USS Clara Barton

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USS Clara Barton
Technical Details
Class: Olympic-class
Registry: NCC-70483
Role: Medical Relief & Support
Status: NPC
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Elias McBride, MD
Executive Officer: Commander Jennifer Bradbury, PhD
Second Officer: Lieutenant Commander Soval
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The USS Clara Barton is an Olympic-class vessel under the command of Captain Elias McBride, MD. She currently serves as part of Starfleet's ongoing effort to provide medical relief to the stricken Romulan Empire.

Vessel History

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USS Clara Barton Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer EMcBride.jpg KIKr-o6.png
Elias McBride, MD
Executive Officer JBradbury.jpg KIKr-o5.png
Commander Jennifer Bradbury, PhD
Second Officer Soval.jpg KIKy-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Soval
Security and Tactical
Chief Security & Tactical Officer Soval.jpg KIKy-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Soval
Chief Engineering Officer Zelus.jpg KIKy-o3.png
Lieutenant Zelus
Chief Science Officer RHawco.jpg KIKt-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Russell Hawco
Assistant Chief Science Officer Wixx.jpg KIKt-o2.png
Lieutenant JG Wixx
Medical and Counseling
Chief Medical Officer DSinclair.jpg KIKt-o5.png
Commander Decla Sinclair, MD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer Kevas.jpg KIKt-o3.png
Lieutenant Kevas
Chief Surgeon DCampbell.jpg KIKt-o3.png
Lieutenant David Campbell
Deputy Chief Surgeon Image Pending.png KIKt-o2.png
Lieutenant JG Justus Eberhardt
Triage Director HDennis.jpg KIKt-o4.png
Lieutenant Commander Hugh Dennis
Deputy Triage Director AWilliams.jpg KIKt-o3.png
Lieutenant Annabelle Williams
Head Nurse IPallor.jpg KIKt-o1.png
Ensign Ingrid Pallor, RN
Head Medical Technician RMorales.jpg KIKt-e9.png
Master Chief Petty Officer Raphael Morales, EMT-P
Emergency Medical Hologram EMH Mark IX.jpg KIKt-blank.png
EMH Mark IX "Nina"
Long-term Medical Hologram LMHMarkII.jpg KIKt-blank.png
LMH Mark II "Lawrence"

Vessel Appearances

Star Trek: Pandora

Star Trek: Starbase 484

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USS Clara Barton