USS Oberon

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"There's nothing out there; absolutely nothing."

"Well it's a damn ugly nothing."

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USS Oberon
Technical Details
Class: Luna-class
Registry: NCC-83721
Role: Deep Space Explorer
Status: Awaiting CO
Crew Information
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The USS Oberon is a Luna-class vessel assigned to the Eighth “Horizon” Fleet. She is most known for her service as part of the Eighth "Horizon" Fleet's Task Group 42-A "Protectors" under the command of Captain Tyler Marshall.

Vessel History

The year is 2388 and the USS Oberon under the command of Tyler Marshall, has embarked on its first 4 year mission within the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Its mission is to provide aid to core Federation member planets and diplomatic support to the Romulan people as the Imperial Romulan State threatens to throw them into Civil War.

Beyond dealing with the uncertainty following the destruction of the Hobus Star, old powers that were kept in check by a strong Romulan Empire are now seeking to assert their own influence on the quadrant.

The Oberon seeks to push the limits of knowledge and understanding, to seek out new life and understanding, and even to protect the interests of the Federation when the situation calls for it. Enemies old and new lurk around every corner.

Vessel Appearances

Mission No. Title Start Date Description Post Count
1 - 0 TidesOfChange.png Tues Oct 26, 2010 The USS Oberon is docked at Starbase 386, and the crew are preparing to depart on the first 4 year mission of the Alpha and beta Quadrants, many leaving friends and loved ones for the first time. 71
1 - 1 QuestionsOfFaith.png Fri Dec 3, 2010 After two hundred years tension's are running high on both sides of the Namarian divide, accumulating in the Crown Princes kidnapping. It is the Oberon's job to find and bring him safely home while avoiding all out war. The Path to peace is always fraught with peril as the captain and crew will find out. 103
1 - 2 Plague.png TBA There are many wonders in space but also many horrors. The Oberon has stumbled on to one of the latter. It is now a race against time to cure which as been deemed incurable, and stop some horrors of the night from getting loose on a unsuspecting galaxy... 0
2 - 0 That Which Survives Thur
Jun 9,
The USS Oberon is docked at Starbase 386, then dispatched to a nebula on the edge of Federation Space after receiving a brief but distinct transmission of unknown origin... 138

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