USS Beowulf

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USS Beowulf
Technical Details
Class: Halsey-class
Registry: NCC-4329
Role: Destroyer
Status: Mothballed
Crew Information
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The USS Beowulf was a twenty-third century Halsey-class vessel assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet under the command of Captain James Stuart Newkirk, a veteran of thirty-one years in STarfleet and one of its top starship combat experts. She was placed into mothball status following her lengthy service along the Klingon and Romulan borders.

Vessel History

The Cold War between the Federation and her main rivals was probably at its hottest since the Organian conflict nearly fifteen years earlier. The massive Klingon military budget was spent trying to catch up to the Federation superior technology. The Romulans were constantly testing the Federation borders despite the Neutral Zone. They also were working with the Klingons on technological exchanges meant to close the gap. One area in which Starfleet was trying to stay ahead was in replacing aging Larson and Saladin Class destroyers with newer models like the Halsey.

The latest verson of the Halsey has utlized advances used in the refit of the USS Enterprise nearly a decade earlier including duranium double hull and more efficient trinary shield generators. The Halsey was built for production in large numbers. Since the Federation's defense was incumbent on destroyers being able to keep an eye on her large borders, it was necessary for the Halsey to replace its aging predecessors in short order.

Captain James Stuart Newkirk was called to Salazaar Shipyards at Starbase 15 to take command of a new vessel USS Beowulf. He was met there by friend and former commanding officer Commodore Bentley. Bentley described to Newkirk a rising threat in the Triangle (aka "No Man's Land"), the area in which the Federation came into contact with the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Things had gotten so bad that any ship that entered No Man’s Land would risk likely destruction from pirates, ruthless local governments, and various rogue elements.

The Klingons were the first of the major governments to try to move into the region with their surplus of old K’t’tagga cruisers, which gave them a large numerical advantage in the region. Imposing their will on the independent minded residents did not prove easy as it seemed. The Romulans responded by parading their newest designs as a symbol of their strength. The Federation countered by bringing in battle tested designs which had been upgraded with the latest technologies. The Starfleet effort is overseen from the command base Starbase 24, an Alamo Class Defense Outpost, along with a pair of Regula Class Outposts. Starfleet drew up plans to send a squadron of twelve Halsey-class Destroyers beyond their borders to keep watch on their combative neighbors. The USS Beowulf has been chosen to be one of those ships, after she proved herself on the Klingon frontier.

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