USS Congo

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USS Congo
Technical Details
Class: Sovereign-class
Registry: NCC-80936
Role: Explorer
Status: Awaiting Crew
Crew Information
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The USS Congo (NCC-80936) is a Sovereign-class starship commissioned in 2377. She was assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet and most recently served under the command of Lieutenant Commander Dominic Audric.

Vessel History

The USS Congo is a Sovereign-class cruiser named after the river in central Africa. It was constructed as part of the Flight II production block at San Francisco Orbital Yard and was launched in 2377. This flight took advantage of several lessons learned with the original ships, including improvements to several systems and a slightly reshaped hull. It was initially under the command of Captain Asiyah bint Amatullah. The ship's assignment was patrol of Cardassian space, where even several years after the war there was still a peacekeeping force responsible for monitoring the Cardassian government, providing humanitarian aid, and fighting pirates. The latter two were the primary concerns, as the war had left infrastructure badly damaged and with the Cardassians otherwise occupied they could no longer patrol as wide an area as they had before. After several years, Congo was switched to purely exploration missions. They made several notable discoveries, including first contact with three new species and exploration of the Sydon Rift.

Sadly, the Congo was damaged while investigating a spatial anomaly shortly before it was scheduled for refit, and most of the crew was killed. The ship itself was salvageable, however, and was returned home to Earth for a full refit. It has now been returned to exploration duty.

Crew Manifest

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