USS Carthage

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USS Carthage
Technical Details
Class: Excelsior-Refit-class
Registry: NCC-60310
Role: Exploratory Cruiser
Status: Awaiting CO
Crew Information
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The USS Carthage was a Excelsior-Refit-class vessel assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet. She was placed into reserve status following the resignation of her most recent commanding officer, Commander Martin Cathcart.

Vessel History

The Excelsior-class was initially constructed during the early 2280s at Starfleet's San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth. Starfleet had high hopes for the prototype USS Excelsior as a testbed for a new transwarp drive which was regarded as that century's "Great Experiment". Despire the failure of the "Great Experiment", Starfleet forged ahead with employment of the Excelsior-class with the official recommissioning of the USS Excelsior for active service by 2290.

The fate of the Excelsior design was sealed with the conferrance of a legacy in the form of the USS Enterprise-B, opening the door for the Excelsior-class to become one of the most widely used designs in all of Starfleet. Once fully integrated into the fleet, the class was eventually used for a variety of mission profiles ranging from deep space exploration, terraforming missions, patrol duty, courier escorts, and transport runs. The Excelsior-class also saw frequent use by members of the Starfleet admiralty as a personal flagship. Excelsior-Refit-class vessels saw action during several engagements including the Battle of Wolf 359, the Battle of Sector 001, as well as numerous Dominion War battles.

Launched from Utopia Planetia in 2304, the Carthage was named for the ancient city-state in Tunisia. She has come through every major conflict the Federation has been involved in up to the present day and continues her service with distinction.

Former Commanding Officers

  • Captain Aaron Newland (2304-2310)
  • Captain Harri Nyatanga (2310-2312)
  • Commander Francis Murray (KIA) (2312-2314)
  • Captain Luca Di Silvestri (2314-2326)
  • Rear Admiral Ge'Nez (Interim) (2326)
  • Captain Luca Di Silvestri (2326-2342)
  • Captain Antony Harrison (2342-2356)
  • Commander Harriet Xau (2356-2362)
  • Commander Mark Anderson (2362-2363)
  • Commander Evelyn Bryson (KIA) (2363-2372)
  • Captain Tohk (2372-2380)
  • Captain Theo Jones (2380-2385)
  • Commander Martin Cathcart (2385-2386)

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