USS Babylon narrowly missed destruction at Wolf 359 due to an engine malfunction which caused her to lag behind the fleet she was supporting. The fleet, most known for its attempt to halt the Borg's advancement toward Earth, consisted of fourteen Federation starships which were summarily destroyed during the engagement. Captain Farra Talell stepped down as commanding officer shortly following this incident.

The following year saw the Babylon deployed deep in unexplored Federation space on a second five year mission under the command of Captain David Taggart. She was recalled shortly after the start of the Dominion War, but was unable to actively participate in the engagement until sometime in mid-2375. Having missed a majority of the war itself, the Babylon made it through the conflict relatively unmolested. Her most outstanding performance was during the Second Battle of Chin'toka where, as part of a reserve force held at the edge of the system, the Babylon was able to retrieve dozens of escape pods, saving the lives of nearly twenty-five hundred servicemen.

She eventually sustained critical damage during the Battle of Cardassia and was towed to drydock at Utopia Planetia where she remained relatively untouched until 2385. An ageing Admiral Fredrickson had presided over the initial launch of the Babylon and was touring the fleetyard when he saw the Nebula-class vessel gathering dust. It was at his request she was brought back to life. After a six month restoration project, the Babylon was sent to Starbase 129 for a complete update of her systems. Unfortunately, illness claimed the life of Admiral Fredrickson before the repairs were completed and he never had the chance to see the Babylon restored to full activity.

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