USS Dalton

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USS Dalton
Technical Details
Class: Nova-class
Registry: NCC-84687
Role: Surveyor
Status: Awaiting CO
Crew Information
Dedication Plaque
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The USS Dalton is a Nova-class vessel assigned to the Eighth “Horizon” Fleet. She currently serves attached to the Eighth Fleet Department of Research & Development as as a test-bed for new technologies until such time as a suitable replacement for commanding officer can be found.

Vessel History

Task Group Flagship

While under the command of Captain Bel Moroi, the USS Dalton served as flagship of both the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Task Group 42-A "Protectors" and Task Group 22-B "Pioneers".

Test-bed for Advanced Technologies

Amongst the experimental technologies incorporated into the Dalton were an upgrade to the metaphasic shielding system as well as a point defense system. The metaphasic shielding system was successfully tested during the vessel's maiden voyage while the point defense system developed by Gnaar and his engineers has not yet functioned as desired.

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