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|CO=Captain Robert Lawrence
|CO=[[Christopher Townsend|Captain Christopher Townsend]]
|XO=Commander Meredith Johnson
|XO=Commander Meredith Johnson

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USS Coral Sea
Technical Details
Class: Hastings-class
Registry: NCC-73528
Role: Carrier
Status: NPC
Task Force: N/A
Task Force CO: N/A
Task Group: N/A
Task Group CO: N/A
Crew Information
Commanding Officer: Captain Christopher Townsend
Executive Officer: Commander Meredith Johnson
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The USS Coral Sea (NCC-73528) is a Hastings-class starship commissioned on 25 April 2382 under the command of Captain Robert Lawrence. She is the fourth starship to bear the name, though the four ships were not named after each other, but rather the World War II battle of Earth's mid-twentieth century and as such do not share a registry number. The ship was the second of its class to be constructed and was assigned to the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet in 2389 at the request of Vice Admiral Iluvar, currently serving as the admiral's flagship.


Vessel History

Construction at Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards

Starfleet Command initially requisitioned eight Hastings-class starships to be constructed by three of the Federation's most prominent shipyard facilities: the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards, the Beta Antares Fleet Yards, and the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Lieutenant Commander Jason Richardson, a skilled starship design engineer and son of noted Academy Instructor Commander Arthur Richardson, PhD, was chosen to oversee construction of the USS Coral Sea (NCC-73528) which began taking place at the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards. The Coral Sea's hull was laid down on 21 July 2380 and the entire vessel was expected to take about eighteen months to build.

Richardson led his yard teams to incorporate new methods and advances learned from experiences during the building of the first Hastings-class starship as well as those engineers who served aboard similar vessels already in the field. By the following February, the USS Coral Sea successfully completed her first warp stress tests under computer control and escorted by the USS Orion. The results proved so successful they exceeded the expectations of yard supervisors and construction continued at a steady pace.

The later phases of construction proceeded without incident throughout the remainder of 2381 as yard crews continued working to prepare for space trials scheduled to take place in January 2382. Coral Sea's space trials began at oh-nine-hundred on 4 January 2382 at the Sector 001 Flight Test Range. These trials consisted of a number of tests of her handling characteristics, interior/exterior sensor capabilities, security/tactical systems, and embarked craft support systems. Upon returning to the Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards at about twenty-one-hundred hours, the surveyor officially declared the ship spaceworthy. It was around this time Starfleet Command officially tapped newly promoted Captain Robert Lawrence as the most likely candidate to receive command of the newest Hastings-class starship. Captain Lawrence began the process of reviewing potential candidates for senior staff positions while communicating with Lieutenant Commander Richardson regarding the Coral Sea's progress.

Starfleet officially commissioned the USS Coral Sea (NCC-73528) on 25 April 2382 whereupon she set out for the Bajor Sector near the Cardassian border. Her initial shakedown cruise followed a carefully planned route observed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers so as to ascertain the vessel's performance under more realistic operating conditions. The Coral Sea arrived at Deep Space Nine on 2 June 2382 to take on final crew and supplies.

Reconstruction Tour (2382-2383)


Tzenkethi Border Patrol (2383-2386)


Romulan Relief Tour (2386-2389)


Operation Sunrise (2389-Present)

USS Coral Sea Crew Manifest

Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer
  • Executive Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander S'rel (2382 - 2386)
    • Commander Meredith Johnson (2386 - Present)
  • Commander, Air Group
    • Commander Alexander Boone (2382 - 2388)
    • Lieutenant Commander Phillip Williams (2388 - 2390)
    • Lieutenant Colonel Drake Lexon (2390 - Present)
  • Chief Security/Tactical Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
    • Lieutenant Jaspar Gilden (2382 - 2385)
    • Lieutenant JG Emily Rogerson (2385 - 2390)
    • Lieutenant William Schulz (2390 - Present)
  • Chief Engineering Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Clayton Sheffield (2382 - Present)
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • Lieutenant Commander Vrax (2382 - Present)

Coral Sea Legacy

Lineage of the USS Coral Sea
USS Coral Sea (CVE-57) A Casablanca-class escort carrier of the United States Navy commissioned on 27 August 1943 and renamed the on USS Anzio 15 September 1944.
USS Coral Sea (CV-43) A Midway-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy commissioned on 1 October 1947 and struck on 28 April 1990.
USS Coral Sea (NCC-1737) A Federation Constitution-Refit-class starship commissioned in 2276 and destroyed by Klingons in 2288.
USS Coral Sea (NCC-1871) A Federation Miranda-class starship commissioned in 2288 and decommissioned in 2332, later reactivated as a training vessel under the designation USS Keldon.
USS Coral Sea (NCC-63047) A Federation New Orleans-class starship commissioned in 2352 and lost to Breen energy dampening weapons at the Second Battle of Chin'toka in 2375.
USS Coral Sea (NCC-73528) The second Federation Hastings-class starship commissioned in 2380 under the command of Captain Robert Lawrence.

USS Coral Sea Appearances

USS Coral Sea Appearances by Simulation
To Be Determined To Be Announced • To Be Announced • To Be Announced • To Be Announced

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